Cassidy, David - Can't Go Home Again Lyrics

Time and time again I tried to get back to my home town
On my mind again I'm on my way back, take a look around
The places I remember where my picture comes undone
Such a long way back and this boy's lost track of the place where he was young.

And I'm back on the street where I used to live
And I passed an old friend who was holding his kid
And I swear I can almost hear mamma call my name.

And I'm back on the river where I was Huck Finn
Just Charlie McLaughlin he always played Jim
Now I know why they say you just can't go home again
Yes, I know why they say you just can't go home again.

My friends and I could talk the night away about where we were going
Laying out our lives, we had no way of ever knowing
The plans we made keep changing and people they just do the same
It's a long way back and we all lose track of the faces and the names.

And I stop for an ice cream at the corner drug store
A double-deck cone ain't a dime anymore
Have things really changed so much or is it just me?

And I asked about Tom, he ran the picture show
And somebody said he died years ago
Now I know why they say you just can't go home again
Yes, I know why they say you just can't go home again.

Such a long way back and this boy's lost track
Of the places and their names.

And I spoke to the bum as he sat on the ground
That crazy old man he's still toasting the town
For the first time in my life I understood.

How the wine that had taken his worries and cares
Had also taken the love he once shared
Then he cried as he said I just can't go home again
Now I know why they say you just can't go home again
Yes, I know why they say you just can't go home again.

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Cassidy, David Can't Go Home Again Comments
  1. Joyce Tyner

    As George Carlin once said START A PATH !! Find aNEW BETTER HOME !!

  2. Keith Evans

    62 years old. thinking back 40 + years.. How true...

  3. Cazzer57

    Beautiful song, sung beautifully by the beautiful David Cassidy.

  4. j scott

    Sad n hope that David is at peace n has Love in his life ...Gone far too soon and such a talent we may never see again...xo

  5. Odette Widdicombe

    He's home now at peace

  6. DJK Fort Productions

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  7. D M

    Wow, what a shitty song.

  8. Trish Durden

    Iv never in my 58 yrs. have I ever seen such a handsome beautiful man. Nd his voice is beautiful. He was so perfect. I love him. X

  9. gino cundari

    Brings back many good memories of my youth. Just listen to the lyrics how could it not bring back fond memories..

  10. Odette Widdicombe

    Your home now at peace with your horses hay David sleep well David god bless you

  11. Melanie Paylor

    The most handsome man that has ever walked this earth . So beautiful . Will love you forever 💕💕

  12. Corey Heath

    Was not into him a lot in 1970 did like the album but I was 14 and into rock and girls..,. I am now such a fan ... we did think he was cool

  13. Jackie Blue

    💔 ..... still

  14. tralala1958

    One of his best. Thanks for posting this one. And all the others, too.

  15. jitterbug121

    His has a handsome face along with a nice body, voice, sense of humor and much charisma!!!!!! RIP Sweet David

  16. H Hketes

    beautiful voice; beautiful man.
    Kim Carnes sums up David's beauty & his life ( ). So sad that he is no longer with us - gone too young :(

  17. Winter Blue

    My Jersey Boy 💖💋💔

  18. Odette Widdicombe

    Now he is home were they have scattered him were he love to be horses

  19. doctorwho0077

    I had the biggest boy crush on him when I was 9.........

  20. Christine Moore

    still sad about your passing David xx

  21. Brenda Arnold

    A truly beautiful song enhanced by one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. The lyrics could relate to any one of us. I went back and it seemed like I'd stepped into another world. So sad hear gone. 😢🎵🎤🎶🎸💙

  22. Sandra Paul

    David sang this at our NZ concert, February 1974. He sat down on a stool near the front of the stage, I was within two arms lengths & as he started the intro to this song with his guitar, I suddenly blurted out the name of it & started singing the first line 😊 David then looked directly at me, put his fingers to his lips & gently said "ssshhhh" to me with a smile .... I was briefly mortified but gladly complied 😊. Truly a magical moment. .. along with the rest of that memorable night ❤

    j scott

    You are so lucky to have seen him live especially in NZ I bet it all you thought and more ..You have great memories to look back on ..

  23. Jackie Blue

    Another one of my favorite David Cassidy songs. This world is not the same without him in it. I'm not the same either. 💔

  24. Gillian Priestley

    David's voice on this track is absolutely breathtaking, just love it - so hauntingly beautiful. Such a unique talent gone far too soon. Absolutely heartbroken. ❤ Forever x

    Greg Browne

    his voice was unique . soothing , smooth and wonderful . the best .

  25. Michael Butler

    WOW Great !!!

  26. Sandra Miller

    David Cassidy I believe had many regrets

  27. Laurie Suntheimer


  28. Gabrielle Center

    The hat and glasses was hilarious. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Suzanna Cat

    One of my faves ❤ David has such a hauntingly melodic voice ❤ l remember having this flimsy plastic promo disc from Jackie mag.. with an exerpt of this song on & David saying about his dog Bullseye l think. Rest well dear David. ❤❤❤

  30. Suzanna Cat

    Am so sad <3 David such a beautiful man... rest well dear soul
    ( my pre teen idol..seems like yesterday was so simpler then..for me...if not David <3

  31. Toni-Anita Edwards

    Beautiful song. RIP David. My first crush many, many years ago. Still get shivers down my spine listening to that voice.

  32. Katy jean

    SumerKis38, thank you.

  33. Jill Rosen Hilly


  34. Jill Rosen Hilly


    The Jupiter 2

    Loved his faster songs: "Rock Me Baby and Rollercoaster"
    I loved those songs as a kid <3

  35. zazz63

    Rip David!

  36. Sou Nerd

    Simplesmente o rosto mais belo de todos os tempos!

  37. ElseWay

    So good looking, I've never seen as good looking as he was. For me, even Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise are not as good looking as he is.

    Donna Rega

    No one can compare to David . . .his look was intoxicating.

  38. LoveinbloomDC

    Music to enjoy, truly!

  39. Keith Evans

    people think oh David Classify..when they here these songs they are smitten. Brilliant song. Brilliant singer.

  40. Christine Moore

    wonderful voice and look

  41. Cathy McArdle

    will never be beaten, he's the greatest, had 500 photos of him on my bedroom walls

  42. Michaela Stevens

    love this heartfelt. what a beautiful voice x

  43. Jenny Purcell

    this magnificent man has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard x

    Christine Moore

    he is the bestest

    james ogrady

    Jenny Purcell  I watched a biography on David, he was doing concerts & TV show at same time, they put him in cheap hotels to avoid the fans, some one said Susan wasn't sexy enough for him, Susan was only 16 when she started the show, I also heard Danny was a pain on the show but everybody liked him,  I heard Dave & Susan dated for 2 months after the show. Some 16 year old got trampled at 1 of Daves concert & Dave felt guilty for years. No wonder all these Rock stars turn to drugs or alcohol being on the road

    The Jupiter 2

    R I P David Cassidy and the actress that played the little sister Tracy, Suzanne Crough. They are both in Heaven singing in the Angel's choir.

  44. Greg Browne

    his very best

  45. Unofficial Kim Carnes Fan Club

    Composed by Kim Carnes, Dave Ellingson and David Cassidy
    Performed by David Cassidy (from "Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes" album);

    Carol Dixon

    such a beautiful song from beautiful man ..RIP so sad ..played this always

  46. Ginny L.

    The first time I saw David Cassidy, was on Bonanza! My mom liked westerns! I fell in love with David Cassidy. He played Billy B. very well and I just loved it when Billy stands up to his mean dad who wants to whip his ass with his leather belt!

  47. Ginny L.

    Only remember the Beatles because my eldest sister ordered lots of Beatles albums! And saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show! In black and white tv! LOL! 1970 and 1974 just trying to survive I guess! Saw bits of PF shows but I don't recall anyone making a big deal of David Cassidy back then! My eldest sis had moved out by then.Very thankful for all of David's fantastic and faithful fans! Wow, amazing! God Bless everyone!

  48. Lea Rebane

    This has got to be the most poignant song he has ever written. Still makes me cry. Thanks for sharing. x

  49. Sophia Smith

    My favourite aunt died 4 weeks ago, today we where told that here husband has bone cancer stage 4. He has 3, maybe 4 months to live.
    I can listen to this song over and over again.
    It takes me back to being a child in the most precious place I ever was.
    A and J I love you and will never forget what you did for me.
    Big thank you DC for this beautiful song.

  50. jimysohns

    From 1970 to 1974 he was the biggest thing on the planet. Think of the Beatles in 1964 and you will have an idea of what it was like............

  51. Helen Neeley

    always been a special feeling of lost home when I listen to this. love itxxx r

  52. jimysohns

    @cheekysmiley In the early 1970,s he was the biggest teen idol in the world.

  53. 1HappyJill

    When I woke this morning, it was THIS song in my head. The writer of it was so insightful. What poignant lyrics. And how beautifully David sang them, so evocatively. No wonder I hear him singing in my dreams...thanks for all the work you did on this and for sharing. You got some great photos! x

  54. Dan Walsh

    david cassidy was a big hit during his early years, he came to my town of brisbane in australia and it was a big deal. he sang some fantastic songs away from the partridge family image and these are the tunes i am most fond of. i was very disappointed when he visited brisbane a couple of years ago and turned his back on his original fans, don't forget david, these are the same people that made you who you are.

  55. richardstuff1

    @jodisweetie ..your so kind its such a beautiful track :0) take a look at my Favourites list...You want to chill,relax or just take time out just click and listen.Say hello to Canada for me :0)

  56. clint cartridge

    this is amazing, thank you for posting it.

  57. LiZa Coppola

    one of my favorite songs....I love David..forever..for all he was to me...for filling my teen years with joy.

  58. Christine Moore

    absolutely gorgeous SumerKiss38 thank you

  59. richardstuff1

    My word,this record reaches my soul like no other.The past is so far back down that road.Why did life lead me away from my childhood & when i wasnt ready.If i could just go home again please.Home where my father would call out my name,Home where it never rained.Home where i ran free,my brother & me.where life was so carefree.

  60. richardstuff1

    Just a kid,my mother got up and left me,my brother & an elder sister.Still cant rid the pain in my soul i felt that day after all these years.i go back home to where it all happened now and again and this tune runs through my very heart and soul everytime.I love life,i love my God and even though the pain still hurts i havent stopped loving my mother.Thanks for the song David.:0)

  61. Hypermommy

    Oh i am soooooo glad you posted this! Boy, do I remember this song! How about that one about "this old woman telling lies about me"... do you have that one?

  62. SQDLVR

    Thanks...I went to visit the old neighborhood where I grew up as a David fan and I was thinking of this song while I drove around..."Has Time Really Change So Much, Or Is It Just Me?"....I guess it's a little of both...

  63. maria fioravanti

    theres not a thing wrong with you!!! i'm almost 43 and have been a fan of his for some 38 yrs , i think hands down the most beautiful face and one of the best voices ever!! got the pleasure of seeing him in concert in july 1 word...phenominal

  64. SQDLVR

    my fave song from the Dreams Are Nuthin album next to Sing Me...the lyrics of this song ring so true for a lot of us...I kinda get a tear in my eye when I hear it....

  65. Riley0205

    ok-this man is/was beautiful! still melts meeee-you did a great job w/pix and really captured the real David. Nicely Done

  66. ImproveYourTomorrows

    Or I could just sit back and enjoy your videos. *lol*
    I´m just a bit baffled at the insanity at the time I guess.
    Poor guy...

  67. SumerKis38

    There are tons of pics, thats for sure, ya just got to dig for them =) Thanks!

  68. SumerKis38

    David Cassidy - Dreams are nuthin' more than wishes

  69. cherish1950

    Beautiful song. I only bought the cd recently and love every song. Thanks SumerKis38. You're doing a great job.

  70. ImproveYourTomorrows

    Good heavens, the amount of pictures there exists of that man out there! Looks like some of us missed out on quite a phenomena...
    Anyway, the last three songs you´ve posted I´ve never heard, so it´s been great fun.
    Thanks a bunch! :o)

  71. cas3003

    Maybe the best lyrics (after "Hold on Me" from the same LP). Totally my song! I do it often, but I "just can't go home again".