Casey Donahew Band - Your Gone Lyrics

Now the air turns colder
I wish that I had told her
Everything I know my heart should say
Ive been lying here thinking,
Been up all night, Ive been drinkin
Wash my sins away with a bottle of Jim Beam
I wanted to call but I waited
She's gone and I hate it
Everything I know my heart should say

I will spend my days thinkin about forever
And how the days go by so fast
And I just wanna scream so loud
That the walls tumble down
And I just wanna run so fast
I forget the past
And I just wanna breathe the air
Well I know you still care
But you're gone, you're gone

Well I've been sittin here lonely
She's still my only
Sold my soul and I got nothin in return
Sit and stare off to no where
I close my eyes and she's not there
Everyday I know just seems so dark

[Chorus 2X]

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Casey Donahew Band Your Gone Comments
  1. Daniel Catoe

    To all my xs that are gone eat your heart out bitches and know it ain't happening

    Daniel Catoe

    And that is to all you bitches

  2. Corbin Hulsewe