Casualties, The - Destruction And Hate Lyrics

Destruction and hate in the world today
I wanna see blood on your face
People tell you this and people tell you that
Can't you see they're full of crap?

When you go to school or when you go to work
There's always somebody to tell you what to do
When you are at home your parents pick on you
Don't you think it's time to leave and make it on your own

Think for yourself!

Destruction and hate in the world today
I fucking love this hate
When you see the news there is always hate
Why should I care when no one gives a damn?

When I go to school or when I go to work
Always see somebody getting mugged
Out on the streets all alone
I feel full of anger of my own

All I can say, shut up you peace punk
You don't live my life
You don't know what it is
To live on the streets, to go public school
Do you know what it is to get picked on you?
No you don't!

Destruction and hate in this world today
I love this anger in my head
When I go to school or when I go to work
Always getting beaten because I'm a punk

Punk, Punk, Punk, Punk
Say it one more time you scums!
Fuck you cunt!
Fucking hate!

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Casualties, The Destruction And Hate Comments
  1. C Geno

    Does anyone have video footage of the original song being played with early lineup?

  2. Cesar Navarro

    I fucking love this hate

  3. Jesus Juarez

    Does anyone know the lyrics two face by Colins version? I can tell they aren't the same

  4. Sebastian Romero

    one of the best songs by the casualties.

    Eric Valenzuela

    Agreed (ノ^o^)ノ

  5. ScumDawg

    I knew what it was to live on the street i was fuckin homeless

    Sandi Miladić

    you are true, you're the man!! I hope you'r not homless anymore. greatings from slovenia.

  6. andy ortega

    luv this song

  7. Wesley Felix

    Good Song to walk of skate

  8. Abraham Martinez

    I like the dumb teenage casualties a lot more than the "were adults now so we write about current issues" casualties, drunk punx casualties got rad and upped the punx, now they're just old and sad trying to sell their cool looking merch, even if there wasn't much deep meaning or whatever in the early years it was still way better than the most recent album, I wish they split up after made in NYC.



  10. Filipe Dias

    I think The Casualties early years is their best album . Not saying that the good stuf sucks ,but i ratter prefer this sound . raw , simple and clear lyrics and messages. we almost can feel what their life was on the streets . fucking pure punk rock . Oi ! cheers

  11. shatiao

    Saw them play nothing but old stuff in emos the other weeke, needless to say, I went mental

  12. OOZiTen

    "I Fucking love this HATE.. "
    i still remember that feeling

  13. Joseph Emanoel

    Casualtieeees Army!

  14. Nick Dekker

    fucking pure music

  15. HAYDS510

    you're entitled to think that, but to say something negative in a predominantly fan populated area isn't far from plain ol' trolling. a music video for them, plus a healthy like bar.. I don't know what kind of agreement or swaying of taste you hope to create here.

  16. Steve Welling

    how punk of you to say that

  17. stevenward13

    haha why dont you go back to your art class at the rec center and be tastefully artistic.

  18. Kane Chastain

    @fdapocalypse , your parents must be proud of you, because you obviously have achieved so much in your life that you have to bust on The Casualties over the fucking internet to make yourself feel better, about yourself.

  19. fdapocalypse

    Wow, their parents must be proud of them!

  20. Steve Welling

    @tarik237 I have. I listened to that album in full. Though they're trying to put some thought in what they say, it comes across very vague and broad. It's bland, and doesn't have anything to back what they're saying up.

  21. tarik237

    @liturfluid if u listened to sum of the casualties later albums lot of their songs def have lot more meaning now, "under attack 2006" was a great album for that

  22. kaseypb

    dude write songs that u feel or want fuck off

  23. Steve Welling

    the casualties have next to nothing to say in any of their songs other than drinking beer, spiking their hair, how people nag on them for being a punk, being a punk, unity of punks..... kinda dumb shit, instead of talking about being a punk all the time, maybe if they took some time in writing their songs, they could make one with actual meaning for the movement.

    Hellviper king

    Steve Welling how new are you to the punk life? Lol this isnt a crust band thats all socio-political and what not lol

  24. David Marx

    @DrunkBastardsSD they are not sellout.... you dont know what real sellout is... they changed to sound more thrash metal .... this is not what i call sellout........ sellout are band like metallica and AFI

  25. eddyilmejo

    @straightedge72 so fuck me, i don't think a real punk have a haircutter for make his own spike or mohawk :\ about their music i think they are great!

  26. Jose Gonzalez

    @warlockmetal1 haha yep thats moshing haha um i live in elpaso texas nd i can see that there shows are beast

  27. Jose Gonzalez

    @warlockmetal1 damn when i moshed only my back hurted but i got kicked by a stage diver but yea moshing is my favorite sport nd i really want to see the casualties live but they dont come to my town haha

  28. Jose Gonzalez

    @warlockmetal1 damn that sounds beast

  29. Jose Gonzalez

    @warlockmetal1 well like not in small towns or cities just big cities nd u know the new one the we are all we have one was pretty slow (some)

  30. naterpuss meyer

    fuck i am old saw these guys forever ago . its nice to see soo many band i watched get bigger and last. to those who talk about being a sellout , your just jelouse you arn't doing it . prove me wrong

  31. Jose Gonzalez

    @vacant187 yea thats true no more shows no more albums there sell outs just like rancid and most popular bands but there early years are about the music not the money

  32. Abraham Martinez

    @Lgbums7 yeah that too,its part of the woo-ing.

  33. Abraham Martinez

    if this song where a lady i would woo it and have a long term relationship with it until we where ready fer marrige then i would propose and we would spend our lives together until we died happily.

  34. Treeman1221

    @xNAZIxHEADxSTOMPERx Freaking good point, my friend... It's like heroin or weed, and they even send you to a boring old dude for it, too!!!!!!!

  35. zack landers

    @VVilliam360 fuck yea man dont be a trendy fucker express ur love for the music yea man u know wat its about punk for life fuck beiber fever lol i wanna kill that kid but thanks man for respectin the scene man love u punks we needs to all chill and drink ya oi oi oi punk for life

  36. jordan villasenor

    @VVilliam360 Thats fuckin beautifull i wished more punx were like you , not how most are who sometimes get angry at other punx to be the only punk , most will go up to the younger kids and tell em what bands do they know , its not there fault they havnt been around longer

  37. angelrodrigo .chivas

    @illusivetranny no idgaf cuz i dont listen to them its just stupid how ppl listen to them cuz they look cool or there shirts look cool and completely ignore the message of there music which they totally contradicte idc tho there making a profit off dumbass ppl which is smart on there part

  38. jordan villasenor

    @21ricky666 People care to much on the look and what to be the generic Plaid pants,docs, mohawk when they forget about the music

  39. Snow_Ultra

    @Noizpunk138 back when it wasnt so accepted and to be a punk made you different than everyone else. i look at the shit people call "punk" now and hang my head in shame.

  40. jordan villasenor

    @21ricky666 Dont we all

  41. angelrodrigo .chivas

    @straightedge72 they are fake....they talk shyt about capitalism and commercialism and yet they play for vans a multimillion dollar company....thts pretty fake

  42. Palito Man

    fuck mykys is all about 211 40s fucks u up good oi oi oi

  43. Snow_Ultra

    i miss punk back in the day, when it was like this.


    What Colin is Drinking is Ballantine Ale. We use to got to this Bodega actually we called it 169 land (40 oz of Ballantine was $1.69 ) which was a great price BAT

  45. James Woods

    even though i like their new stuff, old stuff is indeed superior

  46. jordan villasenor

    i doubt its mickey's there's a little red star on it but the only beer that has that is heinekin n heinekin doesnt have 40 oz bottle's only can's n ive tryd mickey's its not all that bad kinda taste a little like O.E. 800

  47. jordan villasenor

    No prob anyone who likes the early years is a friend of mine haha

  48. jordan villasenor

    1:22 anyone know what Colin is drinking ?

  49. jordan villasenor

    "Gonna kick the shit out of you peace punk you cant live our live' dont what it's like to live on the street' dont go to a public school do you know how it is to get picked on you ? you dont !!!! " and you know the rest

  50. jordan villasenor

    hell yeah he was

  51. Blue Jones

    colin was way better

  52. jordan villasenor

    i love this version better not the gay fast one from for the punx

  53. jordan villasenor

    shit man what happend to Colin !!!

  54. tavo punk

    cd version might be way faster but this one is way harder!! it remembers me of eskorbuto, they dont need to be fast to sound hard!!

  55. Connor Evarts

    this is the FUCKING best album in this fucking stupid fucked world


  56. sr20boostn20

    i like the cd version better

  57. Leonardo Sanchez

    i fucking love this song

  58. wanderer1031

    sometimes i gotta piss so badly i feel like a fire hydrant. colt 45, feelin' alive!

  59. Söta Löv

    Gr8 song !

  60. pulpa21

    amazing song!!


    they did play this the 10th of oct it was awesome but i never hear dof it haha so i was kinda throwen off haha but awesome still

  62. PunkValenzuela

    fuck,they should play this one
    da FOR THE PUNX one seems kinda robotic
    n i love the bass on this version