Cassie - Fuck U Silly Lyrics

[Nicki Minaj:]
Yo Cassie you a bad bitch I'm a call you Lassie
Just left the tall ass state Tallahassee
Don't mind me even with your GPS could'ntfind me
Looking at this boy I'm a call him Mac Dre me
I was wondering if he could suck Dick Cheney
Got a Lamborgorghini so them doors gone high
And I button down Chris Brown bowtie

I'm a bad bad woman but you already know
I'm hard to handle baby I need a animal
You can't understand it I'm so stupid with it boy I'll fuck u silly ay

Way out of control, I put it down for sho
On the bar on the floor so what you waiting for
You can't understand it I'm so stupid with it boy I'll fuck you silly ay
You can't even stand it I'm a superwoman boy I'll fuck you silly ay
You don't wanna give it away [x2]

So hey there cowboy I need a little love
And I'm a ride or die so baby giddy up
You can't understand it I'm so stupid with it boy I'll fuck you silly ay

I make a lot of noise I wake the neighbors up
I get it popping daddy 'cause I don't give a what
You can't understand it I'm so stupid with it boy I'll fuck you silly ay
You can't even stand it I'm a superwoman boy I'll fuck you silly ay
You don't wanna give it away [x2]

Oh I'm in a position too explicit I'm so bad
The best you ever had come try me baby
And you can come and get it hop in it make it splash
If you can handle that, handle that oh
'Cause I don't wanna get this party popping without you babe, without
You babe
I let you grab me by the hair and I don't even care who hears me screaming shout oh

[Nicki Minaj:]
Hmmmm... Hmmm...
Is that my cue I'm looking for some brain to boost my iq
I'm like 5'2 my SAT scores were high too
But I don't wanna brag I Louis Vuitton bag em
Hopped out the Jag proceded to shag shag them
Thought he was a queen I dra-dra-dra-dragged em
Dodged to the room and whipped out the magnum
Slim trim also light skin now pe-pe-peter put the pipe in
Yes sir I am that bitch fuck you silly like the rabbit
Giddy up giddy up now wake diddy up diddy up diddy up
Young money Nicki bad boy Cassie you wanna minaj now let's get nasty

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Cassie Fuck U Silly Comments


  2. burn

    This sounds like the old TLIC with that annoying guy saying "Property of Bad Boy Records"

  3. PrayashLand

    Better at 1.75 speed

  4. Nita Amour

    Watched in 2019

    A 6

    Nita Amour yes me too

  5. Key Tho

    I love this song

  6. Goopy Taylor

    The only good part of this song is the "you don't wanna give it away.." parts

    Julian Smoker

    lol youre stupid

  7. jodem7

    The last minute is the best part of this song wow

  8. Jade Parade

    I love how I didn't even know this existed. So that's where the second verse from Whip it came from

  9. Lucas Moya

    What was better Fuck You Silly or The Boys

  10. Lauryn Chandler

    Fuck you silly like the rabbit 😜

  11. Isaiah Taveras

    I love your song nicki

  12. Jael L.

    Still my song

  13. Jella

    she said that in whip it 😁😲

  14. Jella

    is this nicki's song or cassie's?

    AceWantsToFly 1

    It was never officially released (it was only released from an unofficial mixtape) so were not sure. However, Cassie mentioned in an interview that she made a song with nicki, planned for her album long ago, but it was never released. So if this wasn't a second attemp collab with nicki, then it's Cassie's song. Sorry if that didn't make sense lol

  15. AceWantsToFly 1

    I wonder why this wasn't released

  16. David Moonlight

    Cassie sing perfect, unlike other bitches only used autotune.

  17. Cookie Crumble

    CASSIE Ft Nicki Minaj*

  18. chris magana

    Slim, trim and also light skinned Mona Lisa: slick rick...least we know she's trying her best to help the planet by recycling so much :)

    Julian Smoker

    she still winnin tho. what you doin?


    Actually, she used some of these lyrics in Whip it. 5 years later and you still sound like an idiot.

    the ELO show

    HausOfTae 💀💀

  19. Junior Wilson

    It's commom in the rapper industry(world) they recycle verses from old song, Nicki was soooooooo clever cuz she'd done it and used it in a pop song, like, way improved, Clever gurl

  20. blondedbythelight703

    Luna the Tuna Cassie Roll

  21. Petesimon Tabibito

    what's that subliminal mumbling voice every 4 seconds?!

    Taj Jawan Singleton

    It's the label "Property of Bad Boy records"

  22. wer44able

    why not? It's good verse :)

  23. Candy

    The whip it verse wtf?


    It was in this song before whip it was ever released

  24. Earn Legaspi

    Whip it..??

  25. Holland Rawlings

    i can sing but sometimes its basically auto-tune(no offense)

  26. Aaliyah Marie'

    My song !

  27. Vikram Srinivasan

    whip it lyrics ;)

  28. kyle hogan

    this is fucking shit


    kyle hogan do you still hate it?

  29. gerald white

    how clever .......

  30. KassieHatesYou

    B.A.R.B.I.E.S= Broke Ass Retarded Bitches Imitating Everyones Swag

    Dan S

    LMAO you really thought you were doing something with this one, huh?

  31. D'ryah Slack

    Dis my song

  32. Joey May

    why is there a voice throughout the whole song? like.. a creepy one.


    Joey May I didnt notice... Now I can't stop hearing it lol

  33. Audrey Gordon

    oh i thought so, do you know a link to the whole song? x

  34. Audrey Gordon

    that was a gay finish

  35. Daniel Fuentes Hermosa

    isn't Nicki Twiligth Sparkle Human?

  36. Steve f.

    very bad , cassie your finish !

  37. Courtney Ferlance

    Nicki Minaj feat.Cassie-The Boys

  38. rose2cute1

    You mean Cassie Ft Nikki Minaj...?

  39. MsAnyaBaby

    Fuck you silly like the rabbit, *giggles*

  40. Nick Hammer

    I hate you

  41. moonloon1212

    I love this song

  42. Terrell Price

    I just noticed that sht lol He said. "Property of Bad Boy Records" I feel brainwashed n sht.

  43. EatYoRice

    This was never released official so Nicki decided to put it on whip it

  44. Fabian Barillas

    It's the same rap (lyrics) from Whip It, she has no imagination to create new shit? LOL but anyways I still love Nicki.


    Fabian Barillas bitch she was Re using it dont act like your favs dont.... If you loved Nicki you would appreciate the fact that she re used it from a mixtape song

  45. Nate K

    Cassie never released the song officially, so why not?

  46. Conor Torbitt

    i love this song soooo much <3

  47. Yhayie Surla

    Oh! Whip It second Verse!

  48. Layla June

    She recycled this verse on Whip It on Roman Reloaded
    I love it on both songs!!

  49. shannell doss

    No Cassie should of stayed out

  50. Jose Altamirano


  51. Carlos Fariñas


  52. Thompson Carter

    Hey Cassie Still Got It :D

  53. Crepin williams

    the beat is sick on this

  54. Robin Wright

    What's with all the people hatin on Cassie she CAN sing n probably better than all the people saying she sucks!..newsflash shes famous your not so stop hatin, u just look pathetic... -_-

  55. Drew G

    Calm your shit people! I love Nicki Minaj! and I love Cassie! they're both amazing!

  56. alexia simpson

    this is the best barbie bitch rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cassie is a worthless little fuckin bitch

  57. alexia simpson

    @1nOnlyMariBayBee all right i love nicki barbie bitch rules

  58. shaylan clark

    soo yea dis song is the shyt

  59. Omar Almheiri

    It's Cassie Ft. Nicki Minaj not the other way around :) And Cassie owns Nicki TBH I just love her more :)

  60. Cierra Brown

    I liike this song .

  61. Shaena Ruttlen

    @UAExGust nahh neva been stupidd.! its called an opinion hunny.! mine: she cnt sing nd will never b able 2 sing...nicki minaj is thee sh.t.! yours: hhmmm...i culd really care less abt so youhh cn shut all tht uhp.!

  62. Omar Almheiri

    BTW, thanks for uploading this. Couldn't find a good version before :)

  63. Omar Almheiri

    @shaeboo113 You're stupid... Cassie is fucking GREAT!

  64. looky khan

    @shaeboo113 who gives a fuck she as hot as hell!!

  65. Melanie Auld

    lassie cassie!

  66. DaVonna J

    @jrmafiamarkass whatever. I didn't say it was a big deal. I'm a fan of both.

  67. Its Lit

    @Dork0730 Your point? She's a dyke. Doesn't really need to be a big deal.

  68. DaVonna J

    @jrmafiamarkass if you say so.
    Diddy isn't attractive and Cassie is gorgeous.
    If Nicki wanted diddy that would be blah.
    Nicki wants Cassie,another female.

  69. Its Lit

    @Dork0730 Not really. Just switch the names around, minor difference.

  70. DaVonna J

    @jrmafiamarkass She said she was gonna steal Cassie from Diddy. Big difference lol

  71. Its Lit

    Didn't she say she was gonna steal Diddy from Cassie? Something like that in Lil Freak o_O..

  72. mike cavins

    nicki need to gets shot in the fuckin head stupid ass slut

    Jey Banks

    mike cavins bitch I will kill you , b4 that happens to her ! Perioddddd

  73. Shaena Ruttlen

    i hate cassie she cant sing worth shit bt i still lyke dis song nd I LOVE NICKI MINAJ

  74. Savannah Porter

    @1nOnlyMariBayBee i kno but its only bout her bc it was on nickis mixtape

  75. jerrieangel12

    dis song ok.....