Cassper Nyovest - Who Got The Block Hot? Lyrics


[Cassper Nyovest:]
Let's pick it up, where we left off
Dis for the have nots, Ya'll niggas mad soft
Re under carpet, Re tshwara net so
Re phela o ichafile ekare Ngwana'a hands ball (ahh)
Never ba re Xave, O botse Anate
Ha o sa tlale, o botse karate
This ain't a party ke wollies ya monate
Ha o na nnete, O tshwana le movie tsa Karate
Ke mang a repang so? O na le groove ya Dance hall
Ke na le preference, ke batla sam sot
We o Jaiva thata ekare o tla o sena transport (Haaaa)
Baby girl o sa ntempta, Ha re ba le bao spenda ka december
Re betsa Klipa Klipa Klipa Klipa Klipaaaa, Hlala's Slele

[Frank Casino & Cassper Nyovest:]
Yoh Cass (Ou), All these niggas really 'bout it (Ou)
In a room full of bodies, I don't leave without it (Ou)
Man, who got the block (Hot Hot)
Man, Who got the block (Hot)
Man, who got the block (Hot Hot)
Man, you know Who got the block (Hot) (Ou)

Just act crazy, You could act crazy if you want to
(Ey Yoh I want to)
Just act stupid, I support you
Uzo gcwala nge vibe, gcwala nge vibe
Gcwala nge vibe, gcwala nge vibe
Just act crazy

A wa utlwa? [x8] (Whoo)

[Cassper Nyovest:]
Ngfunu Mamela, Ruri wa tsenwa
Golola steba, Ga ke batle go bua le pholoso, bogolo wa stenwa (Not sure)
Proud graduates tsa school sa Jaaba
Kgale ke ba chaela kea go ja dibono ba ntshega
Now all the bad bitches like me
Even those who hate bump my music ko masiteng
Niggas copying me so the moves don't excite me
I even treat the main stage like my side Biiiiii...
Stop following, create a little vibe
I run the game, sa ba ipaca le menaiza
Le tshwana lotlhe all my haters ke di ni
You not tsotsi man, Just that o bolaiwa ke letswai
So paka transi, bula boot
Activata seat warmer, go maruru
Medi ya go ncanywa blind since e botsa [?]
Are wena u mo fa stress ene nna ke mo fa nyoko
Kasi to kasi, fede ba nqava blind
Plus ke [?] ya ho tura eseng mo sekolotong
(Ene ha ke)
Ene ha ke motsa go re u e batla kae
A re bank account-ong eseng mo mokokotlong (Agah!)
Bana ba nouyana batla ka mathata
Ba bechwa ka diphone tsa dibaza-baza
Ska ba ba tla mona ka magaga thata
Plus diauthi tsaka di raga thata

[Frank Casino & Cassper Nyovest:]
Yoh Cass (Ou), All these niggas really 'bout it (Ou)
In a room full of bodies, I don't leave without it (Ou)
Man, who got the block (Hot Hot)
Man, Who got the block (Hot)
Man, who got the block (Hot Hot)
Man, you know Who got the block (Hot) (Ou)

Just act crazy, You could act crazy if you want to
(Ey Yoh I want to)
Just act stupid, I support you
Uzo gcwala nge vibe, gcwala nge vibe
Gcwala nge vibe, gcwala nge vibe
Just act crazy

A wa utlwa? [x8] (Whoo)

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Cassper Nyovest Who Got The Block Hot? Comments
  1. Tarzan Thembani


  2. peter mathabatha

    frank made this joint a hit

  3. Ricardo forbay

    OKMalumkoolkat Flow is desperately needed in this track.

  4. Lebohang Mkhwanazi

    I ws 🤔wondering hw casino is going 2 ride on this type of kwaeto beat 😁🌶️🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽

  5. Kgomotso Moyo

    Mom: Catches me being crazy in my room
    Me: Cassper supports me
    Mom kicks me out: Go let Cassper support your living then

  6. Michelle Jones

    This song is fire!!!!

  7. Simphiweh Biyela Brian

    Am proud to announce that I am the 1 who took this one to 400K viewer number 399 999 loll

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    How is this song not even of 500k views, what's going on here guys?

  9. Tshishonge Munewazwo Decent

    Who thought frank casino is not south African artist

  10. william mashele

    beat is nice,still sounds like the original with a lil spice.raps are not good though,but thats just my opinion though

  11. Mlungisi Dlamini


  12. DJ Scwephe Msuthu

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    Dope song #MuFasa 🌋🌋🌋🌋

  15. MINI LAD7

    Beat slaps different

  16. Morongwa Madiba

    Frank Casino 🥵🥵😍😍 "Yo Cass"😍😍

    The suit🥵🥵🔥🔥😍😍🥰

  17. Morongwa Madiba


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    Thought Casino is americano

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    FFS. This joint is flames. Here I am discovering it in '20.

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  21. Lewis Chege

    Kenyan Representing !


    Plz sign the register below

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  24. Tshepiso Ratlhogo

    yo cass

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  26. Kopano Tsebe

    im a fan of Cassper Nyovest..mare eseng wa raya va vibe tsone tse

  27. Lesegoelias Dembe

    this is the cassper i know .........hit of hit it ,the touch of guitar nice👌.... i can't help it but love it

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    Man who get the block hot hot

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    1:25-1:30 ma favourite part

  37. Sivuyile Magutywa

    Take a good song and make it shit

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    Frank looks like he's out of place 😂💀

  39. Lungile Mboni

    Cass you got my love and respect bro❣👍👍


    Young living legend

  41. SoMo Moo

    “A we bank accountung aseng momukotlong.” 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥My summer track.. love itttt.

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    The line "you can get crazy if you want to just act stupid... " it's AMO's verse way back, but I like this song though

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    Dope song

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    This is fire, can't stop listening I'm about to burn my house down.

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    my men #more fire on deck

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    Yooh Cass u killed this one, the bars my G.... it is too much

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    If you can hear me grootman please put me on the line up of #FreshPrinceOfMaftown here is my official music video👇🏾

    Earth Kwake

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    I like the girl with the braces her smile is so cute lol

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    Innocent owning the dance floor Lmao

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    Weak af

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    Cassper will always be on top of the Game, any Beat he gives you fire.

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    Eish, I am the only black girl in the office and these white people don't understand why ke sa dulisege lol.........A re bank account-ong eseng mo mokokotlong (Agah!)....A wa utlwa? (Whoo)A wa utlwa? (Whoo).....dope track

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