Casey Donahew Band - Lost Days Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Well its been a long time since I seen you around
and when was the last time you laid a foot in my town
my doors still open and you know the way to my place
and I still spend all night long dreamin about your face

I roll out of bed with you in my head
and I spend my time thinkin about what you said
wish I knew what I put you through
well I'd love to see you if you wanted to too
but if you don't call it will be ok
cause I've got a heartache to get me through the lost days

[Verse 2:]
my friends have saw you when you were walkin down main
you been in town three days haven't called I'm goin insane
but I still remember we'd get high and love all night
but I still wake up alone till the dawning of the light


And everything I do just seems so wrong
and you been gone now for so long
and everyone around here thinks we're done
but I still feel the pain with the rising of the sun


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