Cassper Nyovest - Top Shayela Lyrics

Re etsa nywe nywe nywe
It's like 4 am in the morning
(Nywe nywe nywe)
I'm still feeling jiggy

[Cassper Nyovest:]
I've got too much money for my age
(Young rich nigga)
Niggas falling cause they running at my pace
My Mondays are like any other day
I need that presidential just to slay
(Just to slay bitch)
All my bitches wanna fuck me raw
(No, no, no)
Mangithini no bath why ungenza so?
(Why ungenza so Cass?)
Tell my heart to never get involved
I'm Frank Casino, think I'm lost up in myself
All my people love me and it's deep
Fuck a hashtag, boy I'm trending in the streets
And ha kena nako ya ho dlala le mahippie
(Njame, njame)
Ba di pipi, tsa di tsitsi
Nyovest, Nyovest, Nyovest that's how it goes
(That's how it go, go, go, go)
I'm producing idols I'ma pro
(Get it? Get it)
Ya'll niggas childish y'all keep playing with your nose
(Drugs are bad)
I'm 'bout to make a killing boy I'm gone

I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
They talking but they never get involved
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
They talking but they never get involved

These niggas always lying in their songs
How you balling when you're living with your moms?
And I don't need to lie to make you shake
You know you only make the news because you say my name, right?
Niggas fussing more than bitches these days
Which side you on 'cause they switching these days
That's why I choose to keep my distance these days
Niggas blessing niggas, shit is different these days
My journey must be so painful to watch
These niggas bought awards, I bought a watch
It's kinda crazy cause we started from the bottom
And later on I spent 6 million on some cars
Man, I got enemies that used to be my friends
It's kinda crazy Khuli used to be the man
Just 2 years ago
I guess the game forgets very quickly
I'll never relax
I know the same curse nearly hit me

I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
They talking but I never get involved
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
I just wanna take it to the top
They talking but I never get involved

[Nadia Nakai:]
Just copped an Audi and I took it to the top
Ain't never take a loan, I'ma boss
Ya'll niggas never order Uber blacks
Swiping nails and your payments bounce back
I became a boss, yah, ya don know
You can rock with blaze at the gun show
The game march madness I'm Alonso
Ya'll niggas ain't balling y'all my sons hoe
Call my pussy Amber Rose yeah the bitch bad
Y'all bitches never seen a million Rand
Sucking rapper dicks for a couple Rand
Ya'll should start stripping at the fucking Grand
I'm steady money counting on that Sha-Sha-Sha
I'm a beast, I'm a problem on that ra-ra-ra
You thought your shit went gold they like nah nah nah
Stacking money like Nicky my bars are Remy Ma
Don't try to catch up on us you gone get lost
We're so far gone double exhaust
It's the tree in this bitch made that hoe cum
I'm that bullet in the barrel, Cass the shotgun

Oh boy (oh boy)

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Cassper Nyovest Top Shayela Comments
  1. Samkelo Yisa

    Cassper slept on this shit he should have gave us visuals nd promoted this banger🔥🔥🔥🔥 2019 I'm still here

  2. Ohm's Beats

    2019 gang ??

  3. Spark Plug

    This song deserves more fucken likes. Nadia marry me.

  4. Mpho Brews

    Still waiting for a

  5. Adelaide Mojaks

    love Cass... this is beautiful

  6. mixture therealone

    Wow!!! Dope track #thuto classic album

  7. Halanation Banele

    Cassper we need video for top shayela

  8. Kelvin Musasa

    This shit needs a vids cassper

  9. cs alex

    Video pliz

  10. Kordeination Crazy lil baby from the south

    Cringe on Nadia's part. She's NOT a good rapper.

  11. bestman nyambi

    l am frank casino l think l am lost up in the song

  12. South African HipHop Media

    damn cassper spit the truth

  13. Thabiso Madulini

    Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck we neeeed a Video cassper ill make this shit trend on twitter aingeke fok man

  14. Tanaka Mawere

    here for my hommie nadia

  15. Sam Soxa

    Ska ba hemisa!!!

  16. BLACK MADARAマダラ ウキア

    i'm here for ska ba hemisa


    Ska ba Hemisa, ska ba nyoba Cassper

  18. Ntha Maoeng

    Ska ba hemisa Ska ba forgiva!!!!

  19. Nokukhanya Angel

    Skaba hemisa👌👌😆

  20. Trucker

    Ska ba hemisa!!

  21. Problematic TV

    Ska Ba Forgiva

  22. talia swartbooi

    Nadia 🚮 biting Nicki Minaj

  23. gigi matz

    if rouge was on this song, it would've been more dope!

  24. Jacob Kgaaugelo

    Which side you on because they switching this days!!!! uuuuuuu

  25. Tafadzwa Nyoni

    jump to 0:27. Thank me later

  26. Level up with Lee

    Nadia's hot on this track! She needs to come in sooner though! Love her raps :) Love this Cass! Lit!!

  27. Willem Nangolo

    This song hits harder than a wamboe mom

  28. Doriques Taylor

    This Shit Rock

  29. Maboyi Mthulisi

    Nadia Nakai went hard on this one Am not a fan thou

  30. RedTape

    casper please. can we have a music video. please

  31. DJ AQ

    Nadia's verse wasnt all that but I can say that she's gotten a little better lol.

  32. Khethukuthula Maphumulo

    Nadia you just take it to the top for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    nywe nyweeeeee

  34. Lundi Dungu

    "Dont try to catch up on us you gonna get lost we so far gone double exhaust" -Nadia 🌶🌶🌶🌶

  35. Thabiso Madulini

    Even if Nadia can come speak spanish you hoes gonna say she murdered this track coz yourl choose anything besides Cass not forgetting his the person that worked hard for this track to be LIT He done worked hard bitches give some credit stop the hate!!!

  36. Kevin Simms

    BIG UPS TO CASSPER! your my inspiration to success

  37. Gregory mthemba

    i just wanna take it to the TOP

  38. Caroline Letshufi

    Ba di Pipi tsa di Tshipi??? or maybe I heard wrong??? heban lmao hahaha

  39. Solidus the mamas boy #blackcheese

    Nice to see that at least 2 artists on this song listened to views and more life. Casper on that drake flow and nadai going ' yah don no' yah don know yah yah don no. Lyrics and lines everyone was amzing. you guys making RSA proud.

  40. rodgers sibisi

    I'm gonna dance to this song check out my insta @angelo_black_2k

  41. Lucky

    familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  42. Noluvo Mbewana


  43. Hope Moloko

    i hear alot of nicki punchlines here, aint mad though nadia you doing your thing mama, really good.

  44. Sue-Ellen Moorosi

    SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiD !!!!

  45. Stoan Mist

    nywee nyweee

  46. Sophisticated Shade

    Nadia Nakai coming into her own !!!! Cassper knows how to pick the winners #YungNiggasNeverOrderUberBlacks

  47. Teevon Code


  48. Numero Sesenta y Nueve

    That yall niggas childish you keep playing with your nose line is seriously wack Cass

  49. Ndabe Tsebo

    Cassper nyovest is the God of South African style and he knows what he is capable of.

  50. zakes zenani

    nadia's verse e etsa NYWE NYWE NYWE

  51. nduduzo sibusiso

    the king taking it to the top....

  52. benedict ngele

    da whole way!!!!!



  54. Delano Hendricks


  55. Delano Hendricks


  56. Tynashe Gurajena

    my fav track on the album

  57. Tshepang Plaatjie

    Khuli & Cass Are They Okay Guys? Or there's Beef, Please ENLIGHTEN me!

  58. vincent chimbunde

    Lmao! Can't you guys hear the bars in this song? THIS SHIT IS DOPE!

  59. TSA


  60. Asanda Mbuti

    lyrics please

  61. Mpho Rejakong

    "4 am in the morning" am is always morning. I love your album nonthereless.

  62. TheRealTrizzle37

    My speaker just caught on fire!

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    hehe bend it like Kendrick.

  64. Thulasizwe Kubheka

    retsa nywe nywe nywe :)

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    The album is hot 🔥 🔥 🔥 especially Confused wow

  66. Mohau Smiley

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    Nadia biting Nicki's style. Meh.

  68. Yoobert Mpofu


  69. Thabo Romeo

    dope song

  70. Tebogo

    Re etsa nywenywe!!

  71. Peter Traviel Guys please check out this girl, she can goes hard on trap beats

  72. Ashton Ncube

    Fuxk a hash tag im trending on the streets😭😭😭😭😁..

  73. Lindokuhle Pini


  74. P Menhapra

    This song makes me want to tell my boss his fired.


  75. P Menhapra

    This one deserves a music video.

  76. Mpilo Mhlongo

    Nadias verse was trash.. what the fuck yall saying, sies..

  77. tshepho nelson Olesitse

    how do you bawling when you leaving with your mum

  78. Deep Soul 057

    This album is Dope cassper  Hai  izandla on this

  79. Siyabonga Ntutu

    Cassper killed it... "OH BOY.. AW BOI (utlwa) BANYELA (kutlwi) YOH (yeh)"

  80. Mzansi Updates

    good shit

  81. TT Scott

    Now this is dope.

  82. FabioHood

    Me before listening: Shiit! No one can kill Cassper on his track. Let me hit play an....
    4:43 minutes later: Fuuuck! "Hello 911! I think Cassper just got murdered!"

  83. Obakeng Thusi


  84. Vuyisani Paraquat


  85. Andile Gumede

    Nadia sounds like Nicki 😍

  86. TheComeUpClass


  87. Tshepi T.r.s

    this song sounds like it was made by high school kids...thats whats makes it dope...

  88. Dj Da E SA

    Nadia Nakai wooow


    vaa thooooo


    "my mondays i like any other day"

  91. Solomon Modisha

    Nadia Nakai!

  92. Kudzy Matsika

    911: hello
    kudzy: help help
    911: come down whats up?
    kudzy: cassper
    911: what?
    kudzy: my house is burning down
    911: please dont tell us you listen to cassper's new album
    kudzy: shit now the whole neighbor is on fire


    so u listining to cass now smh

  93. treasure nkonyana

    I sometimes order Uber black HAHA LOL

  94. Sbonelo Duma

    sha sha ,

  95. Mogomotsi Seiphemo

    Peasant: "How do you get lost in the sauce?"
    Gucci Mane: "A bitch can get lost in the sauce. (...). No meat, just sauce! (...more profound stuff)".

    In spite of Tito Mboweni track, there is so much meat in #Thuto.
    Therefore Cass is not lost in the source.
    Therefore, Cass is not a bitch!

  96. Lebogang Eric

    Ba nyela,Cassper wants to take it to the top!!!

  97. thabo thabo

    all my bitches wanna fuck me raw :v :v


    Casp just fucked it up

  99. thabo Motaung

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