Cash, Johnny - Locomotive Man Lyrics

I got a gal in Dallas, I wave at when I go through
I got a gal in Tulsa, that I toot my whistle to
(Say how do)
I got 'em all over the land, I'm a locomotive man

Left my heart in Omaha Omaha, and I never did quite get it back
I got a Sue in Sioux City, waitin' by the railroad track
(Keeps her money in a 'tater sack)
I got 'em all over the land, I'm a Locomotive man

Well, I left a little switch engine, 'bout forty miles south of Bangor Maine
Couldn't keep the wheels a turnin', shouldn't try to pull my train
I got 'em all over the land, I'm a Locomotive man

Well, I had a gal in Jackson, and it sure broke my heart to turn her loose
When I checked my time and moved on, she's hooked on my caboose
I got 'em all over the land, I'm a locomotive man

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Cash, Johnny Locomotive Man Comments
  1. Standa 81


  2. Sinan Sinan

    Was it intentional to make the guitar sound like a horse galloping

  3. Atrux1

    The girls "sounding" like a steam locomotive are... brillant! :D

  4. kettch42

    Locomotive man is a slut.

  5. Liviu Stefanache


  6. Bob Sch

    Cooles Lied👍

  7. Menno Vanderbooren

    No doubt, this is Johnny Cash and no one else.

  8. Steve Coronado

    Best Cash song!

  9. Brad Cubis

    I'm an n gauge locomotive man

    Darth Severus

    Ah, a man after me own.. I'm already dabbling in N, but I primarily do HO.

  10. Brad Cubis

    I'm the n gauge locomotive 👨

  11. PreGame

    Am from Sweden love this man and his voice am 24 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪😁👍🥳🍺🍺🍺

  12. PreGame

    Am 🇸🇪 24 this is awesome

  13. mi55coo

    Johnny Cash knows exactly what life is all about..God bless the man


    im a locomotive engineer

  15. G. B.

    Choo Choo

  16. mow4ncry

    I never heard this one but as a rail guy love it.

  17. Brasilian Rose


  18. Olivia Grace O.



    Olivia Grace O. No u

    kyle shorty

    Well if u are get work u train jump on rails u got job to do stop dreaming do it

  19. Christopher O'Rourke

    I used to watch the Johnny Cash show on WPVI channel 6-Philadelphia when I had lived in Newark, Delaware on Wednesday nights in 1969, 1970 & 1971. The ride this train feature on the show was the best part of the show and Johnny Cash's songs about trains. I travel by Amtrak trains when I travel long distance.

  20. Scotsman 4472

    im a locomotive man

  21. Craig Hollister


    Kenny Dobbins

    I would put headphones on and open a can of Dr Pepper, as I don't drink alcohol.

    Carol Ziegler

    Whether the train is
    Trains have wheels

    Darth Severus

    Pull up a chair next to the tracks, open up the cooler and enjoy a few Pepsi's as the trains go by and you jot down the running numbers and wave at the driver!!!!!

  22. Trevor Jones

    Had this song on an EP A few years ago now. Not sure what the other songs were but I think one was Five feet High and Rising, No doubt in my mind that this Johnny Cash. Just a thought for those people who think this is not the Man in Black.

  23. Arkansas Red

    I checked the link, and there plain as day it says the composer was "J. Cash". Like I say, so much for the knowledgeable people at House of Cash. I understand Rosanne was going to record "Tennessee Flattop Box" and was surprised to find when they did a check of the composer that her dad wrote the song. "...I guess things happen that way".

  24. jolioguitar

    look at the link in the description

  25. Wyatt Scott

    Great country train song - old fashioned by modern standards but as good as it gets. Cash used to close his show with a medley of Orange Blossom Special, Wreck of the '97 and Casey Jones which was highlighted with great train film on a huge screen above the stage long before the age of digital. Johnny Cash was The Man!!

    Christopher O'Rourke

    Wyatt Scott my favorite Johnny Cash songs are about trains & railroads. I travel on Amtrak trains when I travel long distance. Train travel is the way to travel, relaxing, you see a lot of the country & great scenery, can talk with other passengers, don't have to fight traffic & put up with the hassle of flying. The only way I will be flying is on Trans Pacific flights from Los Angeles to Manila, Los Angeles to Honolulu where you have one other choice and that's working you way across the Pacific Ocean on a merchant freighter.

  26. Arkansas Red

    I called the former House of Cash in Nashville once, and asked them where I could get a copy of this song. They informed me that Johnny Cash never recorded this song. It was recorded by Johnny Seay who sounds like Johnny Cash
    . Johnny Cash not only recorded this song, but he wrote it. So much for the knowledgeable people at the House of Cash.

    Kenny Dobbins

    It was even on the Heart of Cash album.

  27. Kaisackl

    Where can I get this Pic in the Video?

  28. Wino

    I forgot how good Johnny Cash's voice was. He's got this one nailed.

  29. Leonardo Riva

    Que temasoooooo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    Kenny Dobbins

    What does that mean?

  30. UCSPanther20

    I can imagine blasting this one in the cab of an ALCO RS3 diesel electric while hauling a trainload of lumber east of the Rockies...

    Sudrian Signal Man

    Fuck that, mikado heavy freight any day for me

    Darth Severus

    @Sudrian Signal Man
    Ah, you're both wrong, lads- it's in the cab of an LMS Fowler's 3F "Jinty" pulling a rake of "blood" coaches!!!!!


    That was oddly specific...

  31. HeroicMonster93

    130 now lol

    Larry Reigell

    Always johnny cash

  32. Bad Omen

    I love this!

  33. TheBl7nk

    Com' on lets see if we can get this song up to 100 likes... just 3 more to go

  34. PoetryETrain

    Thank you, this has been added to our playlists here and on facebook, thanks thanks,...

  35. König Ludwig

    I like this railroad song - but he did many better ones !

  36. Miranda Lemke

    lol I thought I had heard all his songs lol boy was I wrong

  37. øystein X

    he sure can sing

  38. ling1114

    this is original

  39. Jeff Stein

    He is the 'Locomotive Man'

  40. ExpatBlues

    one of the best CASH EVER!

  41. calamity jane