Cash, Johnny - Paul Revere Lyrics

In April of 1775
This great nation started comin' alive
Ol' King George didn't like it one bit
So he proceeded to throw him a royal fit

He told his generals better get 'em back in line
Make 'em pay my taxes now America is mine
Stop that Independence cops before it gets around
Or it'll gonna be hard to hold them rebels down

Well the King was talking bout the men like Paul Revere
And the minute men who held their dream of Independence dear
They kept their eyes on the British they watched 'em day and night
They knew very soon they'd get their chance to stand and fight

Yes they knew that the British would get movin' any hour
So they arranged a signal in the Northern Church Tower
Paul was watchin' when the tower showed a light
And he started on his midnight ride

He jumped on his horse hoofs started a hummin'
He screamed out his warning redcoats're comin'
Better get your guns and your fightin' britches on
They're comin' and they're eight hundred strong

Next mornin' at Concord and Lexington town
The spirit of freedom turned the redcoats around
When we praise the men who made this mighty nation we have here
Then let's remember Paul Revere yes let's remember Paul Revere

I guarantee you somethin' and I wanna tell you all
That we never would've been here if it hadn't been for Paul
Yes sir I surely doubt us ever bein' here
If it hadn't been for that man on that horse named Mr Revere

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