Cash, Johnny - Put The Sugar To Bed Lyrics

Out on a shrimp boat I just dropped the net
When the wind she come to blowin' whizzin' bad all to get
I look south east and golly me what I see
A black thundercloud with them fuzzy eyebrows
Come a lookin' direct towards boudleaux and me

I turned to boudleaux and me I said
Put the sugar to bed put the sugar to bed
Lock up the coffee in the coffee pot
Put the flour in your pillow cause it's all we got
Hang the lantern from the ceiling and watch your head
Ho boudleaux put the sugar to bed boudleaux put the sugar to bed

Well the sky she get dark and then she turn dark black
I yell she gonna blow one right out of the almanac
A big raindrop smacked me right on the ear
And I hollered hey boudleaux but the way the wind blow
He just as soon be deaf there wasn't no how to hear
I try to call to boudleaux but slid instead
Then me and boudleaux put the sugar to bed

Well the ends of that shrimpin' boat was switchin' around
She turned sideways and inners and outers and upside down
The water come in tryin' to drown the both of us
The closet top open and the shillet went a flyin' me I hit my head and kinda cuss

But most of all I frowned when she calm that I said
Put the sugar to bed put the sugar to bed
Ain't nothin' dry but my railroad watch the salt got soggy but we still can budge
We built a fire for the coffee and we chicory fed
Cause me and boudleaux put the sugar to bed
Me and boudleaux put the sugar to bed

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Cash, Johnny Put The Sugar To Bed Comments
  1. Chris J

    Hang the lantern from the ceilin' and watch yo' head...

  2. superyouper

    I wonder if anyone is singing this in Florida today with hurricane Irma breathing up their backs.?


    Same thing today Oct. 8, 2018 on the Gulf Coast

  3. Harris Mcmillan

    Strangest song but so euphoric 👍

  4. Harris Mcmillan

    Ha class 👏🏻

  5. SrDan17

    Putting nickels in the jukebox, getting drunk in " The Prospect Hotel " just before Vietnam called ! 1966-67 !

  6. Brian Summers

    When I was 8 yrs old after hearing this one, my dad nicknamed me Poodlo. I'm 53 now, and he still calls me Poodlo.

    Chris J

    Actually it's Boudleaux. After Boudleaux Bryant, the songwriter.

  7. Joe Bartle

    @50sJohnny o ok, haha

  8. ILOveOldies

    lol no no i dont think so, mama maybelle wrote it! :)

  9. Joe Bartle

    @50sJohnny you sure it isn't some sort of innuendo for something else, it seems so random to just mean putting the sugar away

  10. ILOveOldies

    yes, johnny and his friend are on a boat and a storm comes and they have to hide all there supplies away.

  11. Joe Bartle

    I love this song but have no idea what its about, does anyone have any idea?


    He is telling Beudeleux to secure everything so it don't get wet. There are signs of a severe storm coming. "Put the sugar to bed" means to lock every thing down. They made coffee using chicory.

  12. calamity jane

    all good all good.

  13. Angela Dodson

    I love this!! The guitar distortion is so unlike Johnny's other songs, and the song is just so random and fun. I'm glad someone posted this on here!