Casualties, The - Apocalypse Today Lyrics

Look at mankind our planet poisoned and diseased
Past generations raped it with their greed
Yet we still destroy all the oceans and pollute the skys
What's left for our future, nothing but extinction
Drink a glass of water, your drinking acid rain
Take a deep breath, polluting in your brain
They fucked up everything, the planet doesn't lie
They fucked up everything, leaving us to die!

Look at our planet, poisoned and diseased
Past generations raped it with their greed
They poisoned all the oceans, pollute all the skys
Drink a glass of water, your drinking acid rain
Take a deep breath, pollution in your brain
You try to eat healthy, but chemicals don't lie
Endangered species dying one by one
Complete global warming, pollution blocks the sun

Apocalypse today [x4]

On our way to hell
No more food to eat, our planet can't survive
We need a real solution to stop this global mess
Our planet's getting sicker, it's dying from the stress
Each and every country must give a helping hand

Apocalypse to [x4]

We're on our way
They fucked up everything
The planet doesn't lie
And we're supposed to die
They filled us with their lies
But I don't wanna lie
I am sick of their lies
We're all gonna die

Apocalypse today [x4]

On our way to hell!

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Casualties, The Apocalypse Today Comments
  1. Perry Woodman

    The planet doesn't lie! Are you here to die? Physics says it so! So wait there in line.
    - Wazent Me

  2. Miguel falcón


  3. jesus died for our chins

    Awesome song

  4. SakuraLeaves

    This song was true back then and holy shit is to true today.

    Robert Munoz

    And still now god damn timeless

  5. brb224

    any live footage of them playing this song?

  6. Joseph Garcia


  7. chaotix562xx ca

    such a great song that voice in the beginning really gets your attention. then it roars into battle fucking awesome!! go casualties!!!!

  8. G-Amadis Rosonitie'q A

    Cool song I love it!

  9. Chelsea Korbitz

    I'm the girl in the beginning. These dudes are rad as fuck. Such a pleasure to work with ya'll

    Devin Hawkins

    cool story

    James Staggenborg

    Chelsea Korbitz That's awesome... If it's true. I've met these dudes and they are really Rad dudes. Rick was going to do some tats for us but the Club owner wouldn't allow it and Jorge wouldn't let him tat us in the bus.

  10. Meilk27

    Don't even go down to the comments section it's just a bunch of fucking bullshit.

  11. léo winckel

    hy guys check what the brazilian army is doing at BELLOMONTE: destroying the territory of the natives to build shit. Punk ins't just a music!

  12. The Nihilism Dance Machine

    Circle A, everyday!

  13. Rudy Garcia

    ohh thats my gf

  14. Cen Cal BattleGang


  15. baharayana

    punk is not dead

  16. Tom Jennings

    anyone know who the bird singing is. Is it Nico from star fucking hipsters

  17. Robert Eggers


  18. Nikko Delcada

    I fall in love with the girl in the beginnig of the song
    this voice is so incredible ^^

  19. Petegrin1

    @lololol12222222 What the fuck do you have against gays?

  20. Blodslav

    @lololol12222222 Please refrain from being a douche.

  21. David Marx

    @RudyRamone13 dude, if i could, i'd buy those shirt for you..... what a shitty idea..... destroying a minor threat t shirt.......

  22. lololol12222222

    don't get me wrong i'm a huge casualties fan but the first 40 sec are really gay

  23. nicholas ray

    y would som one not like this

  24. johnbesselievre

    i useta love the casualties, not much anymore beside a few songs but i gotta say im not a punk fan anymore but i love the unseen, rancid, and no doubt the shit that inspired these guys 80's hardcore black flag, circle jerks, gang green, tsol, etc

  25. DrGorgon

    The music here is nice. I'm glad my prefered taste of music includes this otherwise I'd have to talk crap (that's sh*t for those who require profanity to make a point) about it.

  26. Melissa Barker

    @CptDroga better to sing and write about it than to keep quite forever, fuck that.

  27. Andrew Ortega


  28. Matt Burton

    Its punk rock plain and simple if you dont like it go listen to your gay ass fucking mainstream bullshit! Punks not dead!

  29. Crispy22

    @wolf2hawk kind of sounds like the chick from nausea, amy something...

  30. Crispy22

    anyone know where the clip from the beginning is from...?

  31. Ryan Lipshay

    to all the dumbasses confused about wat this song is about, well, its about the government fucking with all the people about this global warming shit, how wat ther doin is bringing the apocalypse

  32. Chris Hurley

    Casualties go Conflict?? Once it gets goin, its awesome. This album is pretty thrashy, which is awesome, i dont know bout that broad at the beginning though

  33. RNV2729

    maaaan fuck crusties political bastards there is nothing you can do to change the government in any country

  34. wowalinbie

    i think its more about greed over global warming how polititions profit from the planet and you

  35. Vincent Kaos

    hate this song ... each country must do something bout global warming? fuck that global warming brings apocalyps