Casey Donahew Band - Kiss Me Lyrics

Never seem to be alone.
Can't find a stepping stone and,
This went better when I played it in my mind.
And there's a silence in the air,
Don't you know how much I care?
Don't you know that you're the reason that I dream?

She said, "I've been waitin' on you to kiss me.
Waitin' on you to make your move.
There's a window open to steal my heart
And I'm waitin' on you to kiss me."

It's all these little games and;
I hope you feel the same.
I've lived my life afraid to never to know the truth.
She said "Don't walk away, I need you to stay.
If you want, you can wrap me in your arms."

She said, "I've been waitin' on you to kiss me.
Waitin' on you to make your move.
There's a window open to steal my heart
And I'm waitin' on you to kiss me."

Waitin' on you
Waitin' on you
Waitin' on you to kiss me.

I've been waitin' on you to kiss me.
Waitin' on you to make your move.
There's a window open to steal my heart
And I'm waitin' on you to kiss me.

Waitin' on you
Waitin' on you
Waitin' on you to kiss me.

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Casey Donahew Band Kiss Me Comments
  1. Tori Alexander

    I love this song

  2. C-Lo Borden

    I'm ready to see him at the Texas FFA convention Monday!!!

  3. Leah Jordan

    Great song ♡

  4. Kennedy Luttrell

    Yall he came to my school today

  5. Jon Simiron

    this is one of my favorite country singer, and i bought tickets on your concert in Wild West Cedar Park on December 29, I will sing alone all your songs, especially this one

  6. Garyn Roe

    Thanks for making my school dance amazing with this song!!


    Uh they look like Sam and Ruby from supernatural.

  8. fiakarolina


  9. Justin Y.’s Evil Twin

    This song is so underrated I feel like

  10. Zeke Montgomery

    Cool. Luke Byran new single

  11. Willie Mobley

    the bar he is playing in is Billy Bob's in ft worth I see him there every year

  12. Kyle Boise

    only 3k subs and only 1k likes? what is happening?...

  13. KG Marcxs

    Best person ever

  14. Danny Castillo

    dam this song I love it Casey donahew your a genius

  15. Gusponch88

    just found out my mom dated him in the 6th grade. it was in 1989 in burleson and she wrote "my babe" next to his name in the yearbook. i have proof if you want it


    I wanna see, I think that's cute 😘😘

    adam nova

    proof bitch.


    my mom and dad both went to burleson too...she graduated in 86 though..

  16. Eastwood007x

    Magnificent. I can't sing your praises highly enough. It's high time the people in Nashville decide to cut the corporate country loose and embrace something else. As far as I'm concerned guys like Casey and Chris Stapleton are the proud inheritors of the genre once defined by men like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. The sound isn't quite the same but the good feelings are.

    Benjamin P Barrett

    Eastwood007x very well put. Your exactly right!

  17. txglitter

    Great song. I do agree with some of the other comments that this song has a different feel, not bad just a bit more commercial. It does still have Casey's very unique voice. It is understandable for the group to want to "Make it big" but I know those of us who followed them around Texas to small bars and venues and loved Texas Country back when people would say "what is that?' Will always hear the difference and will probably always like the "old" stuff best. With that said, this is still better than anything else I am hearing out of Nashville. Good song. I will always LOVE CDB. <3

  18. dweller inHisShelter

    ....and I've been waiting on a performer like this!!! This album is perfect in EVERY WAY!!! Thank you!

    Billy Willy

    dweller inHisShelter has to become more of


    I've seen him and met him and the band several times and I have to say he's one of the best concerts I've ever been too! :)

  19. Brian Bieker

    Awesome Album - keep the songs coming !

  20. Anthony Quintanilla

    Song will blow up just give it time


    Well, it's been over a year and a half. So, I think it's safe to say that it won't blow up. It's catchy and radio friendly, but it's almost a game of chance to get airplay nowadays. Much of it has to do with finding the right connections on Music Row in Nashville. Texas country artists have a reputation of being content with the Red Dirt scene, so Nashville has largely been ignoring them. Plus, Music Row likes to call the shots of what should trend. It took Aaron Watson several years to finally get a hit on nation-wide country radio.

  21. YC Lindsay

    Is it just me or are the lyrics and his mouth way off

    Michael Price

    YC Lindsay just you

  22. Matt Likes

    Why do these assholes in the video look like they're in love already?

  23. Josh Webster

    Just watched them live a few weeks ago. The best live performance I have ever heard. He sang this song and I have been hooked on it since.

  24. Broc Van Tassell

    I've been a long time fan of the band, been to many concerts, and know the lyrics to all the songs. This album just doesn't feel right to me. So in the nicest way possible..I'm looking forward to the next album.

    Katie Christopherson

    I agree! My husband and I have been fans since the beginning but I'm just not feeling this album. I miss their older stuff.

    Christina Topics

    I agree something just doesn't sound right. I'm a huge fan of theirs. it sounds more Nashville to me.

    Zach Ambrose

    Broc Van Tassell because he quit drugs and alcohol.

  25. Josh Musilek

    I think it's time he has a chart topping single and a lot of radio play!

    Connor Burkhardt

    That's how I came to find this song. Heard it on the radio.

    travis clack

    Josh Musilek glad there not mainstream I feel they might sale out Casey donahew band is bad ass there old stuff really good

    Taylor Hack

    travis clack ss I was Casey Donahue stuff is good so shut up and listen because he is my favorite country artist

  26. Kyle Greenlee

    Love the video. Love all your music man! Can't wait to get a chance to come see you live sometime. Keep up the great work. Your music really inspired me to pick my guitar back up and get back into writing songs. Love the way you just lay it all out there and I annoy most of my friends because at a party any time I am in charge of music you can bet your ass were jamming to casey donahew non stop! We love ya up here in the Bakken oilfield in North Dakota!

    -your biggest pipelining fan.

  27. Isaiah

    Hey brother I don't know where you been but it's great to hear a new song from you. Been listening since 14 I'm 18 now