Cash Cash - Interlude Lyrics

Money can provide countless benefits
Security and a well balanced meal
A new pair of sneakers
It should be used to create and enable the positive growth of mankind
And the world around us
Money can also lead one into the vie and depravity
Remind oneself what is most important
Regardless of its power and appeal
Cash can not replace friendship and family
Joy and happiness

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Cash Cash Interlude Comments
  1. sonicmike1995

    so what, is this just a mix of their songs or something, and other stuff, etc.?

  2. SixxIsTheMagicNumber

    Why did they do this?

  3. IloveMusic0220

    @cheerlovergirl Oh cool :)
    But, how do you know that Alex put all this together?

  4. Leah Albino

    this is oddly entertaining

  5. Ashley R

    @taboojam it sounds familiar but I can't come up with the name...

  6. Lydia Meyer

    this is awesome!

  7. Luc Baller

    fail song

  8. Yurie Tago

    anyone know the song starts at 0:13??

  9. NeoGrayFox

    what about the song at 0:10 ?????

  10. GlamBalam

    @TheLordScraffy Yea, I was looking for new bands and ended up on their myspace and was like wait I've heard that song before..

  11. Dave Jasim

    damn, I searched the entire web!! you won't find it - they aren't famous enough! so Thank you very much =D

  12. fallingformusic101

    ahhh i really wanna know too haha

  13. G P

    wat song is playing at :10 and :13?

  14. Harley~Rose

    it's just random mixing that they do. actually a lot of bands do this.... quite a few of my favorite bands do this.

  15. Kara S

    does anyone know the song that is playing at :10?

  16. GlamBalam

    I know the song at :19 is "I left alone" by "Hollywood Ave!"

  17. GlamBalam

    What's the name of the song at 0:15? Anyone know? Thanx

  18. Beaudine Stillebroer

    Like zelda or something

  19. xeNduRaNcex

    umm when they're saying "yeah yeah yeah" it sounds like the part when forever the sickest kids sing yeah yeah yeah in hey! britney.... thats probably not it but....

  20. LizetM

    I want to know which song is the one @ :34! :D