Cashmere Cat - Victoria's Veil Lyrics

Many words are spoken when there's nothing to say
The fall upon the ears of those who don't know the way
To read between the lines
That lead between the lines
That lead me to you

All that I ask you
Is show me how to follow you and I'll obey
Teach me how to reach you
I can't find my own way
Let me see the light
Let me be the light

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Cashmere Cat Victoria's Veil Comments
  1. internetboy

    shoutout to Lacunosa Town

  2. Sophia Leilane

    Meiaum me trouxe aqui

  3. Koldrain

    Perfect!! S2

  4. JoseMa RP

    Worldwide fm GTA VI

  5. Ryan Dorst

    G E R A

  6. ツPumpkim

    M E I A U M

  7. Morgan Neme


  8. mxl' liiiloou

    J'adore sa donne envie chanter dessus ce rythme et le reste est top.... ..😍😶

  9. Angela Isneato

    Can u upload the deluxe edition tracks?

  10. ben shapipi

    This sounds like the best outro song

  11. Evan Knight

    I feel like a mix of megaman and samus when I listen to this track

  12. taylorcrowbirdie

    Love that this album had at least one song w/o a ft

  13. Ash Flexem

    Sounds very 123mrk-esque to me :D love it <3

  14. nothing left

    that whole middle part reminds me of mount kimbie - "carbonated"

  15. ASAS1N9

    Fuck this is good. Don't lose yourself when you get big man please your music is literal life right now


    i told him that last year lol he already got big and didnt change his style!!

  16. Bob saget the god

    Awesome af bruh, lots of love to u!

  17. Brian Huynh

    mirror maru 2.0? :D

  18. Donovan Newell

    Cashy Done did again!!!! WOooooo

  19. JOPE

    gotdamn that intro part is on some futuristic 80's ballad type shit. How tf did he make that sound?

    Zayle Rudiger

    JOPE it's a sample from the eagle will rise again


    Oh I gotcha, I thought it was a sample.

    sleepy whale

    native instruments has a plugin called "The Giant" and it's like a really cool piano thing, but that sound sound an awful lot like one the banks they have almost like a metalic piano, anyways it just sounds like that but stereo separated, could also be a sample though :D

    Proudhon In Manhattan

    he sampled The Eagle Will Rise Again, transposed the thing up, and compressed it.

  20. Suavisification


  21. Kry

    Ly Cashy:')

  22. daniel williams

    this song is soooooooo gooooooood!!!!! Dont know what the ending was about but intresting!!!!!!!

  23. Brenda Le

    @35 seconds reminds me SO much of Beacon

  24. Luis Villola

    i love u

  25. Carlos Torres

    ok NOW we're talking

  26. Josh McCorquodale

    Anyone know where the lyrics at the end are from?


    The Alan Parsons Project - The Eagle Will Rise Again

    Josh McCorquodale

    Thank you!

  27. Mario II Carag

    eargasms all the way from the philippines! Just wow!

  28. marco sagastegui

    this gives me Lykke Li vibes <3

  29. Haya

    F I R E !!

  30. Joshua Menard Hernandez

    The eagle will rise again!

  31. Jacky U

    He's so underrated

    Christopher McHennly

    boring you mean?

    Jacky U

    Red Rocket you wish

    Sharmaine Lee

    Red Rocket probably just not your taste.

    aa aa

    Not at all. Working with Ariana Grande and the like. Hell his first edit was huge I remember everyone was playing it. He just is an A+ producer, similar in manner to Benny Blanco.

  32. SuppaS0up