Cash, Johnny - All Around Cowboy Lyrics

Just a broken down cowboy all down on his luck
He's been through the best of his friends
On a long lonesome highway and an old pickup truck
Crossed Texas with a hot dusty wind
He was all around cowboy 1959 from the top it's been a long way down
Since the whiskey and ladies started winning his time
They rode him high and hard to the ground
But he remembers the thrill of bein' a winner
And the feeling of bein' a beginner in the days of his first rodeo
But there was something about winning that didn't last forever
But tomorrow it's bound to get better he'll be the all around cowboy again

The windmills're turning on the west Texas plains but he's dry as an old river bed
He's just like the dust that's a searching for rain but he knows he'll be ridin' again
So he rolls up a smoke and he sips his Old Crow
Whipes the whiskers that cover his chin
He grins as he dreams of the next rodeo to be the all around cowboy again
But he remembers the thrill...

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Cash, Johnny All Around Cowboy Comments
  1. Cookie64

    HMMMM, never saw him perform this song live ... it's from a great CBS-album 'Look At Them Beans" from 1975 ... what Show was this?

  2. TheBl7nk

    love this just from readin' the title... jr cash is a legend... R.I.P

  3. skeetabix36

    Great tune. Was this performance from Hee Haw?

  4. mick j

    Never heard it either. Thanks mate