Cash, Johnny - Hiawatha's Vision Lyrics

On the shores of Gitchgoomy by the shining big sea water
Hiawatha old and greyin' listened to the older prophet listened to lagu
And the young men and the women from the land of Ojibways
From the land of the Dakotas from the woodlands and the prairies
Stood and listened to the prophet heard lagu tell Hiawatha
I have seen he said a water bigger that the big sea water
Broader than the Gitchgoomy bitter so that none cold drink it
Salty so that none would use it
Hiawatha then spoke to them stopped all their jeering and their jesting
And he spoke to all the people
It's true what lagu tells you for I have seen it in a vision
I have also seen the water to the East to the land of morning
And upon this great water came a strange canoe with pinions
Bigger than a grove of pine trees taller than the tallest tree tops
And upon this great canoe were sails to carry it swiftly
And it carried many people strange and foreign were these people
And white were all their faces and with hair their chins were covered
Then said Hiawatha I beheld a darker vision
Many hundreds came behind them pushed their way across our prairies
In our woodlands rang their axes in our valleys smoked their cities
Our people were all scattered all forgetful of our councils
Left their homelands going westward wild and woeful
And the man with bearded faces the men with skin so fair
With their barking sticks of thunder drove the remnants of our people
Farther westward westward westward then wild wild and wilder
Grew the West that once was ours

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Cash, Johnny Hiawatha's Vision Comments
  1. qvistus82

    Holy shit, this is powerful.

  2. chrisjaybecker

    This album and Marty Robbins' Gunfighter Ballads are the best Western albums ever recorded.

    Robert Kennedy

    chrisjaybecker You should listen to Johnnies albums “Bitter Tears” it tells the story from the Native Americans view.

  3. Derek Watts

    Greatest country writer and performer EVER!