Caskey - Cash Money 2000 Lyrics

You know you bubbling when they talking 'bout you

Haters, careful when you bring the style 'round 'em
Fuck these pussies, run a mile 'round 'em
Just jumped out of county, 'bout to bring hell for 'em
I stayed on the shelf for 'em, but it took y'all too long
Man, I'm done wishing well for 'em
Lay down my pride
I made this rap money and some on the side
I hear what the blog say is live
I think that shit like you, deprived
You folding when they start interrogation
Hate that fuck shit, but you scared to say shit
That's your partner, how you bare the statement?
All these fucking pussies got contamination

Who got the dope to sell?
Who got the doors to kick?
Who got the hoes to trick?
Who make the money flip?
Cash Money Records up in this bitch
And we gon' keep it 2000
Somewhere, sitting on an island
You lil motherfuckers still whilin'
We got all the money, why is you smilin'?

We coming straight for the gualas
Ain't no use in tryin' to stall us
137 text messages this morning
Man, I promise
1, 800 different emails
You don't need to know the details
Most of them about deposits
You busy tweeting like some females

I've been sober for a couple days
Time to get geeked again
I'm fucking yo' bitch every Monday
We don't talk on the weekends
I'm staying solid when they creeped in
You shallow, why you in the deep end?
I got money, I don't need friends
I'm just kicking all these rappers' teeth in! Yeah!

Who got the dope to sell?
Who got the doors to kick?
Who got the hoes to trick?
Who make the money flip?
Cash Money Records up in this bitch
And we gon' keep it 2000
Somewhere, sitting on an island
You lil motherfuckers still whilin'
We got all the money, why is you smilin'?

Thumbing through the check
I cum on my bitch, call it "cumin' correct"
I'm thumbing through the check
How many women here wanna have sex?
I'm thumbing through the check
Show me them titties, I always got time to get busy
How much more can I put on for the city?
How much did I take? I'm starting to get dizzy

I can't stand a motherfucker wanna tweet about ya
Won't say it to ya face though (Pussy)
You the reason I ain't on social media
I'm off at the lake show
Ain't no one out here you could wait for
You gotta go and get it, full speed ahead
People only finna take more
They dead to ya, only fools feed the dead
Speed through the light, no red
Shout out VL where I shop
Got the rubber bands in the shoe box
Bandanna 'round my head, 2Pac
In the streets, we roll with the moon rocks
I'm a iced-out human jukebox
Well known only in a few spots
Ignant, call her watch "Hublots"

Who got the dope to sell?
Who got the doors to kick?
Who got the hoes to trick?
Who make the money flip?
Cash Money Records up in this bitch
And we gon' keep it 2000
Somewhere, sitting on an island
You lil motherfuckers still whilin'
We got all the money, why is you smilin'?

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Caskey Cash Money 2000 Comments
  1. Tatek Aragaw

    2:40 ? dance on the right . FK NO!!

  2. Di D

    2020 shit

  3. gangboy dabeast

    Dope song keep it up

  4. Amazing Amy

    🤣 my babies jumped that nigga?

  5. Shane Dugan

    Like a lion got the spots were there drouts so i pull up ahhh man and my spots on my sholder like a commander new standard fuck goverment like a native cheif fuck the police cheif like ima native with my natural spots on my sholder fight like a chetta right below the stripes them battle scars wait till my tape drop 2020 like 2000 plus 20 ahhh take off my shirt chetta spots g

  6. Dan De Wils

    Haters talk bout me kuz my style was wtf they took my blindness as a KINDNESS4WEAKNESS TILL 2000 GOT FOUNDED N.W.K-WASHINGTON

  7. Roaring Lion


  8. jaycee bugg

    Guy looks like baby boxed his ears and flattened his eyebrows

  9. Honkey Kong

    Straight up wigger!!

  10. Colin Lewis

    Hes all, yes Id like to hire some black people for a rap video please.

  11. Dennis Thompson

    Still bumping this in 2019

    Fred Da Boss 904

    @Adam Liges Is He still with Cash Money or he independent now ?

    Adam Liges

    @Fred Da Boss 904 yo from what I know and researched black sheep 4 was just released via cash money so I'm guessing he still on. It's Google info but that's my best guess. Don't doubt it tho

    Fred Da Boss 904

    @Adam Liges Just wondering cause normally he has birdman or his voice in his songs and it's been while since I heard birdman on his tracks. But he is his own Artist I wouldn't want birdman on every song talking lol

    Adam Liges

    @Fred Da Boss 904 caskey probably thought about that I bet lol. You right tho. Haven't heard it either. Maybe Caskey is almost at the end of cash money? Independent label time!

  12. Baby Productions

    That’s kid buu with gold white mcm belt

  13. DAWN & Y` i Sea

    fun quen. =the after at wants. speaks like. " fee-male. = hahha. aeni` marcianou. "tit teez'. a male, fronintg

  14. Lil peep

    Man I fuck with thus .😯

  15. Hector Vazquez

    Just to hard 2019

    Adam Liges

    This song will be dope af forever

  16. Savagecash237


  17. zach bell


  18. Brandon Mario Bilhete

    anyone else notice the guy with the facemask is Kidd Buu... 0:32 youc an see the star of davis/swastika tat of his...

  19. KennyDjVulgar Trendkiller

    Hater my mother my father i dont wanna work it out abusing me when yoh Have a bad day come in smack in the back of the head tell me to go to bed

  20. Jason Stiller

    Honestly what other video or song makes a white guy look like as real of a gangster as this

  21. Barton B

    He is so confused. One song hes tired of rappers that rap about lean money and hoes. The next video is this. Someone body this clown.

  22. Mandy's World

    Still the hardest. Love Caskey 🔥💥💥💥💥😤😤😤😤


    caskey the new slim shady lmao

  24. joy Division [ d'Anginou

    fuck these put see or put sea. Cash = tangible thing (;). So; i think they know, goingsouth. with ash. bite en`. these here, 92154. So; its the 1984. 1985. Vocla live. The image is all recent. 2016. Made faces. -Phoenix River Marcianou.

  25. Levi Mac

    This song is good. I really like it.

  26. Lusungu 1001

    im an iced out human jukebox

  27. Brittany Rae

    All these pussys got Contamination

  28. Brittany Rae


  29. SiK TiGHT art

    1983 10 age. Made looking later. Recent. Looking stereo type. Staines. white looking foo biatch..... how a many "woman" ; want to have ';sexx. go male like. Jimmie Fallon here/ Dave Chappeled Ya. " let see". -D'Anginou Marcianou



  31. Instakilla

    Can't believe this dude on the Cash Money roster and I just hear about him right now.

    Nrod 85

    Sleeping. Every song goes hard. Black sheep 1 2 and 3. And no apologies

  32. Menace Records

    Caskey underrated to be honest this 🔥

  33. LxL Looney Bin

    Caskey go hard on this one.

  34. ElizabethDearing RED

    See he wont let me bc u wont be here....

  35. ElizabethDearing RED

    Just noe now

  36. ElizabethDearing RED

    Thats smell u who loves mr me ni bitch

  37. ElizabethDearing RED

    He saif i xand can not have a fkn thibg thats no

  38. ElizabethDearing RED

    I just do whats r fr ta jt mine

  39. ElizabethDearing RED

    He said no i known alwats whi who i am

  40. ElizabethDearing RED

    Plane now

  41. ElizabethDearing RED

    50 can u go get ne a cotta tator red me gd ryyt rite he gm fkd up

  42. Rick Plaku

    drop some new club type shit bring more bitxhs on.. card b . you two would take over next level shit !!!!

  43. Rick Plaku

    this tracks jus too sick!!! HATeerrrrrrrrs lol

  44. Maks Mroz

    0:32 why is kid buu in this 😂

  45. Creed de Avanca

    VICE brought me here

  46. Heather Courtney

    Thumbing thru the check cum on my bitch call that cuming correct ❤️

  47. S197 Beast

    I can't believe 2 years past like 2 seconds. Seems like I heard this just yesterday.

  48. Scott Corbett

    Add me on ig jonnyscottyworldwide

  49. versal north

    New tag @caskey407 @worldsta

  50. versal north

    Who was young thug before you guys

  51. Shawn Kurtis

    Most underrated white boy. Quality Control should sign him. 🔥🔥

  52. xThirdEyeVidalx

    @kidbuu all over this video lol 🕉 I wonder if that's his clone lol


    That's cause he a Cash Money artist.

  53. Cayley Needham

    When you go back now that kid buu somehow poppin and see him in this shit and the "kickass" video. I see you!! That you or the clone? Lmao. Caskey you better than this even then

    Aria Diablo

    Cayley Needham what minute do you see him

    Cayley Needham

    @Aria Diablo well hes in the whole video at certain points. Hes usually on caskeys left side with a black mask/bandana over his hat with ponytail out the back...big "gold" chain....MK belt... doing some weird ass running man dance that's just distracting as hell! .32-.34, 1.03-1.06, 1.15-1.16, pause at 1.43 hes got the blunt. Its him.

  54. Michael Matthews

    Better keep blowing
    i dont like cash money. Dude casky cant go no where its my soundtrack to life at this point.

  55. R Plaku

    Firrrre This my track rn !! Caskey soo under rated fucking dirty!!!!!

  56. Ling DaSweetPie

    I wish Caskey could be in the mainstream media :( He deserves more than underground music

  57. Danish rissam

    Lit AF🔥

  58. Menace Records Backup

  59. versal north

    Hell be tired

  60. Jermel Taylor

    sounds good

  61. Jan Andres

    Fuck you

  62. Zavigne

    Caskey homie I got some new shit coming will haller for feature

  63. MF Dirty

    407. East side.

  64. Grace Bediako

    Kevin Federline son in couple years 😂

  65. Caleb Willeby

    What's wrong with white rappers? Frfr. White, black, mexican. It don't matter. I got brothers who's black, mexican and white. It don't matter. Different races don't have different mindsets or personalities. If you come from a rough place, then you can relate to anyone else who does. Family don't matter ab race, blood, gang, or anything else. Family is family.

  66. Wayne WithPayne

    This dude sold out quicker than the IPhone X.

  67. Zayn Xd

    Han ohn what the fuck man ,he just fucked raping 😂😂

  68. Nick Rodefer

    Whiteboy starter pack

  69. Nick Rodefer

    You can pay this cornball and release his shit yet you can’t pay weezy!!!!??

  70. crazy 8


  71. lil miss vicious


  72. lil miss vicious


  73. lil miss vicious


  74. lil miss vicious

    I love this song

  75. lil miss vicious

    lil Miss vicious😁😉

  76. lil miss vicious

    What's going on buddy!

  77. sam baril

    This s*** is riding period - and many more of his songs

  78. Jerry Seinfeld

    One of the best songs around

  79. smokinnplatez

    birdman got a pretty whiteboy he can kiss now gay

  80. Elsa Silvestre

    This song is fucking my favorite

  81. Hugo Martinez

    Madie habla español

  82. Lil peep

    cash money record up in this bitxh them tittes yeah i all was got time to get Bessie

  83. Justin Loomis

    Risk risk cake!😂

  84. Nadine Baker

    We be on it! Keep it a hundred

  85. Dracko Frestyle

    Gang gang

  86. Dan Paul

    I'm thumbin thru the check, I cum on my bitch call it cummin correct....what🔥

  87. Blake Jones

    & we gone keep it 2000 somewhere sittin on an 🏝

  88. josh crawford

    SHiT GoZ HaRd , I'm bout to be some where sittin on an island to tarin that bitch up ,, cwb all day

  89. TomD.O. Dubb

    Cash Money??? Do you not read bro. 🤦‍♂️

  90. Long Haul

    I guess bird man got tired of lil Wayne’s black chocolate starfish so he got him a little vanilla boy lol jk caseky is cool mf along with ritz and yellow wolf kid rock fuck Eminem he’s a liberal who be talking shit about trump like to see how he would run the country not

  91. Samuel Pounds

    No FLOW

  92. Spooky Goon 731

    Fuck Burden

  93. Spooky Goon 731

    "Bandana round my head 2pac," best line

  94. RED Ant112

    Do sing one shot?

  95. adam graham

    Just passing my time while listening to cvsper

  96. Glizzzy BANDZ

    Shit don't every get old
    That's your partner how u bet a statement all these fucking pussys got contamination

  97. James Cotton

    I'm on uh new level

  98. RubbleGamesGaming 1

    He can flow

  99. KC Conscious

    My favorite song of his. Caskey should be more famous. Not sure why he doesn't get more plays. He's top notch