Cash Cash - Dynamite Lyrics

I never knew myself enough
And let it get the best of me
22 years late but now on time
I won my war and now I'm fine
You're still here but barely whole
You never seem to take control
You're truckin' through the years alone
Just to find me waiting here still by your side

Light me up like dynamite, don't need a hit when I'm with you
Fall into my bed, don't fight a little love to get you through

Always knew you'd stay the same
But I'll tell it straight, I'm done today
Cuz I missed it once, can't miss it twice
I'm not giving up this chance, this one last dance

Light me up like dynamite, don't need hit when I'm with you
Fall into my bed, don't fight a little love to get you through
Light me up like dynamite, don't need a hit when I'm with you
Catch a breath for the last goodbye
We're setting off with something new
(we're setting off to something new)

Look and you'll find something simple deep inside
But you never take the time, let it breathe, give it time

You don't need the rush to ease the pain
Just take the cards and play your game


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Cash Cash Dynamite Comments
  1. Bung Yusup

    Just me on 2020 .

  2. Khois K

    Hello I'am from Indonesia , damn I love it when I hear 1st on 12 y.o 2012 and now 2020 , the cruel of time so sad

  3. Kucing Kelainan

    This song make my life colouros at my young

  4. HollyWoodStar2000

    Man my middle school self loved this group so much. Good times

  5. Diego Pasha

    Man this I miss this kind of beat...

  6. IndigoBeats

    THIS SONG IS LEGENDARY!, oh i miss the old cash cash so bad :(

  7. とっとこハメ太郎

    今のcash cashもいいけど、バンドだった頃が好き

  8. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    Back when CC wasn't EDM bullshit. I stored listening to CC cuz they went all techno and shit. But their older stuff will always be good to me. But sadly they lost a fan once their newer stuff came out.

  9. PuFFcorn

    best song of Cash Cash !

  10. Muamar Fahmi

    never gets old :D

  11. HollyWoodStar2000

    Wow listening to song brings so much good memories.

  12. Giofanni Rahman Dhuha

    Would love to see they remix their old songs, it's like going back to high school.

  13. ri mo


  14. SouthernDippin510

    "Don't need a hit when I'm with you"

  15. Tùng NguyễnThanh

    i like music

  16. Jessica Salgado

    i miss their old music 

  17. chiz mccain

    @PepsiOithaa nce :D

  18. Nika Jonsen

    OMFG ilove it *-*

  19. SonicItachi

    listen to "Reach for the Stars" by them, its a theme to a Sonic game, but it got me into the group so, check it

  20. Harbor Carl

    i know ppl say this a lot somethimes but if cash cash & kesha did do a collab i think tht it would b so good tht the world would explode!!!!

  21. jessy95xxlol

    LUV U GUYS <3

  22. JakRizen2

    First song I've heard by them. Not bad, not bad at all.

  23. alanangeles91

    @natyourockiloveyou cool (-__-)

  24. alanangeles91

    @natyourockiloveyou I dont really care.I just comment and say what i think.big deal.

  25. Grace

    <3 <3 <3

  26. alanangeles91

    @Shadygurl27 ahhhh u just contradicted ur self I thought u said there was freedom of speech. what ever happened to that?

  27. alanangeles91

    @Shadygurl27 ??? ok that was awkward. just bcs i don't like what u like doesn't mean im a hater. In that case ur a hater too for hating on me...hypocrite.Stop killing ur self over a damn youtube comment life goes on.Big deal!!! ......they still suck though.

  28. alanangeles91

    @Shadygurl27 How can u compare parents w/ a crappy band? i don't understand ur analogy. I can care less, ppl might hate music i like and I still don't give a fuck. And if you are bringing the 1st amendment in that case I can say this band is a piece of shit.Btw i can care less is u love them w/ a passion.

  29. alanangeles91

    @Shadygurl27 is terrible to me. Does that make a difference to u? does that give you the right to troll anyone on the web? I

  30. chiz mccain

    @PepsiOithaa you gay‎?

  31. breakingmyheart43


  32. alanangeles91

    @Shadygurl27 what just bcs i dont like it? fucking idiot.

  33. Jay Alford

    @redrocket7373 I thought I was the only one !!!!! hahaha. You can get A LOT of good music by just going to Hollister lol.

  34. Clwsfan864

    how the hell is Justin Bieber so famous, when you have real talented people right here??

  35. Emily Van Dam

    they live half an hour away from me[;

  36. Ren

    @sonicfan164 Me too!

  37. Mike Dyke

    jammin chorus.

  38. Cecil Finney

    i think cash cash mention the game on purpose to piss people off xD

  39. alanangeles91

    this is terrible.nuff said.

  40. Noway Imgivingmyname

    I <3 this!! Truly amazing. :D

  41. Parker

    @robs693x Which one?

  42. Stephanie Reed


  43. maria moreira

    i luv this song ssssoooooooooo much<3

  44. KatrinaAllen

    omg the chorus sounds like jls kickstart
    but this is a really good song!!!Ox.

  45. Kara Hoffman

    best song ever? mhmm(;

  46. hank miltoad

    such an amazing band :)

  47. ChrissiDropsDead

    It's amazing ♥

  48. neguita17

    yeeaah! theey are the bestl.! *_*

  49. ImmortalAgent

    Look and you'll find something simple deep inside

    But you never take the time, let it breathe, give it time

    You don't need the rush to ease the pain

    Just take the cards and play your game

  50. Victoria F

    i love it !!!! SO GOOD I LOVE THIS SONG YEA YEA ! LOL

  51. Andre

    Ca$h Ca$h is badass

  52. Mauricio Vargas M.

    i love cash cash from the very first time tht i listen the songs!! the lirics are awesome!!!

  53. Alêh Rocha

    simplismente os melhores....
    estou viciada nessa musica...e em CASH CASH

  54. emr141

    their songs are the best!! They seem to have the best lyrics! I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it.

  55. Nini Soto

    there's not one song by them that i dnt lk! i think it's impossible!

  56. Meghan Asbell

    i love this song live!! <33

  57. chichick99

    is a hit like drugs or what? i forget.

  58. Malika Blaylock

    Im in love with song

  59. Chelsea Davis

    this is too cute lol

  60. emopunkrocker

    um for one if u add someone from a band on myspace it's not the real person it's someone else pretending to be that person just thought I'd tell you hehe

  61. Stephanie

    They were in England a few weeks ago

  62. AnnieBee

    ahhhhh im gonna marry them alll!!!!!!

  63. tyler citera

    Cash Cash ;)

  64. Ziggy Gottschalk

    I love this song :)

  65. iBabySky


  66. John Jones

    this song and sugar rush are their best songs :)

  67. siebrieze

    wow i heard the song your love and party in your bedroom and all of their songs are frikkin amazing! :]

  68. HollyWoodStar2000

    I finally found there album it was at hot topic. haha

  69. inuyashatruebride

    its funny because i have never even heard of them until like three mins ago and now i love them lolz

  70. Vanessa

    whats this for a music direction ?
    good :)

  71. caymi miller

    i love this song so much i just started listening to them i love their song

  72. Sarah Grimes

    I was so there next to you then ha, because I touched him too. Manchester academy yes? :)

  73. skranaway

    lovin these guys! im gunna go see em at WARPED!! 'o9 :D

  74. nguyenstar

    If joo do good stuff to my comment i will tell my brother to upload more vids!

  75. mjacob10

    this is the best song
    everrr, thanx

  76. Jessie Ikhbold

    i know they play 3oh!3 ALL the time over and over and they cant play party in your bedroom once?? lol but i request it as much as i can anyways..
    oh and the station is called The End in Sacramento, CA (the one closest to me)

  77. xBlackCatx

    i saw them last year, omg! they are amazing

  78. Ben N

    in michigan

  79. Ben N

    same here but on the 31 lol

  80. famoustaco69