Cash Cash - Sandcastles Lyrics

What started out as a secret,
Turns into an addiction,
To cover for it all.
The doctor said it's mental,
And there's nothing we can do,
But tell her that she's beautiful, in every way.

I can see that the best surrounds you,
The best defines you,
And we all know it's true,
You're sick, and you're starting to look thin,
I wanna scream, but I'll never make a sound.
I can see that the best surrounds you,
The best defines you,
And we all know it's true,
You're sick, and I'm starting to think twice,
But I don't know if I'll ever make a sound.

The food could not stay long enough,
To settle in those veins,
It would come up through her neck,
And leave her feeling thinned.
The only medicine right for her waits on the kitchen table,
But she never believed in medicine anyway.


There's some things I don't think they know,
And I don't know if I want to know everything that you do.
'Cause we have problems and we try to hide them,
A killing silence that's eating its way through,
We just can't wait.


You had a secret and you tried to hide it,
We all denied it, what we all knew was true,
'Cause you're sick, and you're starting to look thin,
I should have screamed, but I never made a sound,
I never made a sound,
If I could take things back, I'd sing my lungs out,
And try to make a sound.

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  1. Skywars Pro

    2020? XD

  2. Strayfu

    main theme of half life 3 xD

  3. Squishy bub


  4. OverClose Vfx

    Good Song 😗

  5. Darren Time

    still here <3

  6. dj Hager games

    Im here

  7. Temptation

    This brings back so many memories from 2016, one of the best years of my life 😍🔥

  8. sarah risis

    2019 amo essa música 😍

  9. Itz GLXTCHY

    Whenever I think of Adam Jenson I think of mankind divided

  10. Purple Konrad713


  11. habibi

    Bruh I remember loving this song 2 years ago and it got brought up in my head and I couldn’t remember anything about the title and it’s finally clicked a month later

    poreddy jeevanreddy

    same as me

  12. Nana Amosa

    Who else is here because of Dolan twin imagines ❤️

    Graysons Wife

    Nana Amosa OMG YESS

  13. oMohqmed


  14. Hedas

    2019 🤩

  15. Maimai biri

    If you need a software to check your goddamn writing, you're a bad writer, fuck sake, damn thing is everywhere.

    Tupacs Left Nut

    Maimai biri those are two different sentences you joined together. you shoulda put “If you need a software to check your goddamn writing, you’re a bad writer. Fuck sake, damn thing is everywhere.” Maybe you should become a good writer before you tell others how bad they are.

  16. Cry Chicken

    It's cool!+1👍 Keep up, buddy 😊❤
    When you have time, come to see my music channel I would like to have your opinion.🎧
    Bye! CC

  17. Aditya Shrestha

    Deus Ex : Human Revolution

  18. The Fat Boy

    Severo is king, i want him back

  19. Gregori Alexandre

    LInda musica

  20. fuad freak

    better than the original tho XD

  21. Cameron Papski

    2019 anyone?

    just me? ok.

    Cristina Marques

    Voila here i am

  22. Denisa 12eat Let’s eat12

    Oh my god I love it it’s been to freakin years 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. Cavell the foxxo

    How nice

  24. Cavell the foxxo

    A song named after me

  25. Wilsom Williams

    Who is here from squidrito s vid about dribblers and George Best?

  26. zEliteEpic


    Best song evah

    Mayrose Krause

    I'm in 2020

  27. Wind

    2019... Anyone😪

  28. Vero Tiger


  29. Messi Comps

    I'm only here because no one has, or ever will want me

  30. It's Bass Boosted

    This vid has 5x more views than the original

  31. Hậu Ngô

    Drop start at 0:52 :v

  32. Lorena Vela

    That's my beat

  33. Loupxario_

    Ilove a vu à loco

  34. Sen Junx

    This chipmunk shit between fucks up the whole Song.. Sad

  35. Tymek720

    Anyone in 2019!🔥🔥🔥



  37. BESTI4S ツ


  38. Goobert Froobert

    Butchered the song.

  39. Fagouri Ghizlane


  40. of the deat



    2019 ladies and gentlemen?

  42. footiecyclo

    I fucking hate the lyrics but the song is so good

  43. bikitoria

    late 2018 anyone?

    felix olofsson

    Keep coming back to this song because of Severo, met him the day before they published this remix:D he has so much talent and is very young

  44. Vashist Dhanani

    Who’s watching in December 2018?

  45. danica Bintas

    Good song

  46. son youngmin

    Holy shit madafaka

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    I made a 1 hour version come check it out if your interested!😆😁

  48. DarkMoon376

    Anyone from Yhitta music?

  49. Creepypasta Addict

    0:33 how this song instantly became relatable

  50. _.mxsaki._

    wow. hes singing the story of my life. i just broke up with my gf. my mom died. and seariously no1 wants me.

  51. Banous Haderi

    Only fucking 11m? Fuckk who else from 2022?


    Yeah I am in 2022


    @DarkMoon376 Im 2023

  52. B1022 Gaming

    2018 anyone? Have an amazing day if your reading this!

  53. Redfield

    I never asked for this

  54. Lukemazo

    2018 november

    daisy seigler

    Lukemazo me

  55. zkathiii

    I Love it

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    o my god

  57. starship 4000

    I was dancin hard!!! the musical mattress had to ruin it but it was good!!!!!!!

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    2021 enyone?!?!

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    no views since 2016, Sad

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    me encanta esta cancion

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  62. joa1


    this is not trap

    it's future bass


  63. Akuma_FemaleDevil

    1:52 - 2:44

  64. 13th Drop

    First song I ever heard from Adam Jensen was this remix. Just got back into him and had to listen to this

  65. Yodabear

    i like the song, but the lyrics are a little dramatic... not all of them. when he says "No one wants me" its just... ugh. look at all these people around you, dude. alot of people want you. hes practically being rude to his fans. its a good song tho... that one lyric bugs me is all

  66. CloudGrandpa

    Sad and beautiful

  67. zack McKee

    I thought the drop would sound like the part at the very beginning

  68. SDAN

    Old but gold...

  69. Jeandson Valcacio

    Brasil 2019 da Like

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    I don’t think this song will get old to me, anyone else agree?

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    gotta love the background

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    I get so hype & happy when i listen to this omg I love it!!!

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    Anyone from the Dolan Twins Imagines because I did🎉❤😊

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    Haha... Remember when I just sit in the dark and thinkin' about this useless life
    Loneliness is a fuckin' suffer

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    Who is still listening in August 2018??

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    LOL! Look that wallpaper is awesome! LIKE

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    This song describes my life man I feel kinda bad

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    Can we take a moment to talk about this absolutely AMAZING background..? ♥Q♥

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    It sounds good at 0.75 speed

  85. Courtney Richardson

    This song reminds me of dolan twins imagines

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    Emotional, beautiful, inspiring... A perfect boost for the day