Caskey - Kick Ass Lyrics

All my bitches kick ass
She asking for the dick fast

All my girls got thick ass
Yeah, all my homies kick ass

Ay, I'm a Harley boy, so I skrt and I get whiplash
Big face on my Rollie, your shit real trash
And my pocket's bulging, look like Kim's ass (Feel like Kanye)
I been syrup sipping, this ain't SlimFast
I was pushing weight, I ain't talking off in gym class
You sending shots, I survive the impacts
All our California wax come in big slabs
All our record deals coming with the big bags
I'm smoking Keyshia Cole, he don't beat his girl, he beat the bowl
Yeah, to each his own, forced they way inside and meet the fold
Y'all been living tales, I just want the Lambo, his and hers
Pop the Percocet and then my vision blurs
I'ma live fast, die young
Chasing out the major paper, lie young
You is just a major hater, fire gun
Know it's time you meet your maker, why run?

Ay, and all my homies get cash
Yeah, and all my girls got thick ass
I'm sipping syrup, this ain't SlimFast

I'ma check out that boogie bitch
In the city that I'm from, I'm Lil Boosie, bitch
Iced out the Rollie watch, it's not the crucifix
Sorry if I'm wasting money, I ain't used to this
You should've changed the style, you just came in on a high horse
Shoot him off the steed and make it my horse
A man defined by the type of shit he die for
I just got some road head on the I-4
She gon' choose up to a pimp 'cause she recognize the pimpin'
I'm in South Beach thinking how I might just make a million
Got a Asian bitch like Yoko Ono, fuck, I'm John Lennon
Might just drop a mixtape, feel like I'm like Don Cannon

All my homies get cash
Ay, and all my girls got thick ass
I'm sipping syrup, this ain't SlimFast
And I'ma die young 'cause a motherfucker live fast
And all my girls got thick ass
I'm sipping syrup, this ain't SlimFast
Yeah, and all my homies kick ass

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Caskey Kick Ass Comments
  1. Jesus Ruiz

    I wish this is still on Imusic 😔

  2. Joseph Henson

    Caskey so versatile.

  3. adam graham

    Good at his singing he does well lol Casper

  4. Brian turns

    My boy Killin it str8 🔥🔥🔥🔥 $ipp Dripp

  5. ACE Nick

    Dope beat and lyrics

  6. Paradox Antix

    \m/ tight ass beat

  7. CypherBlu Lighting and Grip

    "This aint Slim Fast"... this video got my attention :D

  8. Eric Meza

    Caskey go hard🔥🔥🔥

  9. Star Alien

    I wish I had a thicc booty now.


    Caskey gang 💪🔥🔥🔥

  11. Lone_SkywalkerrXX

    Who ever disses my dude dont got taste

  12. sycomantz

    Song is straight but all of these chics fake asses are trash

  13. jahason halversain

    Omg I just realized that's kid buu in the back

  14. Gary Hodges

    Ghetto hoes!!!

  15. Xthirdeye Vidalx

    @kidbuu first clone in this video 😂

  16. Mélque DUOZERO


  17. alexthelamest

    Kid buu in here 😂

  18. Mike Hawk

    Oh yeahhhhhhh

  19. Antonio Rafael Tone Perna

    Who's the girls with the titty ring

  20. David B.

    Caskey is my number 1 favorite, dude is a genius.

  21. Twitchthis222

    Who’s playing this shit in 2018 !!

  22. Asher Gemini

    been a year since i listened to you. i olmost got you on my album but to be real i just dont know about the way you evole but im catching up right now.. i like your bars.. i just know what you got in you.. seems like cash money pimped you.. wish you would have signed to someone who didnt change you. i got love for you. just keeping 100 Blacksheep

  23. Carter Nordlund


  24. Goodnews Gaming

    this song is litt

  25. Gibson Callaway

    I only came here for the ass to be honest them ass cracks on them bitches look dick comfort! 🍑🍆🛋🛌💨🌊💦🤤😬☺️😝

  26. Dave C

    dude sold drugs for like 1-2 yrs before making it big

    James Doakes

    Soooooo whats your point?

  27. Scooter27

    California wax come in BIG SLABS

  28. Harrold Daniels

    You went in cask. Have to give it to you.

  29. Jimmy Johnson

    so underrated

  30. Heidy Santana

    Caskey got way less lyrical

  31. alejandro lago

    Shits fire !! And all my homies kick ass 😈 Respect keep pushing all these haters!💪

  32. Ocarri Customs

    Just ran across this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Looks like they did a video hoe casting call at the sanford wal-mart! Dem girls look hella busted!!

  34. chris Heltzer

    He got all the fine black chicks in the video

  35. Da'Bones * Sosa Rick Grimes

    How this only have 100k views??? This one of the best songs to vibe to in 2016

  36. Saint Felix Trazile

    so nice

  37. Sir HighRoller

    I would just eat all there asses like a fuckin steak😈😈😡😡

  38. jeremiah dixon

    Im smokin keisha cole he dont beat his girl he beat the pole

  39. Daniel Costa

    sipping syrup this anit slim fast

  40. TheCR1T1CALM4SS

    Thickkkkk assss. All my girls thick ass haha

  41. LMAO Simmons

    ah i kinda didnt like this one as much at i did
    (1). double up
    (2) I get high I think that's tha name LMFAO
    (3) Stay with me
    (4). so bad
    defently my top pick of caskey

  42. Yung Flavour

    was für nice fiqhuren

  43. Chris Hansen

    this shit is toooooo fire

  44. lil_speak 123 123

    get cash thick ass slim fast 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👍💯💥💥✌💪👐

  45. lil_speak 123 123

    kick ass 🔥🔥🔥💯🙌💪✌

  46. Sergio Torres

    Caskey at his best

  47. Tyler Durden

    in case you guys don't understand what the industry forces you to represent.. here's more proof. "they" want you as dumb and distracted as possible. it makes it easier to manipulate you into hating people like me.

  48. Mark213la

    These bitches assess nasty theses hoes need to go do some squats

  49. Clay G.

    listen to us caskey we dont like this direction we like the struggle the pain

  50. Dj Walters

    damn.. Dumbed down...

  51. Youb king Prod


  52. rhaniya torbert

    the hardest white trap rapper ever

  53. Cortlen Cortez

    Rich Gang!!!!

  54. Juan Sosa

    whats the girl with the mickey mouse pigtails name? or ig? or twitter? shes fire 3:39

  55. D Klucker

    He's a sellout now :(

  56. Ethan Lyon

    Sell out

  57. Alex Thomas

    the blonde with the two hair buns can stay, the rest can stay too I guess lol... except for the one who ate the girl casting before her (with the nipple ring)

    Dash Inkredible

    dats Aiden Nycole... shes beautiful.... search her on youtube

  58. Robert Bidochon

    This song kicks ass for sure.

  59. Jordon Dornath

    everybody hating let that dude do his thang

  60. CloseProximity

    Dope as fuck

  61. ash's momma

    caskey what happened? sorry I just wish you would bring back the songs that mean things. ass shakin is cool but it only goes so far 😩

  62. trini bad

    all i see is ass ass ass ass ass 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. TexanMane FtG

    Damn dawg Caskey on some other shit now like da fawk you mean boi

  64. Cortlen Cortez

    caskey str8 fire yo word up he should sign slim shady

  65. Andrew Holmberg

    What's up with the fat bitches ?

    Nique Williams

    Andre Holmberg all the females in music videos supposed to be or have to be skinny?

  66. C. Giebler

    i really like this cat..dope

  67. B Cwright

    man bet his whee fan base is like wtf is this?? typical money cars hoes shit now. Dude what happened to these arw just words or watch everything anxious. Man someone gotta be in his ear telling him this shots better or something???

  68. GrimReefer

    Black girls is ugly haha

    Nique Williams

    GrimReefer and I guess you think you're handsome? 😂😂😂


    Nique Williams bet


    Nique Williams get some latinas

  69. GrimReefer

    Without the producers this foo would eat shyt

  70. prettyboiJustin

    caskey the one who made 2 top braids the trend for guys

  71. Snoop Dogg

    Recklezz brought me here

  72. Chris Adkins

    damn they ass fat. but anyone else check in every so often to see how CMR is killing him

  73. terence sinclair

    all mt bitches got big ass's

  74. JBL

    Caskey, I'm so grateful to you for this video cuz I discovered the beauuuutiful Lisa Aires butttttt damn man..... the first song of yours that I listened to was Weak Stomach (featuring Machine Gun Kelly) and I really loved the fact that you rapped about real issues back then...... but this... this music is shit ....

  75. blossoms1278

    Stay up, "CA$KEY$$$"


    G Beat$$$

  77. MJS

    Let's see work a shitty job and tour when possible but keep it "real"
    Make some songs that will keep you on the rd and quit a shitty job.

  78. auntychrist

    how very generic...

  79. Christopher Bedell

    fuck these haters, keep banging boy!!!!!!!

  80. MailiSilviaRose

    I think i just fell in love

  81. Tyler Michael

    2016, the year of which all rap music videos are just actually a bunch of twerking.

  82. Gh0stMach1ne

    sell out

  83. DrinkMyBleach

    Sad to see more people like "street" music that's got no meaning. Casket used to put thought into his songs and less people liked that.., but now he puts out some "street" song with no meaning and is good. That's a lot of bullshit.

  84. NPLights81

    and this is what lean does to yer career...slows it down just like his music has

  85. Kemo TV

    isn't me or is there asses swollen

  86. Smokinon Brucebanner

    I can be on a music video

  87. Don IMesh

    fucker hater shit still on point bitches

  88. Norther Exposure Photography & Video

    All his new shit sounds the exact same.

  89. João Pedro Rodrigues

    P E $ A D O

  90. Nate Whisenhunt

    shit lit

  91. Marlee Perry

    I liked your music you started with Bea ❤

  92. Indy Riders

    haters ! this song is fucking amazing

  93. Entheos


  94. Brent Baysinger

    time to meet ya maker why run....

  95. Bakin' Soda Marketin'

    The only thing good about this song is the video. It would have been even better if Caskey and his "kick ass" friends weren't in it. This fool is slippin hard as fuck right now.

    Bakin' Soda Marketin'

    No Apologies should have been titled My Apologies For This Shit Mix-Tape You're About To Listen To.