Cary Brothers - Things We Saw Lyrics

Heart and mind, just let go
Wasting time, talking with ghosts
Please don't you forget those things we saw
Please don't you forget those things we saw
Sacred sounds, but not quite real
Worn me down, this static symphony
Remember the words that we made bold
Etched in blood and now exposed
Please don't you forget those things we saw
Please don't you forget those things we saw
Hold me, losing light
Hold me, all this time
I adored you
Please don't you forget those things we saw
Please don't you forget those things we saw

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Cary Brothers Things We Saw Comments
  1. Winchescumberholland

    Eli died so some stupid bitch named after Sam and Dean Winchester could live. Only to find out she wants to rule. Honestly hate her. She twists everyone's words, when Josh was in the pool and when they were in his apartment. Honestly

  2. ragazzino

    I love so so so much

  3. I post content isn’t it obvious

    Rip Eli he will be missed

  4. Christopher Ibanez

    When josh looked at sunset and saw little Eli 😂 flip him off as a last goodbye that hit me hard .....

  5. Bluebird

    I feel like the moment everybody started to like Eli was when they played that Pokémon match. But it was too late. I feel like it's a general thing that happens in life, just as something becomes good, it's gone.


    Pow tinham que fazer essa musica legendado PT BR

  7. ana marlen garcia pacheco

    Lets save Daybreak!

  8. The Moronics

    Dont like me
    Just give me a comment

  9. James Steigerwald

    I can’t believe Daybreak isn't being renewed for season 2 :(


    it wHAT?!

    James Steigerwald

    @Pheonixx_Art yeah..apparently it wasn't making enough money


    Sup Turds ? 😭

  11. João Marques

    RIP Eli

  12. Monte Davis

    I cried like a baby back bitch when Eli died he didn’t deserve that he was a good kid deep down

  13. Nicole Cardoso

    "my IQ level is Gucci"


    Stop it 😭😭😭

  14. Nicole Cardoso

    Eli was the BEST character ever
    'sup, turds?

  15. Grenade Man

    He didn’t deserve to die 😭😔 Rip Eli

  16. Sweats Clan

    Eli was my favorite character in daybreak and I cried when he died why Eli he was funny RIP Eli sup turds the better Baron Truimpth

  17. Eric Silva


  18. Pete Madrona

    "Dude, Mavis is a mannequin"

  19. Mahendra.K

    To all those new here, Cary’s a legend.

  20. Hypnotic Skull

    I will so use this in a movie if I make one. Just look for a movie called either Ghost, or Human in the future

  21. Hypnotic Skull

    Right when I started to fucking care for Eli!!!

  22. CloverThing


  23. William Terry

    The one thing Eli got that wasn’t a knock off was probably the best death song in the series and a friend. ‘Sup turds

    Sweats Clan

    Yes my favorite character irl I cried

  24. Ethan Fajardo

    Sup turds

  25. Rachel Quinn

    I'm probably never going to be able to listen to this without crying T_T rip in rest, Eli

  26. Shomari Gwad

    RIP eli😓😢😭😭😭

  27. Crystal Lamboy

    Poor Eli 💔

  28. Crystal Lamboy

    I just had to hear this song from daybreak and must say I need this on my play list ❤️

  29. Yeetus Deetus

    Rip Eli 😥😔

  30. Jonathan DeLeon

    This song helps me get over my sad days when I’m just deeply depressed and heart broken idk why just everything about this song just helps me get by my sad days. It’s truly a great song

  31. Mari M

    Eli 🥺😭

  32. clem

    Fuck Im sad about Eli, but I fuckin love that his last words were, "you dont wanna mess with paranormal Eli, I'm terrifying as shit." Iconic :')

  33. Sara Alifa

    MY IQ LEVEL IS GUCCI 💔 Eli come back pls :(

  34. Dee Jay

    Eli brought me here... didn’t think they’d kill him off like that man😔😔... goodbye turds”🖕✌️”

    Dee Jay

    Janine Aloot yoooooo thx u‼️‼️this dope yo💯hella crazy

    tridentst6 _

    Janine Aloot who’s instagram did u see it on

    Janine Aloot

    devgrust6 _ igregkasyan bruh


    @Janine Aloot They recently canceled season 2. Turns out the show will not make a return, sadly.

    Janine Aloot

    @Chicken10ders oh no. im dead!!! 😱😢😢


    Why did Eli have to go? 😢

  36. Person Named person

    “You don’t wanna mess with paranormal Eli” this scene had me ugly crying this is the first show or movie I’ve ever felt so emotionally ThE FUNNY ONE NEVER DIES

    Carson Hall

    Ikr. I honestly didn't like Eli that much. He was adorable but a bit of a pest. But as soon as I saw the blood that opinion changed. Even Josh cryed ಥ~ಥ


    MY MANS ELI 😭😭😭

  37. Jojiey Jix

    RiP ELI - DayBreak

  38. MoiseyAro31

    I’m glad Daybreak brought me here. Keep up the great work, man!

  39. Infurian -_-

    Okay, the only way you could have known this is if you were on set when they filmed Eli's death. Editing shows takes a lot of time, especially if they are good shows.


    What are you talking about? He edited the title after he gave permission for them to use his song and the show aired? How is that hard to understand haha

  40. Josue Pineda

    Daybreak liay :,(

  41. Skrr r

    Wow at the start of the show I wasn't expecting it to be so sad, I thought it would be a comedy, although the show it's really small, everything in it hits you like u were that person doing that action, this is probably my favourite show and it will stay like that forever

    Rest Well Everyone Who Died!

    You will be remembered 😕

    Ps:I just need to say how good the songs through out the series are even if I dont listen that much to these type I love all of them

    Random Streams Lol

    I know right, I fully agree

  42. Desmond Doss


  43. Lou Saucy Sauce

    I thought he was joking. Eli didn't deserve to die man. He didn't deserve it. They were just starting to bond. They were starting to become bros! Why?!😭😭😭

    Janine Aloot

    😭😭😭 i get sad when Eli "died" and the music they played while he was dying made it sadder.. like damnn bruh u breaking my heart 😭

    Scotty Smith

    @Janine Aloot same i feel the same way i loved eli

    Random Streams Lol

    I know right! But what if it's Shmuck Bait...

    Sweats Clan

    Yeah I cried irl

    A Are Verma

    I think eli didn't died...he just faked his death🙁
    I hope it's true😭😭😭

  44. Fractured Frame

    Eli didn't deserve to die
    If I spoiled it for y'all then sorry

  45. Victoria Johnson

    Eli Noooo!😩😭

  46. The Inferno

    Rip Eli Cardashyan

  47. Emircan Kaya Eken

    RIP Eli from Daybreak
    I really am surprised when I saw the views. I thought it would be at least 1 million or something.


    ha it's just getting started so we'll see :) welcome to the reality of indie music.

    Fractured Frame


  48. Lorena Felix

    the singer's tone reminded me a lot of that of finneas.

  49. yt-xsteamprimerx

    OMG I will love this song forever

  50. Tom EVANS

    R.I.P Eli

  51. Jaehak Park


  52. HUGO

    What how did you know in 2018 that day break would use this song ?


    Netflix/Daybreak probably had to get permission from every artist to use their music especially if its copyrighted. They probably were making the show in 2018 and the corey brothers knew because they used their song.


    @Devon you killed the magic :c

  53. deadfaver101 Vlogs

    Rip Eli

    Fractured Frame

    He didnt deserve death

  54. Jose Enrique .Martinez


  55. Nicolas Whiting

    Daybreak brought me here.

    deadfaver101 Vlogs

    Nicolas Whiting sane here

  56. Y0R0I

    This song is so beautiful and it hits the right spot in my heart!

  57. Vitoria Fidelis

    'sup, turds?

    Vitoria Fidelis

    @xXShadowTheCat63Xx :] me too :(

    Sweats Clan

    Idk why but Eli is my favrite character from Daybreak I cried when he died

    J.M Esterly

    I hated him for so long, and all it took was one scene to realize that he was just a scared kid, growing up as screwed up as the rest of them

    Carson Hall

    "Don't tell me that"
    *makes sad ghoulie noises*

  58. andrearko 93

    I love this song, from Italy

  59. j00Ls j.

    I adore everything about this videography. And you have my forever support for your music and talents 💕

  60. Hala Bk


  61. Haya Ba

    Why on earth isn't this man famous yet ?

  62. Halloween Happy

    I will forever treasure your music!!!!!!

  63. Fora Bozo

    Amazing 😍😍😍

  64. chris blunt

    Hermosa canción, no cabe duda que su esencia de música es única 🙌🏻👌🏻desde que los escuche, deseo que el mundo conozca la buena música y esta es un ejemplo 👌🏻 ... la sinfonia 🙂, La Paz que te transmite, varias cosas al mismo tiempo 🎼 CaryBrothers- les deseo todo lo mejor de los éxitos y gracias por crear música cómo está, ya muy pocos hoy en día crean buena música “arte” 👌🏻🎼😉

  65. Gab A

    Love this song and all of the songs from you. Hope you get what u deserve and so much more. Hugs from Brazil.

  66. Sonic Soul

    I love it, a duct-taped iphone to a window and you make a bad ass lyric video, love the grass roots creativity! Keep putting your amazing music into the world Cary!

  67. CocoNut

    This is stunning! Music, lyrics and Cinematography. Creativity at its best!

  68. Johnny Walsh

    My man,this man was huge when I was experiencing a horrible drug habit and withdrawal.
    Couldn't sleep,sick,tired,hopeless.
    I found Cary Brothers, especially,Blue eyes.
    Much respect,and thank you.


    that means the world to me. i just put songs out in the world and pray that they connect. thanks for sharing your story, brother.

    Johnny Walsh

    My pleasure ;)

  69. 2minstral

    Well done Cary Brothers, added to the World United Music playlists including best music of 2018

  70. Jéssica Silva

    Loved this song 💕