Cash, Rosanne - Runaway Train Lyrics

I'm worried about you
I'm worried about me
The curves around midnight
Aren't easy to see
Flashing red warnings
Unseen in the rain
This thing has turned into
A runaway train

Long-distance phone calls
A voice on the line
Electrical miles
That soften the time
The dynamite too
Is hooked on the wire
And so are the rails
Of American Flyers

Blind boys and gamblers
They invented the blues
Will pay up in blood
When this marker comes due
To try and get off now
It's about as insane
As those who wave lanterns
At runaway trains

Steel rails and hard lives
Are always in twos
I have been here before this
And now it's with you

I'm worried about you
I'm worried about me
We're lighting the fuses
And counting to three
And what are the choices
For those who remain
The sign of the cross
On a runaway train

This thing has turned into
A runaway train
This thing has turned into
A runaway train
Our love has turned into
A runaway train

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Cash, Rosanne Runaway Train Comments
  1. pelhambx

    Incredibly visual images via amazing lyrics...

  2. Cory Goodman

    She looks so mean! I know why Rodney wrote the song If looks could kill!

  3. Virgil Nanaquawetung

    This woman can sing and she is eloquent. I also believe she has a masters degree in English Literature or something of the sort.

  4. Marion Heyenga

    Awesome 💕💕💕👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶

  5. Eric Elmer

    I’m 36 and I have loved this girl since as early as I can remember. This woman’s beauty is undeniable and I like her a lot because she was loved by Rodney Crowell. He rocks

  6. Travis Brady

    Such a breath of fresh air

  7. Cranston Cederlind

    thank you John Stewart for such a great song...among many of yours . RIP... 11 yrs .

  8. pinktoe 0312

    Love Roseanne Cash> brings back so many memories with my mom and dad. R.I.P. Mom and Dad ❤

  9. pinktoe 0312

    Love this song!!!❤

  10. cvasold

    Blind boys and gamblers, they invented the blues.... A song with profound lyrics and a great sound like this is rare. Love it.

  11. Michael Tyniec

    One of the best songs ever!!!

  12. LaBelleMichele

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!! Love Rosanne Cash!

  13. jimridgeway1

    Steel rails and hard lives are always in twos