Casey Veggies - Get Through Lyrics

[Intro - Dom Kennedy:]
Niggas talking about they one of us
I'm like, nah he just runner up
Large T's gotta give these hoes a summer cut
APCs with a pocket full of hundreds

[Verse 1 - Dom Kennedy:]
Name getting bigger
If there's somebody else, name me a nigga
Built my whole life from the bottom you can spot em
The whole city know where I stay if it's a problem
Yeah, I put it on the map
I don't be talking rap nigga I be talking facts
Tweet that C.V where you at, damn

[Verse 2 - Casey Veggies:]
Back in it, fast spin it
I got my weight up, they mistaken, must of had spinach
I just spit that shit out like bad dinner
You sucka niggas got punked, yeah Ash Kutcher
We breakin' trees down, Tarzan
And this twitter chick on me tryin' to meet me in person
Them hating niggas fly and try to see what they can prevent
But they just get tangled up, like hair yeah MURS shit
And nah nigga I ain't disrespecting him
That's just how I get attention and let niggas know I win
My motto full throttle I'm Picasso with a pen
My dreams like 3D and I don't think they ever end

Baby where you from? Where you wanna go?
I be doing me I just thought that you should know
I swear I've been tryin' to find a way to get through
To you...
Swear I get it in yeah I get it in
If you roll with me, that's with me [?] we gonna win
I just keep it real, I ain't gotta front
And now I got it all baby tell me what you want

[Verse 3 - Casey Veggies:]
Yeah I swear I should go now
Most these niggas actin' I should start a show now
I be on that real shit what most of y'all don't know now
So I stay to myself, and keep it on the low now
I be shaded up, yeah I'm shaded up
Strictly bout my bucks stay up out my face nigga I don't trust ya'll
I ball like Chris Paul
The shit he did in highschool was so damn raw
I came in proper a young nigga's hero
Them old niggas respect me, you young niggas zeros
But let me slow it up, don't forget what you know
When you losing in life and you don't even grow
A few divas two seaters close to these hoes
New sneakers, fresh creases, horse on my clothes
I just killed the game no remorse that's how it goes
You gotta play your lane my nigga and pick a role


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Casey Veggies Get Through Comments
  1. Jalen Daniels

    Wow, what an absolute throwback! Used to be obsessed with this

  2. Larry Tate

    still fire!

  3. Purple Filth

    cant go a month without listening to this hidden gem

  4. Mike Mill

    Casey remember me meek mill they are geminis

  5. Ahmon mcclennon

    Put be in good mood

  6. Tiffany Nicole Finks


  7. peanuts17

    Gettin' love in Atlanta ;) amazing work on this!

  8. Jordan Walls

    MY SHIT .


    Dom kennedy is amazing on this song and casey veggies is always good

  10. UrbanDinosaurs

    No, the producer's name is THC.

  11. armarm1212

    hol up lemme light the blunt with a dislike

  12. Aaron Kiju

    Seriously ahaha

  13. Aaron Kiju

    He'd laugh in your face

  14. JussEnt

    sigh...u gna jinx it dude :/

  15. 김치오이

    I love this song too much omg! no homo lol

  16. burnt olive

    this guy is amazinggggg wow

  17. Dr Wumbo

    my friends said MF Doom, Tupac, OF, and casey suck, there were no surrvivors

  18. Nino Brown


  19. D1431


  20. AJx408x

    this shit needs to be made into a video, quick. swag.