Cassper Nyovest - Gets Getsa Lyrics

Gets gets, gets getsa
Gets gets, gets getsa
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)

Babize bonke e Maf Town
Tot portugal, legodu san
Berekisa mala like mogodu san
S'yenz inyakanyaka ngicela nikhuzu' lokunjani
Re o kenya mahlo
Akere o behave-a ekare o sefofu san
They say the love my songs, I be cynical
Ke na le s'bete sa ho bodisa letshingilane
And ha ke yo go bona boPaulina, boSweety bam
Ke shapa shower-nyana be ke polish-a mshini wam
A o shape vluit if you hood enough
And everyday boy we suited up
If you got a Family Tree shirt, put it up
Thenga Five Skippa usbonise ukthi ugood enough

Mara nou yana re monate
Re batla biyanyana fela le mazothi
Smartphone one side, paparazzi
A diUber di late bana re ba tlatse

Gets gets, gets getsa
Gets gets, gets getsa
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)

They love and hate every song I play
Ko dibesheng ke koo o ka ntholang teng
I wanna buy a Ferrari just so I say
Abanye ba ne 4-5, ngine 458
O ska ba jinda ba go juta papa
We been cooler van tuka papa
Ha ba re bona ba kutsa papa
Re utswa bana nkare MTN e utswa data
Ha ba sa ntshe ra ba latlha boy
We stay prepared, ungathath' amachance
I'm from the A if they ask y'all punks
You can clearly see that I'm African
Like squad sa France

Mara, mara nou yana re monate
Re batla biyanyana fela le mazothi
Smartphone one side, paparazzi
A diUber di late bana re ba tlatse

Gets gets, gets getsa (gets getsa baby!)
Gets gets, gets getsa (gets getsa baby!)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)
Ba re ke kwa bose kudu kudu (kudu kudu)

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Cassper Nyovest Gets Getsa Comments
  1. Innocent maino

    1 : 44 - 1: 46

  2. Caleb Kuzomuka

    Wooowwwwwww how nice i re-felt that bar wen he says ''you can clearly see im African like squard sa France''

  3. So What

    2020 & it's still kudu kudu

  4. Butholenkosi Ndebele

    min 2.36 "am african like squad sa France" kkkkk

  5. Malone Makoto

    This song is a gem♨

  6. Mas Mas

    Lyrics pls

  7. Lame Marumo

    i cant wait to jam to this song ko Born and Raised on 22 December,Cassper wee,ke go emetse

  8. chicks outlaw

    My 2020 wish is to work with Cass

  9. Leah Jerry

    Anyone knows the video queen's name ?

  10. Propagator Channel

    Who else came here for Bontle Smith's big head?

  11. Cleo Ivy

    The girl walking behind cassper at 1:46 is hot...

  12. NႦ Ⴆҽαƚʂ


  13. Ngcebo


  14. Lethabo Thabo

    Cassper hle ❤❤❤

  15. Maxtrill ZA

    Back to kasi! 🔥💯

  16. Nthabiseng Modjadi

    This is my first time listening to this song and i like it already

  17. Nonsikelelo Zondi

    that skhothane looking like davido lol

  18. Pine Dhalondoka

    Made a lyrics of this song please.I love song man here in Walvis Bay Namibia!

  19. lindi skosana

    Ohh this is where I know Bontle Smith from☺☺

  20. Pula Mthembu

    October 2019 and I am still here

  21. cold water

    Who are these girls?

  22. LifeScolar Purpose

    sick widdit 👏

  23. Alice Chikhoswe

    Cassper nyovest is Rocking

  24. 0987654345678987654383728394738393746

    Didn't understand a word of it but still good.

  25. Chiremba Fanuel

    On repeat talented man mmm

  26. gabiz 10

    Hello ce Cassper j'adore ce qu'il fait

  27. Hi'iam Hillary

    The two girls are 😻😻😻😻

  28. Noluthando Ntombela

    Who’s that girl on the drivers seat 🔥

  29. Thulani Gxubane

    Abanye bane45 mina ngine45/8. Legendary

  30. Revival Sisanda

    Good song

  31. Fortune Ganda

    Still nice to the ear 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Amani Samweli

    Casper:jonijoo: gas what

  33. Oratile Mengoai

    Cassper Nyovest I love your song cassper Nyovest

  34. Shaff Mpita


  35. Kamogelo Maloko

    Who’s the girl with the unbelievable ass


    Mahikeng for you Cass cass💃kwaito ke moteng.. Shapa 😙

  37. tawanda fortune

    Gemini outdid himself here

  38. Baptista Livongue

    Get getsa 🎤

  39. Simphiweh Biyela Brian


  40. Ludumo Imzar Nono

    Cassper you real feels DOc Shebeleza ain't you?

  41. Ludumo Imzar Nono

    Clear you can see am African like squad sa France!!

  42. Mkay Vevo

    gets getsa Beat remake 👌🔥🔥

  43. Yei Marasii

    So this nigga kele pantsula hela!!ga gona sa Hip hop ha!!

  44. lekay breese

    Ges getsa

  45. Sbu Mwasinga

    Gives me the sekele by prokid(rip) vibes

  46. Craig Mosia

    Still goes in

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    ingoma yemaPedi nemaTswana lee

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  49. Check Mate

    dislikes are from ZULU'S

  50. dennis musila

    Sounds dope thou couldn’t get what he was saying i wish he had some more English Bars n syllables so we all share n enjoy the music together its a universal language but still that shit was lit ASF..Mulla ere from KENYA

  51. Ephraim KAZ

    I’m from Nigeria 🇳🇬 , I don’t understand shit he’s saying but Cassper fucking kills me every single time ❤️🔥🔥🔥

  52. LinC Legacy

    W i t h l o v e f r o m Z i m

  53. true light

    Mara the chicks yellow bone only in this video

  54. Dj Tucha

    I love that whistle part in the beginning, I’m from Kenya 🇰🇪 and when I hear that I automatically know it’s a South African song. Very nice 👍🏽

  55. Doctor Mashigo

    I bluste this tine rolling down the streets of Manchester in a Jaguar xf 8 speed automatic chilling like a Boss. Halla South Africa

  56. Lindiwe Radebe

    2019 ANYONE


  57. Melusi Singo Welcome

    Its seems as if Cassper is having the power to bring back the old genre( KWAITO ) without even people noticing

  58. Mahlatse Mabusela

    I am officially a fan with this one

  59. David Mukendi

    Anyone know the name of the girl in the passenger seat wearing the parental advisory shirt?

  60. cold water

    Homie got them fire joints

  61. Maqhawe SokhanyileOfficial DRew ft m.Que- Ufunani

  62. lowkey babe

    E bare ke kwa botse kudu kudu 💃💃💃💃🔊 ayeye

  63. Moisés Nelson Samoli

    From Angola with love

  64. Thando Lynch


  65. Hebert Makua

    Ke kwa Bose kudu kudu...✊🏻✊🏻✔️🔥

  66. Reneiloe Mathebula

    Real and proper African music

  67. Tefo Charles Modise

    Ke go kenya matlho...akere o behave'a like o s'fofu san'! #BlowByBlow

  68. lucky thuso Asamu

    Dope mate cass doing it good my man

  69. Julia Simeon

    Can't get enough of this song🔥🔥🔥Namibia approves👌

  70. peyton cleo Simons

    Good. boy😍😘🤗

  71. botshelo zweli tupane


  72. Dean Pick

    I didn't know who Cassper "the ghost" Nyovest was until this song...It has that old school Kwaito vibe to it...

  73. Duke Nukem

    Who's the two vidoe vixens damnn

  74. Ignatius F.A Berend


  75. Tumelo Monnye

    Mare this guy ke satane bafethu

  76. Charles Matthews

    One of the best videos I have seen thus far the lyric and the visual are all on point. Nice One

  77. ziwe

    I like this 🔥

  78. Ngoako Kgathi

    Nah dis nigga got it. Proudly SA love it

  79. Cluwie Motswenyane

    😍😂🤣😘THE NEW Fito of the month relationship the

  80. JabJab

    Cass looking so yummy in ds vid❤❤❤

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    Doctor Mashigo

    Its happening 🥃🥃🥃🥃💯😂😂😂turn it up

    Nande Sunduza

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    What does this song mean. Please help

    Melokuhle Bekhithemba

    Meloluhle A he has her he dogs for

  84. Flippy Booysen


  85. Ernestina Lefebvre

    He went ProKid with his lyrical rhythm. Those asses are gross.

  86. Collins Matendechero

    I just wnana know where he gets his shirts from fahm. I need me those small thingies at the back.

  87. Fils Christ Ian

    The only rapper I know that can dance. Who else!?!??
    Much love from Rwanda!

  88. Reabetswe Zwane

    A whole arcade machine 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  89. Marvin C


  90. Ralph Raly

    This is fucking sh""""*t diz guy is way beyond weck.......... he is bringing motwako to the drain flashing it,man just stick to your business and other stuff and get away from music coz nigga you fucking suck.motwako was amazing before you came we enjoyed Hhp may his soul rest in peace.we enjoyed tuks,notshi,molimi khuli chana morafe and den you came I won't lie you suck

    mixture therealone

    @Ralph Raly #SweetAndShort is not a hip-hop album don't get confused. Stick to what u like and let us his fan his music enjoy in peace. Stick the good music u are talking about

    Ralph Raly

    @mixture therealone now you r talking have you ever seen a real artist or musician change their genre to another clearly blind folded musically Aka will never make a kwaito or maskhandi music you lame..... You still to your music dats it

    mixture therealone

    @Ralph Raly is vur Vai by Kwesta a hip-hop song

    Ralph Raly

    @mixture therealone don't it's a pantsula rap but different from nyovies but like HHP if you know his style of music if you know what I mean

    mixture therealone

    @Ralph Raly I can see u don't what is which

  91. Luke Kenny

    Song I like the song thank you

  92. ginger

    Everyone tryin' to copy America (hip-hop/ran)

  93. Raymond M Ramaphakela

    cassper the LEGEND!

  94. Hlagza KG

    Cass never disappoints. Keel up with the funky music

  95. Peter Housing

    Who is the main girl

  96. Simply Balling

    Nice song, nice video, nice everything

  97. Michelle M

    Good mix Casper you have definitely made doc shebeleza happy... Big up to king doc shez