Casting Crowns - Even When You're Running Lyrics

Do you feel Him in your heartbeat even when you're running?
You try to drown Him out with your life but you still hear Him calling
With a voice you've never heard but it sounds like home, home
You try to shut it out but you feel it in your bones
And it won't leave you alone

His love is inescapable
His presence is unshakable
Right now you don't believe it's true
A better day is coming
And you don't need another place to hide
He'll find you in your darkest night
His love is holding on to you
Even when you're running
Even when you're running

As a kid you said your prayers, now they're bouncing off the ceiling
They took your world away when you trusted Him for healing
He's no stranger to your heartbreak, He knows how it feels to lose
From the garden to the cross, He's been chasing after you
He's chasing after you

His love is inescapable
His presence is unshakable
Right now you don't believe it's true
A better day is coming
And you don't need another place to hide
He'll find you in your darkest night
His love is holding on to you
Even when you're running
Even when you're running

Your fear isn't dark enough
Your pit isn't deep enough
Your lie isn't loud enough
To keep Him away from you
The Father made the way for you
The Son killed the grave for you
Let His Spirit come alive in you
Are you tired of the running?
The Father made the way for you
The Son killed the grave for you
Let His Spirit come alive in you
Are you tired of the running?

His love is inescapable
His presence is unshakable
Right now you don't believe it's true
A better day is coming
And you don't need another place to hide
He'll find you in your darkest night
His love is holding on to you
Even when you're running
Even when you're running

It's time to stop running now
You don't have to have it figured out
All you need to do is turn around
And the Father will come running

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Casting Crowns Even When You're Running Comments
  1. Zoe Cancel

    This song is a beautiful reminder of His agape love

  2. Roseline Rasakonda Swaroopa

    Yes I am tired of running Love u Jesus❤️ for your unconditional Love

  3. Riikkaliina Turkki

    💖 Thank you.

  4. Amy King

    I wish I had found this song last year. Last year on January 23rd, I had lost a very close friend of mine in a car crash. She was amazing and had always found ways to make me happy. She helped me when I was suicidal and so much more. After she died, I shut down. I became suicidal and I cut so much, and took out my anger on everyone. I’d scream and cuss at God. I felt as if I hated Him. I DID hate Him. He took my Jess away. When I was done hating Him, I felt guilty for it and that made me keep running from Him. I didn’t feel good enough, not worthy enough. I still feel that way, just not as bad. In a few more days, it’ll make it a whole year without Jess. Fly high, Angel. Gone but never forgotten 1/23/19

  5. Darkclaw of thunderclan

    This song made me cry😖

    Darkclaw of thunderclan

    I’m only 8 years old and I’m covered in tears from this song

  6. 아띠

    Omg, the song is so catchy and beautiful. Not to mention the meaning; God bless you !

  7. mike johnson I need you Jesus

    Absolute truth I'm living it!!!! Thank you Jesus


    Plz give download for this song 🙏

  9. Sue Hummel

    Wow I thought I heard all their songs this a new one really beautifu .one of my favorite groups.. yes I'm not running I found my loving lord.. Forever in my heart....😇🙏 👍🤗💖😍

  10. gracemeMusic official

    Even when white people keep on mocking black people

  11. John Bako

    Oh Lord lead us back home. We are so afraid to return home; the natural and safest place to be. You have been waiting with deep longing for us to return. Help us not to keep you waiting. More Grace to Casting Crowns.

  12. nefeli zekou

    Praise the Lord for His failthfullness!

  13. Cody Featherstone

    Praying for you 🙏♥️

  14. Rockenster15

    blessed is he who reigns above the heavens ,
    may all the angels and all the people praise him.
    He is worthy!!

  15. Rosetta Louisséus

    These words are SO TRUE. I know because I was running but he ran after me never giving up until I got tired of running and he catch me. The reason I love this song so much.💖

  16. Kelsie Bell

    I had to dump my best friend for 7 years because of a toxic friendship and she wasn't Christan and it was just bad and she ended up posting mean stuff about me on snap chat and I am still praying for her and hoping that God will come into her life a save her

  17. jessie kharnaior

    Very powerful song.. teach me lord to keep holding on to your love

  18. Mary Maurer

    I am also tired of running. I am a strong believer of Jesus and recently turned my back on him. I am so depressed that I failed Him. The good news is He loves me , and will always let me back. I am such a blessed child of God.

  19. Carmen Arispe


  20. eunice gera

    Lyrics make me to xprnc the love of God.......praise be to lord😍

  21. ãjìñ p jøşëph

    Lord help me to run to you instead of running after all the voids and loop holes this world has

  22. Evalyne Nonglait

    Yes Lord I tried to run away from you but your love always keep holding on to me. I know Lord your love is inescapable...🙏

  23. Sam N

    Got to hear this live the first time I heard it. Dang. It’s such a powerful song

  24. Tonie Allen

    I've been running for a long time, and honestly I still am. I've been doing my best lately but i always fall into temptations and continue doing the same thing I've always done. But I know that as long as I continue to work at the things God has provided me to help me get to where i need then i will be fine.


    Tonie Allen May The Lord our God bless and help you. I know He will, for it is Whom He is, He is Good and He loves us, right ?
    I’ve been struggling too, lately, but I know better days are coming, and with them, total deliverance. He already has made a way, after all. So be strong and have good courage, The Lord is, literally, coming. The victory is ours, in Christ. May God bless you, truly.

  25. ValerieUtopia

    Jesus claimed my heart during this song at their concert yesterday. <3

  26. Geraldine Gaggia

    Am I running?

  27. Jennifer Na

    Really. God's love is great only God can love us that much when we did sin and running away from God then also God loves us 😍 God's love is. Inescapable.

  28. Rockenster15

    no matter what you guys are going through, remember, that the Lord is always going to keep his plans and promises. Prosperity is coming

  29. Aqza Babu

    Love this song ❤️💕💋😘

  30. holy girl710


  31. Tonie Allen

    This is my first time listening to this song and it's now high on my list of favorites. What's funny is I love running and I'm going through a lot of stressful situations right now. This is exactly what I needed right now.

  32. kennedy njoroge

    God bless you for this song.

  33. Gavin Russell

    Every day I’m having a bad day I listen to this song

  34. Maria Magdalena

    Music from heaven .. iam agree for this ..i enjoing every song you are reliase and upload ..the melody , liric, and singer who sing with full spirit success for you, be better , be blessing .. Jesus loves us ..amen

  35. Coralyn Rojas

    Loving this mix!!!

  36. olivia shimray

    The song came alive in me..

  37. Santimary Lyngdoh

    Wow this is one of the most beautiful songs of casting crown

  38. Adragos17

    I am very tired. So tired of running. Tired of trying. I know I need God. I am scared of what that means. I have to trust Him but I have never fully trusted anyone in my entire life. How do I trust?

  39. Play it

    Those 193 dislikes . Please help them

  40. Rocio

    Once you accept the Lord into your heart He never ever forsakes you. You may give up on yourself but He does not give up on you. I lived it. Praise Jesus!🙌

  41. pamela williamson

    I AM EXTREMELY BLESSED!!!!!❤♥️🙏💒 Share your blessings******* LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS HE HAS LOVED YOU!!!!!!❤♥️❤♥️❤♥️🙏💒

  42. pamela williamson

    The Path of least resistance; Creates a lifestyle of Alignment In relationships, money & health. GO WITH GOD!❤♥️ SPIRITUALITY...

  43. pamela williamson

    You have to train your MIND!!!♥️❤♥️ TO BE STRONGER THAN YOUR EMOTIONS!!!❤♥️❤ OR ELSE YOU'LL LOOSE!♥️❤♥️💒🙏

  44. pamela williamson

    Stay consistant!!❤♥️❤🙏💒 You're very close to manifesting your vision!❤♥️❤🙏💒 WOW!❤❤ IT'S ALL HAPPENING FOR ME!!!♥️❤🙏 NOW******

  45. pamela williamson

    No Qualification needed!!!❤♥️❤🙏 HE WILL TRAIN YOU!!! GET TO CHURCH***

  46. Jav Co

    God bless anyone who reads this.

  47. Mally Shoulders

    The places God has pulled me from.....what a God. What a dad....I am forever grateful

  48. Angel Fame

    Tired to leading those needs the love and spirit of God. God bless you all. So tired need a break. Find your way to get out from the darkest part of the world.

  49. Angel Fame

    Tired to leading those needs the love and spirit of God. God bless you all. So tired need a break.

  50. Angel Fame

    Tired to leading those needs the love and spirit of God. God bless you all. So tired need a break.

  51. John S Prince

    I'd like to send this to my GF but it might not be appropriate. Well at least till I get the walking on water thing down.

  52. BrayanRIZ

    “His love is inescapable, His presence is unshakable!”
    “He’ll find you in your darkest night”
    Love you Lord!

  53. pamela williamson

    Ex. ET go home. Spa, manicure etc. Sat. Ca. Oakdale concert sun. CCC (church) 9/10:30am (cntrlchristchurch) fun 4 k

  54. sa san


  55. yannapusala raghu

    Better day is coming

  56. yannapusala raghu

    Even when your running. Thanks for beautiful song

  57. pamela williamson


  58. Charisma CJ7

    I love this song 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  59. Rockenster15

    Wow I was singing this song out loud home alone with my dog, and the phone had the volume high but not loud enough and my heart was into this song,
    When the song ended,
    “And the Father will come running...”
    My voice cracked.... I was almost crying in tears and my dog just payed there listening and I have a feeling he understood that I was singing for the God of the universe. :,)

  60. Sales Representative Brandon Rudensky

    my husband loves to listen to this praise song when driving. he says as his car is running he thinks the title of this song matches the action

  61. shelbyrea 98

    I believe God knows people's hearts and when he sees someone he knows will come to him and will turn to him he doesn't let go. Even if they run the opposite direction and try to hide and push him away, drown him out... You can't drown out that still voice you hear at night saying "come home. Come to me." This past year I felt it. I was full of anger and grief and I hated God. I was taught about him my whole life but I don't think I ever understood why I needed Christ to save me. Then when the worst happened, I tried to run. I pushed him away constantly and had a demanding attitude. Like a pharasee who demanded signs from heaven Christ was real. Then December 23rd I turned my life over..I got tired of running and thought "why put it off? I know it's him calling... So.. Even though I don't understand anything ... I will learn as much as I can about you... And I will follow you" since then I've faced much doubt and spiritual battles but I will say I've never felt more at peace. I began to understand why we need Christ and why he had to pay our debt. And looking at all the things he's done... Just these past few months, this past week... Just yesterday... He's so merciful. Even though I get frustrated and impatient... I will follow Christ. Whatever Christ wants to take... It's his

    Andrea Y

    Awwww that beautiful and enduring. As it says in the bible only the father can draw you to him. I completely understand being double minded. Most times I rely on my feelings for salvation instead of Jesus Christ as you can imagine I "feel," that I'm not saved, and I know it not by feelings but faith. Reading this makes me not feel alone. Sometimes I think I am saved, am believing in Jesus Christ but then I doubt and well reading this I understand I'm not alone, but I'm glad how in psalms it says God is an ever present help in our troubles.

  62. RavenFlight

    That line about prayers bouncing off the ceiling gets me every time 😭😭😭
    I can feel myself slipping and I’m trying to pull myself out

  63. John Felton

    Amazing song i needed to hear that

  64. Rockenster15

    Glory to God, for He is my Lord.
    Elohim, God of Hosts, glory to you.
    He has a life for you. Don’t give up, for the Lord is with you and he is not finished with you yet!
    So keep your head high, and fight the good fight.
    Take the sword, and smash away all the forces of the devil.
    Darkness flees, for the Spirit of God is with us, His people.
    Don’t give up! Don’t give in! No to the spirit of fear! No to depression! No to drugs! No more rejection! For He will never reject you. Keep running, to Him and not from Him. God is good, for the Son has saved you.

  65. shelbyrea 98

    Wish I found this song 1 year ago. Literally discribed my life

  66. Annie Gladys Simon

    Dear reader,

    You can never try to run from Him(ℓσя∂ ʝєѕυѕ ¢няιѕт) even when you are running you will hear His voice

    Just think one min😶why should He want to chase you till now...... ❤only because He loves you 😘
    His love is holding on to you😍...

    No matter how far you go🏃... Just turn back to Lord 😌He is eagerly waiting for you 😍
    He gave his own son for you😘...
    No matter who you are and what you have done.... He loves you😘

    Jesus Christ loves you

    By :Lover of Christ 😁👸😁

  67. Annie Gladys Simon

    ωση∂єяƒυℓ ѕσηg😘ⓟⓡⓐⓘⓢⓔ ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓛⓞⓡⓓ 😇

    ❤His love is so wonderful❤...
    Taste and see that the Lord Jesus Christ is good😉

  68. Cody Featherstone

    Music is fire like the old day but now it has purpose 💯🔥🔥🔥

  69. Chirmi Nakhedei

    Your song inspired me.... Now I'm running towards Father ...Thank you so much.... God bless you 🙏

  70. Cody Featherstone

    Amanda Lynn 🙏♋❤️♊ I love you be safe ❤️

  71. Carol O

    Amen. This song is true and inspiring to Christians and Non-Christians. Amen

  72. Light House Temple of Joseph

    Even when we run, God is chasing us <3

  73. Priya Malang

    Most Beautiful lyrics❤🙏

  74. Lorraine Abraham

    True his love is inescapable 🙏❤️🙌

  75. Shawn Harner

    This song has gotten me through hard times

  76. Michelle Martin support persecuted christians

  77. Dannycha Rosa


  78. Sophia Zhang

    Catch me if you can, I’m here, not running ❤️

  79. Soldier for Christ

    This is one of the best songs I have ever heard, Keep singing for Jesus✝️♥️

  80. jhassy jha

    He'll find you in your darkest night☝🙏

  81. First Last


  82. Jacob B

    After my grandpa died I had a moment to come to Christ and I found this song it has changed my life

  83. Cody Featherstone

    Amanda 💯❤️🙏🙌

  84. totus tuus

    Favourite ❤️🤩

  85. Joshua Curtiss

    Right after the chorus it's the same melody for Lauren Daigle's song First 2:39

  86. Lendy Zaira Salas


  87. Agnas varghese

    Yes, the father has made way for me
    Thanks for uploading the video

  88. Ashlynn Kazeck

    God is good

  89. Ana Danielle Torres

    Beautiful song!!

  90. g lupho

    feel it in my bones his voice calling my name🙏✝️💖even when i'm running

  91. MyShepherdKing Music

    Thank You Jesus

  92. CH W


  93. Universal Panoramic View

    Thank you for this song. Perfect to what i feel right now. I know im running.. But His love is inescapable.

  94. sanjana syam

    His presence is unshakable

  95. Christ in you ,the hope of glory .

    His love is inescapable.
    His presence is unshakable.
    Right now you don't believe it’s true
    A better day is coming.
    And you don't need another place to hide,
    He'll find you in your darkest night.
    His love is holding on to you.

    Your fear isn’t dark enough.
    Your pit isn't deep enough.
    Your lie isn't loud enough.
    To keep Him away from you.
    The Father made the way for you.
    The Son killed the grave for you.
    Let His Spirit come alive in you.
    Are you tired of the running?

    Amen Hallelujah ❤️

  96. Nicole Massar

    Def needed this song today.

  97. Kingdom Mindset

    Perfect song in this moment ♥️