Cash, Johnny - Busted Lyrics

My bills are all due and the babies need shoes,
But I'm Busted
Cotton's gone down to a quarter a pound
And I'm Busted

I got a cow that's gone dry
And a hen that won't lay
A big stack of bills
Getting bigger each day
The county's gonna haul my belongings away,
But I'm Busted

So I called on my brother to ask for a loan
'Cause I was Busted
I hate to beg like a dog for a bone,
But I'm Busted

My brother said, "there's not a thing I can do,
My wife and my kids
Are all down with the flu
And I was just thinkin' about callin' on you,
'Cause I'M Busted."

Lord, I ain't no thief, but a man can go wrong,
When he's Busted
The food that we canned last summer is gone,
But I'm Busted

Now the fields are all bare
And the cotton won't grow
Me and my family's gotta pack up and go
But I'll make a living, just where, I don't know
'Cause I'm Busted

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Cash, Johnny Busted Comments
  1. Nevada 524

    The song of america today


    Without even knowing it, Johnny Cash invented Outlaw Country right here!

  3. Mandrake de Angelis


  4. Kevin Murphy

    Song of my life lol

  5. deneilbaker

    Is that a harmonica or harpsichord? Or a guitar... I cant tell. It’s only on the album version

    John Good

    Autoharp actually, played by Mother Maybelle Carter of the Carter Family.

  6. rachael-jayne Reeves

    My life theme song.

  7. Jonthan Hoffman

    I sang this song while in rehab in the fields it was hot days in that sun ,God I miss the wife and daughter

  8. Kevin Wilber

    This is real music


    Bolsonaro nosso presidente

  9. wittner82

    nessuno crede in me celentano

  10. Sumanta Nandi

    Please listen to me

  11. AncientSlugThrower

    Never heard the second verse until now.

  12. Samuel Beumer

    I'm busted, too..

  13. Melvin-Thomas Bendele

    This is reeeally 'country music' that hits the heart.

  14. Daniel Holecek

    nazareth does the best cover

  15. Mariapia Cozza

    Johnny cash discografia

  16. Ariooo

    Johnny Cash is the only country music I'll ever listen to

    Admiral Good Boy

    Ari marty robbins is a good legend check out his song el paso


    C'mon man listen to some Hank

    Mandrake de Angelis

    are you joking? And the eagles?


    For me, Elvis and Waylon are the besy country singers!

  17. travelfoxxxx

    821 people are busted...Lord I'm no thief! But a man can go wrong when he's busted...

  18. peter leone

    a song about president DONALD TRUMPS AMERICA

    Randomguy 220

    I dunno it looks good now

  19. Lau

    Matanza! 🤘

    Fallout Assassin75

    Lau :3 Johnny!🤘

  20. Emili Rodrigues

    Matanza 💣🌌

  21. Ric Ancira

    Preach, brother Johnny!

  22. davi pereira

    Matanza :)

  23. Dean Murray

    been there

  24. Ralf Conrath


  25. David Fabian

    Good version I just like Ray Charles version better.

    Kenny Dobbins

    I like this one better.

    Zach Ramey

    David Fabian That's a good version but like the minimalism of this one better.


    To each his own.

    melron Have both together!

  26. itzfixed

    Busted sucks,thats universal,and generational wisdom

  27. Leonardo Fernandes

    Love this song. Matanza made a great cover of this song

    Fallout Assassin75

    Leonardo Fernandes No... Not really

  28. r l

    lol that's pretty sad that some random guy sitting in an office somewhere has that much effect on you. The president doesn't do anything, it's all just a puppet show. Get your shit together and quit blaming it on other people.

  29. ruel benoit

    i am french but i am also busted thank you francois

    John Costello

    Fuck you french fuck

  30. Glen

    Johnny's voice is at its best and deepest here.....

    Fallout Assassin75

    Glen Listen to 25 minutes to go... It's deeper then this

  31. Alec Wendleman

    yep, this song is about me. 


    I love this songs. going to miss him.

  33. tannishan1

    It's Sony Music Entertainment and I think it's a copyright thing...

  34. Angie Ferens

    Good song funny but it is so true for so many people.

  35. Rasoir983

    whoa! That's me!

  36. JPcelticfc

    What is SME? And why won't it let me watch this in a playlist :/

  37. Lagash1973

    Great singer and meaningful song! =)