Cash, Johnny - You Beat All I Ever Saw Lyrics

I've walked though every town
Saw fortunes lost and found
And when your trail failed i walked holes
In both my soles
But i don't expect you back
You're somewhere making tracks
I crossed the burning bridges
And walked through miles of sand
Met the lawless and the law
But you beat all i ever saw

I dreamed a million miles
About your eyes and smiles
I tried to love the best
And to turn from all the rest
But i'd scan the skies for you
And i only saw your hue
They drew away your mould
You were made of frozen gold
And your heart would never thaw
You beat all i ever saw

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Cash, Johnny You Beat All I Ever Saw Comments
  1. Knut Oskar Løkka

    I love the two albums, "Old Golden Throat" and "More of Old Golden Throat". I have them both but sadly they are worn out.

  2. MrMusicguyma

    Never heard this one before. Johnny was prolific. Nice bass background singer

    Joe Barbaro

    I think that's John.


    You're right, good catch. It is overdubbed. I didn't notice that the first time I i heard it :)


    Johnny Cash is one of the greatest of all times Thumbs up to the song and Johnny Cash but thumbs down to the idiot that posted it

  4. Knut Oskar Løkka

    This song takes me back to my childhood. I'm absolutely loving it...

  5. shewolfish

    What beautiful words...

  6. deanoblanko

    doe's anybody know of any company etc that converts these old JC albums to cd's cheers!

  7. Justin Hibbeler

    So Am I!

  8. retrobolted

    You two are awesome...really, you should get a prize or something. I bet a lot of people are really grateful that you're putting this old JC stuff online.

  9. uglymoon78

    Thanks to both of you. So much fine Cash material!

    Evelyne Rudd

    I am really grateful because I've never heard most of these songs!