Case - I Won't Cry Anymore Lyrics

Girl I got good news
They won't see me cry any more
I won't have to weep cause we separated now
And what about these tear drops
Oh girl, they're gonna leave
You've got no loving power
Forever lasting, hanging around me
I know I'm through with crying
I shed a million tears
No happiness as we parted
It was all in love
Cause all I got to love you girl
Is understanding what a foolish beginner, that's me
You know that I won't have to cry
I forget you for too long baby
Now I know
Can't you see me closing the door
Cause darling
I guess there's someone else who's willing to fall for me
That now separates me with love
Separates memories too
And though all the peace I find is when I'm thinking bout you
Here's what I won't do
I won't cry
I won't cry no more
For your satisfaction and your peace of mind
You still got that love power over me

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