Cash, Johnny - Big Foot Lyrics

But the land was already claimed by a people when the cowboy came and when the soldiers came.
The story of the American Indian is in a lot of ways a story of tragedy,
like that day at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

Big Foot was an Indian chief
Of the Minneconjou band,
A band of Minneconjou Sioux
From South Dakota land.

Big Foot said to Custer,
"Stay away from Crazy Horse."
But Custer crossed into Sioux land,
And he never came back across.

Then Big Foot led his people
To a place called Wounded Knee,
And they found themselves surrounded
By the 7th Cavalry.

Big chief Big Foot,
Rise up from your bed,
Minneconjou babies cry
For their mothers lying dead.

Big Foot was down with a fever
When he reached Wounded Knee;
And his people all were prisoners
Of the 7th Cavalry.

Two hundred women and children
And another hundred men
Raised up a white flag of peace,
But peace did not begin.

An accidental gunshot
And Big Foot was first to die;
And over the noise of the rifles
You could hear the babies cry.

Big chief Big Foot,
It's good that you can't see
Revenge is being wrought
By Custer's 7th Cavalry.

Then smoke hung over the canyon
On that cold December day.
All was death and dying
Around where Big Foot lay.

Farther on up the canyon
Some had tried to run and hide;
But death showed no favorites,
Women, men, and children died.

One side called it a "massacre,"
The other a "victory,"
But the white flag is still waving
Today at Wounded Knee.

Big chief Big Foot,
Your Minneconjou band
Is more than remembered here
In South Dakota land.

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Cash, Johnny Big Foot Comments
  1. Bob Sch

    Best voice

  2. niccolo

    America is a stolen country

    John Sydney Wright

    No it is not...thers was no nation called America here back then in fact,no sovereign Indian nation existed either. The tribes were self governing, and fought countless wars against each other. My question has always been, who was here when the Indians migrated down? I cannot believe that the gigantic part of the North American Continent, where the US is, was TOTALLY uninhabited??


    @John Sydney Wright Try googling the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. The Council of the Three Fires. The Iron Confederacy. The Aztec Empire. The Mayans. The Inuit. Indigenous peoples have lived on Turtle Island for thousands of years before 1492. The warring colonists from Spain, England, and France then split the continent into Mexico, US, and Canada.

    Why do you think that battles fought between Natives would de-validate their history? Their warrior traditions are nothing like the European traditions of Total War, Colonization, or Genocide. European nations have fought much more disgusting wars amongst themselves for thousands of years and continue to do so.
    You've failed to prove any point. Your Nation-State is not God.

  3. Kelly B. McDonald

    Love and Light as a Lightworker and Psychic Surgeon, many times I have enjoyed this album, I would like to ask, and please don't misconstrue, my question as a leading question, but why was the last song Vanishing Bread, with Big Foot? With Much Love, Lightworker and Psychic Surgeon - Kelly

  4. grassic

    This isn't history, the oppression of the Native population goes on today, white society ignores it and the Government perpetuates it.

    Suat Güzel

    You are whrigt. My folk beeing died evereyday ( Kurdish People

    Z D

    @Suat Güzel He's talking about Native Americans of North America i honestly don't know anyone who cares about kurds


    Yup, hundreds of years of broken treaties. One of our great shames.

  5. Sandi Davis

    Thank goodness Custer finally got his in the end.

  6. Ryan Coxx

    great song and a true Story.