Casualties, The - Down & Out Lyrics

I'll tell you a little story
A man roaming the streets
The one with raggedy clothes
The one you ignore to see

I'll tell you a little story
A man I used to know
Smelling oh so bad
People laugh at him

Down and out
Call him what you'd like
Penniless and broke
Destitute for life
Down and out
Without a roof tonight
Wandering around
His life is in a rut

I once knew a man
Who's life was doing fine
Got himself a degree
And a fine looking wife

I once knew a man
Put a mortgage on a house
Bought a nice car
And friends were all around

Cloudy days will come
Getting laid of is all part of life
Losing, first your house
Your wife is next line

Cloudy days will come
No friends are to be found
The life you once had
Is taken just like that!

Down and out
He was once one of us
Life can take a turn
Life can be unkind
Who's concern
How about you and me
Think for a minute
It can happen to anyone!

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