Casey - Doubt Lyrics

For all of my noise I am nothing more than a sensitive child.
I'm sorry, I'm tired, guess I haven't slept in a while.
It's hard to be honest with myself,
But I should have been honest with you.

Of all of the flowers I planted, doubt was the brightest to bloom.
I never had too much to offer to you.

So lay me, restless, inside the cage that my body will make
Of my bones as I slowly waste away.
Sorry, my Darling, I'm still so afraid
That the flowers you've grown on the grave of our love
Will remain long after my memory fades.

I promise, someday I will make up
For all the mistakes I have made.

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Casey Doubt Comments
  1. Brandy Olofson

    Does anyone want to call me and cry on the phone with me?

  2. simulatie

    0:53 wow...

  3. Fonz Carr

    This song is on repeat and I never get tired of it

  4. Marin Tuckwell

    This track is beautiful

  5. MattysEdits

    this has become one of my fav songs

  6. RainDog 44

    holy feels