Cassper Nyovest - Doc Shebeleza (Remix) Lyrics

[Talib Kweli:]
When I come through your town
Who’s gonna clown
Proof from the sound and the boots on the ground
You shooting from the moon I'm bringing Jupiter down
You always blow smoke like a hoop go ‘round
Slow poke while running at a fast pace
That’s why you standing there last place
I’m harder than a nipple when it lactates
You never reach 3rd base that’s why we always giving you the catch face
See I'm made here, TIA, got African blood,
It’s in my DNA
These rappers acting like a lead in a play
Never know who they gonna be today
I pray to God... No, not the paper
In my Chevrolet I’m bumping Doc Doc Shebeleza
Vacation in Turks and Caicos
Stay sharp with the church of the play close
Party rockin about a whole damn party shot shopping
Like a body shop, better get laid though
Whaddup Durban
Whaddup Cape Town
Man, I love SA bro
Johannesburg holding me down
Newtown, Pimville and Soweto
Stay faithful live by the code
Or catch a face full of fists to the nose
All alone like a dog when he burying a bone
Cry to your mom better hurry on home
Bitch nigga I do this
This music for the movement
Helping you to cut through the confusion
Cassper said hop on the remix
It’s nothing show me where the booth is

Do Doc Shebeleza
In my 325 like I’m Doc Doc Shebeleza

[Cassper Nyovest:]
Man, can you believe it?
I drop a track on some free shit turn rappers paraplegic
Shout out to C-Sick
I heard these haters are preaching
Tell ‘em to suck on my penis
Should I repeat it?
Tell ‘em to suck on my penis
I got a hit every season
I will remain undefeated
Shout out to Tata Madiba
I’m ouchea abusing the freedom
High as the ceiling
Why should I mention the features?
It’s already clear that I already beat ‘em
Back to Refiloe
They’re singing my songs in Zimbabwe
I’m Reppin’ the nordie,
Mafikeng Ga ke le sile
200k every weekend
I cannot explain the feeling
Me and Talib on the remix
Me and Talib on the remix
Man, I got some demons I am addicted to females
I fuck ‘em for no fucking reason
I say it fucking believe it
Berries Vanillas and Peaches
Berries Vanillas and Peaches
Still trying to give
Boitumelo a baby and no one can stop me
My album is about to go Gold
I heard you sold 200 copies
Maaaaan, this is what they be hating
Mama Yvonne Chaka Chaka said this her favourite song
Start dogging everyday mara swaak swaak mabebeza
I wake up everyday feeling like Doc Doc Shebeleza


Still winning [x8]

[Cassper Nyovest:]
If you feel like hake o nxanywe Gana ka wena
Jozi ele busy ntsi ntsi ntsi Spana ka wena
Remember when we started Kgale bare bare bana ba tsenwa
Now I’m having silly WhatsApp conversations with girls like Babalwa Mneno (uhuuu)

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Cassper Nyovest Doc Shebeleza (Remix) Comments
  1. Muzi Moyo

    if cassper drops such a flow again no one will ever catch up..2020 we #goodforthat

  2. Brian Bethea

    Upset that I first heard about him from his Breakfast Club Interview last year. I've been having to play catch up since then. This cat is dope.

  3. Simphiweh Biyela Brian

    Anyone here in 2019???

  4. Mzamo Maphumulo

    Talib Kweli's verse the shit💥🔥
    Whose with me in 2019

  5. Junior Kay

    They singing my songs in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 let’s go #zimbabwe

  6. Daniel Numoah

    Who is with me 2019

  7. Leslie Kay Rocque

    I'm still jamming to this ♥♥💯

  8. Panashe-Raymond Goremsandu

    Talib went hard on this one...

  9. Kuda

    This fat Cassper was a better rapper.

  10. Ayabonga Cele

    Cassper went hard on this

  11. Yeldah Snash

    2019 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😤

  12. Takalani Moleya


  13. paulio ekame


  14. paulio ekame

    Coooooollllll Yessssssooooooo

  15. paulio ekame

    Coooooollllll Yessssssooooooo

  16. MrAfricanPenguin

    Yooo put this up on spotify please 🙏

  17. themba hlophe


  18. Clifford Savage

    I love this shit ever ,the best remix ever in ZA ,shout out to Talib Kweli , i am feeling like doc doc shebeleza

  19. Profbucks

    Best International feature to date

  20. victor obibi

    this remix was unnecessary, Casper had already bodied this beat in the original...this was just noisy

  21. Duduzile Dumana

    "Cassper said, hop on the remix, it's nuthin' show me where the booth is " done!

  22. BLÓ WELL

    who is watchin this again like me

  23. Kagiso Monnakgotla

    Talib killed this feature, like it's his own track!! This what happens a hip hop head(Rapper) and a Trapper make a duo.

  24. Lesibana Mmatli

    Shout out to Tata Madiba I'm outchea abusing the freedom

  25. Ngonie Chokuda


  26. Zohan Kicy

    cassper proved to be better than all these other rappers !!! #greatness

  27. phakamani sithole

    raaaaah panda

  28. jinx real

    Casssper Nyovest you have just proved to me that you know this rape game

    Connor Murphy

    +jinx real Think you misspelled something there

    Mpho Ramufhufhi


  29. Siphiwe Mphuthi


  30. Chisha Sinyangwe

    This jam is too HEAVY!

  31. Noxolo Kunene

    what is this.....too dope

  32. Kinyua Kariithi

    this kenya should have 1million views on youtube.....from Kenya with love for SA HIPHOP

  33. Emkay Tloubatla

    Talib Kweli! Craziest flow ever

  34. ChapOuz


  35. Wizdomination Parks

    easily Casspers best verse ever!

  36. Simphiwe Bonongo

    ole galemetsi lenyatso on my part brother. Talib fro real Amen

  37. SI- LINCE


  38. Tom London

    representing from perth...we loving this jam.Congratz Cassper.....WORD!

  39. Amin Field

    Talib took this one home...salute to the real!

  40. Alex Wax Davison

    How did I only find this video now. Keep it blazin Cassper, Talib you legend #VolcanicAFRICA

  41. Msizi Mleti

    Should have more views..

  42. Simba Ruwoko

    cassper you killin it man! love from the UK

  43. Thiza N

    Shouts Talib for holding the Homies in Africa down!!!!

  44. Sv Zulu

    Another 100 000 + likes for Cassper Nyovest also for giving back to the our community with a whopping R100 000 for our brothers affected by the xenophobic attacks #thumbsup

  45. khwezi hlombe

    i feel like this was the most underrated video of 2014....this song is super dope

  46. Trey Chitepo

    Cassper u did it again Port

  47. ciro emilenio

    Damn talib murdered casper real bad

  48. Fulufhelo Ramabulana

    Yoh this remix i a killer... I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!

  49. simz Phakathi

    wow nice. Lots of love to cassper

  50. sibonile mkombo

    Nyovestttttttttttttttttttt i love this dude so freaken much ♡♡♡

  51. Dare Bay

    y'all talking about cassper, i dont blame who hype him over talib because most of you started listening to hip Hip early 20's

  52. Lubby Morolong

    Real Hip Hop taken to the next level

    Ntokozo Dlamini


    Lubby Morolong

    Whats not real about him Ntokozo?

    Yolanda Zondo

    @Ntokozo Dlamini What is wrong with these people? I dont get the hype...

    matome bopape

    +Yolanda Zondo I guess Talib does not get the hype either, right? He even put the boy on the 1st single of his latest album...Talib must be smoking his socks...or maybe you just dont get it. LOL!

  53. Ngqapheli Mchunu

    Dope remix, Cassper slayed his verse. S/O to Talib for showing love to S.A. HIP-HOP. 

  54. Phares Dismas

    Am ur # 1 fan in tanzania

  55. Daniel Shamu

    Of all SA Hip Hop artists, the legend had to collab with Cassper Nyovest 

  56. Takalani Joel Shavhani

    yo got gd musc but you cant RAP bra

  57. kingslaughter awe

    cassper uyabulala boi 

  58. Amukelani Sibuyi

    Some people just click the unlike button without even watching or listening to the video.
    i'm not a fan of SA rappers but this is classic.

  59. Kgomotso Lekola

    Mad mad

  60. Anthony kyalo

    its like i watch this video  daily...thumps up cassper   for making music so sweet

  61. Lulamani Balebanye

    Proud of this dude

  62. Ngena Ngaphakathi

    Umntu omnyama!!! opinions are not wrong, but why not leave out the negativity. We always have to bring down one another "the crab in a bucket syndrome". the question is, what are YOU doing? but ke Sbuda said it "umgodoyi ukhonkotha imoto ehambayo"

    Let's appreciate south African music. We are Africans after all.

  63. Ngqabutho Mpofu

    This is dope thou. Like dudes style and takin on the remix 👏👏. I'd live to work with home. Get at me bro

  64. Colour2014

    REPRESENTA autie, will be at channel M, Pretoria on the 27 feb, see  you there casper

  65. Ed Is Black

    Same old cassper noise!

  66. Thabang Polo Smarty

    did they shoot the vid together or was Talib in the States? Black background and they don't even collabo or even look at each other...
    dope remix Cassper N-Yo-Vest (A.k.A's vest lol)

  67. Kick Down Doors

    looooooooool cassper killed kweli


    Are you fucking crazy?!

  68. Aobakwe Kgobokoe

    this is Goldly Refiloe!

  69. Spykos Dee

    Am i the only one who had to watch this more than once

    Design Child

    addictive vid

  70. Michael Gawanab

    i think cassper killed Talib

    Ntokozo Dlamini


    Dare Bay

    @Michael Gawanab  nah bra when did you started listening to hip hip? talib is a fucking poet and that hip hip

  71. Mussa Abbasi

    Talib Kweli stuffs

  72. LowFreqwav

    Wale - Bait

  73. victor otieno

    casper still dope to talib kwale

  74. ntokozo nyaningwe

    Izinja ze game...✌

  75. Sandiso Vokwana

    n he murdered you on your own track lol dope bars from talib

  76. Bernie Mafokoane

    "Shout out to Tata Madiba now I'm abusing the FREEDOM" - Cassper_Nyovest

  77. Zibele Qwemesha

    They can hate all they like but ur the best.

  78. billy bl

    @cassper nyovest

  79. billy bl

    loud music
    like their music
    did an instrumental named after you ... I hope you enjoy !!! that is your link.............

  80. Nimbus_SA

    Respect to Cassper for hooking this up. But I feel, they should've kept the original beat and chorus.

  81. Gugulethu Mbali Tshabalala

    Casper is a blessed man. Wishing Him abundance in everything he does.

  82. Garikai Mutandiri

    all i can say is talib looks like my brother!!

  83. Sensei_Juice Ndlovu

    Absolutely wonderful collaboration!! Breaking Bread, then Breaking Grounds!!  Well Done Cassper on your continued progress!! Guys like Talib practically live in SA, its great that somebody finally had the ballz to catch 'em on a remix.  I'd love to hear the 2 team up on a new track!!   #HipHop   #Soul_Dojo  @MogulJuice

    Vusi Maluka

    Juice Magenge ... you couldn't have said better bra too nice !!

  84. Tebogo Mametja

    Cassper cassper killed it....Damn it's like you get better and better every loving your music keep it up...

  85. Emídio José

    good song casper

  86. jaco van der merwe


  87. ronald tyili

    Noyvest is the ONLY rapper in mzansi i respect yet! along with proverb the rest they not really cutting for me Love the song love the remix i bought the album

  88. Bhekani B

    New York Vibes from Talib Kweli

  89. Yola Musiq

    Cassper you r a true artist ,keep shining .well done

  90. Tlou Mathapo

    King! Akere bare mang mang ke prince?

  91. 67Blackout


  92. Romeo chitate

    they singing my songs in zimbabwe thax for mentioning#zim boys

  93. Jonnson Jay

    this is dope big ups man


    this song must be on our hip hop top10 energyfmsa, but i need a radio edited version, where can i find it? 

  95. Zipho RayZee

    TeamNyovest ! U de best