Cash, Rosanne - Dreams Are Not My Home Lyrics

The waves are breaking on the wall
The queen of roses
Spreads her arms to fly, shed falls
If I had wings I'd cut them down
Live without these dreams
So I could learn to love the ground

'Cause I wanna live inside the world
I wanna act like a real girl
I wanna know I'm not alone
And the dreams are not my home

The future's like a ringing bell
The road to good intentions
Wanders all the way through hell
The note that hangs in the gilded hall
The clanging of my empty rooms
Yeah, I could learn to love them all

'Cause I wanna live inside the world
I wanna act like a real girl
I wanna know I'm not alone
And the dreams are not my home

The waves are breaking like they do
The spiral of churches
Are the last place to enjoy the view
If I had wings I'd use them now
I could follow you
Then hope someone would pull me down

'Cause I wanna live inside the world
I wanna act like a real girl
I wanna know I'm not alone
And the dreams are not my
Dreams are not my
Dreams are not my home
(Dreams are not my home)

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Cash, Rosanne Dreams Are Not My Home Comments
  1. Marion Heyenga


  2. Bob Sch

    Talent from Daddy👍

  3. John Gialanella jr

    Rosanne Cash has such a great presence on stage.

    Cornelia Denninger

    Just as her father had always. /CD

  4. John Gialanella jr

    Part of the song reminds me of the Outlaws "Green grass and high tides. This is a really enjoyable song. Roseanne is A+.

  5. Stan Joyner

    Just a nice simple clean sound. I don't she ever did anything that was over produced or lack soul.

  6. Sara Jane Welch

    This is so f*****g awesome! I know awesome is a buzzword nowadays, but I don't care--it's the best word for the song.

  7. jojo17

    Very very thank you since our FRANCE in distress grace(favor) has your talent your music and your voice(vote) makes for us in our hearts a lot I adored your father and shall remain faithful has the CASH family
    COIL YOU there

  8. Rick Geren

    This definitely one of my favorites

  9. Joseph Quassar

    Absolutely the finest, Rosanne and Leventhal. Great song. Superb playing.

  10. Aleleeinn Aleleeinn

    This song is at the top of my Rosanne Cash favorites. Thanks for the upload of so much great Rosanne music.

  11. 1950BobbyF

    Sometimes I forget that Rosanne Cash can really rock out and that Jon Leventhal is one superb lead guitarist.

    Aleleeinn Aleleeinn

    +1950BobbyF I can never forget that.

    Sara Jane Welch

    @Aleleeinn Aleleeinn -- Same here; unforgettable!

    Sara Jane Welch

    Ain't it the truth! I like her addition of rhythm guitar on her Martin, too. I also like that one of his backup harmony lines is 'I wanna act like a real girl". They make such a great couple.

  12. Diane Auresto

    Love this performance!  What more  could I say..... a terrific band, lots of energy led by it's leader John Leventhal  & of course Rosanne Cash: THE VOICE!

    Sara Jane Welch

    She does have a great voice, I agree! I didn't realize JL led the band. I just assumed they were a team since they're married. Guess I also thought he joined her band but I don't recall for sure. Doesn't matter really, though, because the way they rock out together is so great!

  13. Arquitecto Asturias

    Me encanta !!!

  14. Tommy Bain

    studio version of this is very different, more subued and ethereal, and whatever soloing there is leans more to atmospheric and noodling. the breaks and fills here are smokin', well defined and the overall arrangement and interplay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more dynamic.

  15. Tommy Bain

    Mr. Leventhal killing it here, per usual. pure taste.

  16. happyriverman

    Great singer, great song, great backing group.

  17. lefftycox

    O sin salir del country Charlie Pride.Un saludo desde La Coruña.No podia despedirme sin citar al gra Aroon Neville y sus hermanos.

  18. lefftycox

    Pues yo soy varon 59 años Español y me sorprende que alguien que vive en Virginia y es afroamericano le gusten: Little Texas, Garth Brooks, etc.ect., asi estan las cosas..No se puede meter a Rosanne Cash en ese saco .Es la primera vez que contesto directamente un comentario y es que esperaba leer otros nombre en la breve lista:HWilliams,J Cash, WNelson,C Familly, Marty Robbims,Patsy Cline o bien algun afroamericano: Robert Johnson, J Brown, S Cooke, O Redding,JWilson,B.Holliday,M.Jackson.

  19. Andrew Roth

    Killer bass. Yeah Tim!!!

  20. etchie3421

    Great song! I love it!

  21. mejeruchst

    Great song!