Cash, Johnny - Gone Lyrics

I'm on the hill by Friscio Bay
Hawaiian winds blow my past away
There's a freighter there that is southern bound
I'm on my way out of this town

There's Alcatraz and the man that has
Bills love and pills and drink and wine and song
Stand in line and fight and wind and roam
Kids and yard and I'm a man that's tired and gone

There was a time when things were good
We had it better than we ever should
But things got hard and love got old
I got tired and love grew cold

There's Alcatraz and the man that has...

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Cash, Johnny Gone Comments
  1. Paul Kowalski

    well written song

  2. Ron Patrizzi

    too sad 4 a comment rest in peace

  3. Truth Cerum

    never heard of this johnny cash song until they played it after my uncles funeral. We're all gonna go soon, so spread the love and enjoy yourselves. could today be your last on planet earth? enjoy the game

  4. Claudia Laverack

    This has been a favourite for many years - Love it

  5. arinvests

    Never heard this, but like it, Thanks for posting ~ Arthur