Cary Brothers - Take Your Time Lyrics

I think I said all I can say
Using up all my potions and spells tonight
You will find out when you pull through
That I fought too
So take your time close your eyes
I will be there here with you
They may be right I may be foolish
But I will wait for you
Skin is so pale I see through
Bones are like glass they won't let me touch you
Pray to the sky I wanna see a proof
Why'd he choose you
So take your time the odds are high

But I believe in you
They may be right I may be foolish
There maybe some design
But I will wait for you
I am here to fight
For only love decides
I am here to fight
For only love decides
I am here to fight
For only love decides
In the morning light
I will wake to find you
Opening your eyes.

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Cary Brothers Take Your Time Comments

    one of my favorites songs..thank you for amazing inspiration

  2. Mahendra.K

    Cary Brothers brought me here ♥️

  3. Odette Manlove

    Feels right for Bonnie

  4. Mone Alhaje

    2019 ❤🙏🏼

  5. Lovleen


  6. Leigh Parker

    Nice vid. 💙

  7. Fernando Garub

    Só quem amou verdadeiramente sabe o poder dessa música

  8. Lovleen


  9. Teresa Bohack


  10. venice kibtiani

    I just found this song ❤❤❤
    and I like it !

  11. Suzanne Griffith-Wright

    Beautiful as always!

  12. Tinkerbell music

    i like this song. the voice.

  13. mgoodwi1

    Does anyone else cry when they hear this song?

    Spring S


  14. amani amani

    nine muses Hyuna anyone?

    Maria Jose Martinez

    Yeah, i got you. ;P

  15. machoo

    out of all the tvd soundtracks i like this one the most cant wait for season 6 in october.

  16. kyssed1

    I come back regularly to this song on youtube and have it on iphone-  the only word I can describe is spellbound-  that is the feeling I experience because the lyrics touch deep on many levels for me as I suspect it must for different people in terms of what is going on in their lives- regardless of if it is waiting with patience and love for someone you care about- being there for a friend who is experiencing loss, etc.  It touches on an intimate feeling of just giving of self to being there for someone.  The message is clear and hopeful-  regardless of how the chips fall, I will catch you- you are not alone and you will get through this- and you are loved.

  17. Conor McLaughlin


  18. musicforhumans


  19. Jamia Coates

    They r right i am foolish i am stuped for falling in love with u but i will always wait for u nd i will always LOVE U NO MATYER WHAT 3

  20. Kok Hoong

    They may be right, I may be foolish, But I'll wait for you. Love it.

  21. Brandon Sparks

    Always love ur music bro Cbros :D

  22. WILDCHILD21081

    I listen to this song ... and all i do is think of how much i love you .... and never being able to tell you in words ... I'll wait for you ..... i feel like damon from VD... in love with someone who doesnt know what he wants ... me or her . if's it meant it will happen ...

  23. naibunuuni

    I brought myself here

  24. QuAkEr OaTz

    Got into Cary Brother's music when I watched Kyle XY. Glad to see he is keeping the tradition of letting people discover him through TV shows by making nice and easy to chill music.

  25. Louloulaskateuse

    Delena for ever !!!!!!!!

  26. Morrison Cunanan

    @mykh100 i have it!:)

  27. amzyangel92

    The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill brought your incredible music to the ears of millions... and I can't thank them enough.. couldn't be happier for you guys :) <3 x

  28. ladydelishxx

    first tvd and then oth!awesomness...

  29. Dimitra Karaleftheri

    one tree hill

  30. Amanda Killen

    love all of Cary's work. Ride is one of my all time fave songs. Keep it up Cary you rock!

  31. spemka

    My best friend brought me here, LOL XD and this is soo amazing <3

  32. Ramsi

    amazing shows, with amazing soundtracks, help me discover amazing new music! not radio TV SHOWS!

  33. przypillow

    @jessemac4ever2593 lmao I hope so :D of course TVD has a lot of great song stuff! :))

  34. Xsmeraldo Rose

    so far this is my favorite track of the vampire diaries .. GOD i love TVD season 3 has been really amazing lots of awesome story lines and were only on the 6th ep this season is gonna be GREEEEEAAAAAAAT .. thank you vampire diaries <3

  35. przypillow

    heyy im still waittin for the moment when elena and damon kiss damn :((

  36. Sam

    come on it's Cary of the most talented artists in the last years

  37. shabz

    good music bought me here!!! vampiress blehhhh :P

  38. CaryBrothersVideos

    @mykh100 yeah, 99 cents on itunes :)

  39. madeinheavenx

    @annahill99 It was during a Delena scene.

  40. Gamer 'Nuff Said

    Ahhh the lyrics the lyrics the LYRICS ARE PERFECT!!! "In the morning, I'll wake to find you. Opening your eyes." DE TOTALLY EPIC!!

  41. aika860

    Damon and Elena scene... ah... ROMANCE...

  42. Sweeteyes610

    The Vampire Diaires brought me here and I love it!

  43. 2minstral

    Great song Cary! 8O)

  44. Anna Hill

    ...featured on TVD?!
    Sounds like a song they would play when Elena gets all emotional when she locks Stefan up. But it's a beautiful song, so my fingers are crossed that it's not during a Stefan/Elena scene.

    And this totally made my day! It's a wonderful thing to wake up and find a new Cary Brothers song.

  45. Sara Dis

    love it. simple but just enough to listen to.