Cary Brothers - Supposed To Be Lyrics

I never thought I was wrong
I never thought I was scared
I always thought with my heart
But never thought I could care

What was it you said
About the sun always shining on me?
What was it you said?

I was supposed to, you were supposed to be
This is the part where you can come back to me
I was supposed to, you were supposed to be
It’s in the silence, it’s an attack

I walk the places alone
Where you and I took a dare
Where only lovers can turn
A circle into a square

What was it you said
About the sun always shining on me?
What was it you said?

I was supposed to, you were supposed to be
This is the part where you can come back to me
I was supposed to, you were supposed to be
This is the silence, it’s an attack

Come around
Sometimes everyone lies
Come around
Hold on ‘til you find it
Come around

I was supposed to, you were supposed to be
This is the part where you can come back to me
I was supposed to, you were supposed to be
I was supposed to, you were supposed to be

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Cary Brothers Supposed To Be Comments
  1. Micko Black

    Damon and elena vampire ❤

  2. Micko Black

    Caroline and klaus diplome ❤

  3. theresa jenkins

    Can I just say that vampire diaries always chose the best music for every moment in this show so beautiful!

    Enzo Martinez


  4. Lisa Mariani

    È la canzone della mia vita...l'adoro....❤❤❤

  5. Matthew B

    Memories will not forget when it first aired I wonder how many people were cheering or mad at this scene 😁

  6. Lisa Mariani




  8. Radhika Karambelkar

    Delena feels❤️😌🥀

    Enzo Martinez


  9. Mnerh MJ

    Stelena 💔

    Enzo Martinez

    This is Delena song but yeah I miss stelena too

    Mesho 0

    منيرة ؟

  10. Bishal Raj Biswas


    Enzo Martinez

    Why that face??

  11. Pan of Neverland

    2019 anyone?

    Enzo Martinez

    Right here, miss TVD so much...😢😢

  12. Oliver Richard

    Klaroline all the way

    Enzo Martinez

    This song has nothing to do with Klaroline...😒

  13. Ana Vitória Cardoso

    Stelena is love you coll ❤️.

  14. Fernanda Souza

    Não canso de escutar essa música

  15. unknown girl

    crying rnnnn

  16. Ananya Kulkarni

    S/o to my fellow Klaroliners

  17. Haise Ken

    This series is so beautiful yet epic... At first it seems like its a love story but it isn’t. It is about family love.. brother love..

    Joey Peppers

    You're absolutely right ... Horrible hearing people talking The Vampire Diaries is about relationship. In fact, this is about the general 'LOVE', love of family and of friends ...


    1:45 “I’m in love with u And I’m not sorry for it😭😭”

  19. Manuela Paredes

    And I'm not sorry, but I'm in love with you! I love you Damon. I love you.

  20. TVD Delena


    Floflolove 88

    yeeeeesssss 😍😍

  21. ana BANANA

    I'm ship stelena

  22. ana BANANA

    Stefan and elena delena is bad i hate delena

  23. Good_ Gamer_1000000

    Good musick

  24. Zainab Fadil

    Delena 👏❤❤.

  25. Nancy Tobey

    It ended as it should have! Elena truly does love Stefan, but, she is "in Love" with Damon! Her feelings for Damon kept growing, where her feelings for Stefan just never reached that level of an all consuming love! Yes , I know the books ended differently, but, from the beginning , I could see that the chemistry of "Delena" was just so powerful and definitely all "consuming" it had to be! It's 2018 and I still get misty eyed listening to this song! The Vampire Diaries will always be my favorite series! Thank goodness for Netflix, we can still relive what was an "EPIC JOURNEY" OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

  26. Macky Cupcake


  27. Aanchal Mongia

    I m thinking about klaroline right now due to this song

  28. Maritina vog

    'But I'm not sorry that I'm in love with you. I love you damon🙈'

  29. Viviana Cumberbatch

    Delena ❤😍

  30. Fernanda Morales

    Fer.. Te amo. GRS.

    Fernanda Morales Hernandez


  31. Toni Rogers

    Delena will always conquer ANYTHING! It's the strongest love of all and it should have been Damon from the very beginning. I know I would have picked him!!

  32. Isabelswim

    If you are ever in love with two people, pick the second one. Because if you were really in love with the first one you would have never fallen in love with the second one. This is from Johnny Depp.

    Barbarella Alpha

    and he beat amber up

    Denis A.

    @Barbarella Alpha hahahahahhaha xD

    Carrie LePage

    Tell that to Elena..


    @Barbarella Alpha actually, amber was the one who beat him up. There's over 80 evidence about it.

    Monique Smith

    @Barbarella Alpha It was actually the other way around, and if a girl gets a bruise or two while attacking a guy and then calls abuse because he tried to block her punches or stop her from hitting him by restraining her, that does not equate abuse, that is called self defense

  33. Tati Milena

    Damon trying to bring Elenas memories back <3


    The reason why I love Delena is because it was natural. Stefan and Elena instantly fell in love because the Doppelganger Universe thing. That is why Stelena seems fake and I don't want the universe to get their way all the time haha.

  35. Yasmin Malentaque

    quem é a personagem de vestido vermelho escuro perto do Elijah?

  36. Carlos zoldyck

    Stefan 💔

  37. Charity Rich

    DELENAAAAAA IS FUCKING PERFECTION❤❤❤❤😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍 I will always love them😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍

  38. Julia

    Grey's Anatomy e The Vampire Diares ♡

  39. Lara Dance Cover

    esta cancion me pone sad

  40. Marta Luczak

    Dalena 😍😍😍💓💜💜💜💕

  41. Jazmine Marie

    This is also in the episode where he tells her he wouldn't erase her from his memories. I love Delena 💖

  42. Andrea Sanchez

    Los extraño a todos juntos😭😭😭

  43. Esmae

    Ian and Nina had JUST broken up when this episode aired.. I remember it so well.. =(  But they really pulled it off, even winning a Best On-Screen Chemistry.  =))))

  44. TaeKook SeKai Lover

    Delena!!! Forever❤️️❤️️❤️❤️😭

  45. Victoria Torillo

    remembering the time when elena tells damon she's not sorry for being in love with him. omg, the feels!!!

    Macky Cupcake

    me too i'm SO happy with the choose of her.but Damon trashes this one more of all seasons but elena's not give up of him uf.the perfect final.i'm so badly of the stelena ending.

    Macky Cupcake

    stelena ending 😝 no have a correct sense with elena choose a killer vampire.damon is good in the inside.stefan.not😍

  46. Eduarda Parada

    Delena ❤

  47. Hashyanysh Laboy

    Hola buenos tardes adjunto envió cotización de la factura electrónica en formato de solicitud para que lo mejor es el que no se puede ver en la que me gustaría que me ha llegado la información que contiene el informe que se me olvidó el adjunto te envió un cordial y respetuoso y no

  48. Larissa Botoli

    OMG delena <3

  49. Mats van Dijk

    this song is for delena talk and kiss delena and klaoline talks about tyler klaus started about tyler he can back mystic falls and he is you first love says klaus to caroline and he says lets get out of here becaus for tylers hybrids and stefan and lexi talk

  50. Deena Marin

    i understand that some of you root for stelena because stefan overall was a much better person and was the more romantic type with his relationship with elena. BUT you guys never out in thought that maybe elena didnt know what kind of love she REALLY wanted until she met damon. She even states and thanks damon for giving her everything she ever wanted (obv stefen didnt give her that) she wanted a love that consumed her filled with passion and danger. Stefen is the typical nice gentleman girls fall for (pretty predictabe) but maybe elena wanted something more, which is why i dont blame her falling in love with damon

    Filip Matula

    Deena Marin fuck stelena and delena, Defan for life

  51. Axelle Brechet

    je préfère d'avantage le couple delena👍
    que stelena 👎.


    Trop.. stefan est gentille mais il a pas ce petit truc que damon a.. il est mysterieux on s'accroche au personnage et surtout c'est un peu le gentil badboy

    Margot Dupeyroux

    je trouve aussi je les aime trop ensemble 😍

  52. Olivia Stroud

    Stelena all the way. Stefan never did anything to deserve that. Stefan risked his relationship to save Damon's ass for God's sake. Then was forced to shut off his humanity. NOTHING that happened after that was his fault. Damon never respected Stefan and Elena's relationship, yet Stefan was able to just let Damon have her because he wanted his brother to be happy. Stefan and Elena are soulmates. End of story.

    Mahak Punjabi

    Olivia Stroud Lmao Damon and Elena got married

  53. BabyCece97


  54. Franklin Oliver

    Música épica

  55. videos de todas as series ou novelas

    Delena 5

  56. camiila lima

    Delena 3

  57. Pocket La'dray

    who is that girl in the dark red dress im lost as fuck !

    Aleksandra Doe

    Haha its Meredith


    wow, that looks NOTHING like her! =-O

  58. Sharon Nancy

    Honestly, Elena had to have liked Damon more than Stefan before she turned.  Once you're a vampire, all of your feelings and emotions get magnified... Therefore, her feelings for both of the brothers grew but her feelings for Damon were stronger because she loved him more than Stefan when she was human.  SO THE UNIVERSE CAN BE DAMNED.  Delena all the way!  And for everyone who says that Damon doesn't deserve Elena, I beg to differ.  Haven't you all noticed how much Elena has changed Damon?  He's so much better with her, and that's love.  Have you all also noticed how Damon actually protects Elena more than Stefan?  After watching the seasons over and over (I'm a bit obsessed) I've realized that Stefan allows Elena to choose what she wants to do, and make her own decisions, where Damon does whatever is best for her to protect her.  Although Elena and Damon's relationship is toxic, it's so beautiful and perfect.  I love watching them slowly fall in love.  What a brilliant show.  Oh, and this song is good too ;) 


    Rose Gold Actually being sired does not affect how you feel about someone. Tyler hated Klaus but he still did everything he said. Elena's feelings are magnified more for Damon on her own. And PS if you watched season 6 episode 02 then you will see that Elena was in love with both of them at the same time. She fell in love with Damon in 3×02 when Damon gave Elena her necklace. When you love two people at once...always choose the second because if you loved the first one that much than you would not have fell for the second ;)

    Sir Gil

    Rose Gold Lmao is that what you keep telling yourself? Have you actually been paying attention? Tyler said sure bond doesn’t affect how you feel it’s how you act. Guess that one thing that gave Stelena fans hope got buried after that 😂

    Sir Gil

    Rose Gold Poor you Lmao how does it feel to be so delusional. Quit crying Lmao and learn how sire bond works or don’t learn it at all so you can sleep better not knowing 😂. Maybe you forgot Elena tongued down Damon at that hotel and probably would’ve went farther had Jeremy not come and stopped them

    Nancy Tobey

    It's 2018, and the TV show has concluded. It was Damon in the End ! I loved Stefan and Elena , in the beginning, but, I always knew that deep down , Elena would always follow her Heart and choose Damon!

    Ivce Kipele

    True! DELENA FOREVER <3 .... Remember when Elena kissed Damon in 3x19...She was still human...Sire Bond isn't real.... (sorry for my english)

  59. Roseann Rocca

    My favorite Cary Brothers song!!!!

  60. Sabrina Angulo

    An epic love is what Delena is, I'm so in love with them ♥

    Saad Waheed

    Sabrina Angulo tittlehahogahigati

  61. dy yd


  62. bEEa Carvalho

    Delena ♥.♥

  63. Erica Lopez

    Stelena all the way, Elena, Damon, and Stefan have done pretty horrible things none of them aren't that innocent, and yeah Elena chose Damon a big mistake of her part, but people make mistakes, and you never know this season is going to bring someone else that will come in between Elena and the Salvatore brothers,

  64. Alina Brodway

    But thats just my opinion. i wish Caroline and Claus would get together, honestly they are a cute couple.

    Alina Brodway

    My bad. 

    perwin lyngaard

    +Linh Pham i miss klaroline

    Mary Champagne



    +Alina Brodway it's klaus not claus

    Alina Brodway

    No its Klaus, I've seen the name in the show

  65. Alina Brodway

    It was originally Stefan and Elena. Damon never desereved her. Stefan was the good brother, Damon was the bad. He shouldnt get the girl like he did. Stefan didnt desereve any of the pain Elena gave him.

    Deborah Abigail

    I'm a Stelena fan, but Damon wasn't, isn't and has never been bad. He's done bad things, but hes not bad. And then again, both Stefan and Elena have done some pretty bad things. 

    Shemere Chung

    @Deborah Abigail couldn't have said it any better myself. 

    Weston Rigsby

    couldn't agree more, stefan deserves her. yes Damon met her first. But stefan is the better choice for her

    Eisha Shaikh

    I really agree. Stefan was always there for Elena and in the end, all Elena gave him was pain.


    If he hadn't been too busy obsessing over his revenge with Klaus, he might not have lost Elena. He got cocky, he thought she was going to be there for him always, and each jab he made at Elena, it just pushed her away. He kept shutting that door, while Damon was holding another one open. Damon is always there for Elena, physically and emotionally. Stefan is a good guy, but he can't say the same. Damon may be the bad brother, but he's good too and for Elena. He would do anything for her and doesn't liss her ass like Stefan does. Damon isn't afraid to challenge or disagree with her if it means keeping her alive and happy.

  66. Sophie Elgey

    Wtf how did stefan deserve that pain

  67. Anita Agrawal

    I feel nothing when they showed Stefan's face in the scene, because Stefan deserved that pain. It was an epic Delena scene.


    he didn't deserve it so much.. he admitted he isn't right for her, but before Caroline.. he was so in love with her. He got the girl first, but it was finally Damon's turn to get the girl.

    TyTy’s Channel

    Anita Agrawal I beg to differ

  68. Edge of Eternity


  69. Paula Rojas


  70. D. Reyman

    wheres kathrine in the pic?

    Summer Breaze

    Good question. 

  71. Pocket La'dray

    epic stefans face

  72. Simran Malik

    This song is beautiful

  73. Stephanie Cook

    I have noticed the music too. I think the writers (or whoever) put more thought into the songs they choose for TVD than most other shows. The music is always very poignant and fits the tone and situations perfectly. Kudos to whoever plays with our heartstrings so well every week.

  74. Stephanie Cook

    Such a sad song. Delena had better have a happy ending. Writers never choose to give the girl to the "Damons" of this world, and I'm so sick of it. The bad guys are only ever bad because they've been hurt. They deserve love just as much as the good guys. Speaking of which, I hope Klaus ends up with some small amount of happiness too. LONG LIVE DELENA!

  75. maaike ryckbosch

    Elena needs someone who knows how to have fun, and if there's something Stefan doesn't know, it is how to have fun! Elena needs someone who can cheer her up and let het forget everything for a moment :)

  76. Gracie Holderness

    i loved the scene up until they showed Stefans reaction then my heart broke into two. :(

  77. mnskat

    There is something about this show that sets it apart from other shows and I realise its the soundtrack. Somehow I know that years from now, a part of me will still love TVD, even if it's ended.

    Toni Rogers

    mnskat same!! I will always love TVD!

  78. Gracie Holderness

    Is that Merideth Fell under Matt?

  79. Megan Herondale

    Damon: "I wanted to say I'm sorry."
    Elena: "Good."
    Damon: "I said I WANTED to. But then I realized,I'm not sorry. I'm not sorry that I would have rather have died than spend a handful of years with you only to lose you when I'm to old and misserable and you're still YOU. Because thats who I am, elena, and I'm not gonna change. And theres nothing in this world that mcompasses all the reasons Im wrong for you.
    Elena: "Fine. Then I'm not sorry either. You ave been a terrible person.

  80. Megan Herondale

    OMG DELENAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  81. Stagiaire Rac

    Trop belle la chanson

  82. Tinatin Oboladze


  83. Morgan Yates

    I wanted to apoligise , good , letme finish I said I wanted to but then I realised im not sorry, wait so your saying youd rather die than be human and you exspect me to be okay with that , I didnt say you were supposed to be okay with it I just said im not sorry but you know what I really am selfish because I make bad choises that hurt you yes I would rather die tyan be human id rather die right now than to spend my last final years with you only to lose you when im to old amd sick and misrable

  84. Christine Amyette

    This show seriously has the best soundtrack

  85. elena nistikaki

    But I am not sorry that i'm in love with you...I love you Damon 3

  86. diana nanis

    we're not retarded, show some respect. Now, Damon and Stefan have had many difficult things in every season, both have suffered. It's just that Stefan always got the girl, and Damon was always the second choice, he never felt really loved and that's a different kind of suffering. Both deserve to find love, but truth be told Delena are the perfect couple. Stefan always have been one of my favorite characters and shows a strength and courage different from others. I just don't see him with Elena.

  87. LoveMyMuvee

    I cried so bad on this scene, "Stefan's face showed exactly what his heart looked like being split in two." But then him making sure Damon knew that he was heart broken by Elena's choice. But that no matter what he is still his brother. God! I will always have so much Respect for Stefan and his choices. Stelena is Eternal & Missed :,( <3

  88. Dhor16

    i think it was perfect for what it was: a delena scene where damon thinks they won't end up together, plus a stelena scene where stefan learns that he's really out of the picture by now... and it was beautiful.

  89. David James Lazure

    But you know what I really am? Selfish. Because I make mad choices that hurts you. Yes, I would rather die...
    Fine Then I'm not sorry either I'm not sorry that I met you I'm not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything That in death you're the one who made me feel most alive. You've been a terrible person You made all the wrong choices and of all the choices that I made this will prove to be the worst one but I'm not sorry that I'm in love with you. I love you, Damon. *kiss*

  90. Mahnoor Munaf

    does anyone else notice that the song lyrics perfectly go with Stefan's situation and how the lyrics for this song are probably the worst lyrics to go for a Delena scene? :/

  91. Moises Muñoz

    this song is awesome like the tv show

  92. mary grace leal

    .finally ! what else can i say. this is the time I'm waiting for so long that Elena and Damon will be together. atlast, I'm really happy for them , Damon's hardship are worth it. Damon got the girl, finally !, yesss ! :)

  93. Stelena Lover

    Poor Stefan. I hate Elena. Not because I'm Stelena team, but because she doesn't know what she wants, destroys Damon and Stefan's brotherly relationship. That sucks. I hope that Salvatore brothers one day realize that. I'm sorry Elena's fans, but I just .. hate her so much.

  94. xUnderWaterSirenx

    Can all the Delena fans just sit here for a moment and flail and just jump around and devour the very moment we've been waiting for. <3

  95. xUnderWaterSirenx

    Made me cry, flail and lose my shit. :'D

  96. James Richardson

    Oops! My bad

  97. MrsEloiseCullen

    Yes..There will be a 5th and 6th season

  98. MrsEloiseCullen

    He wasnt miserable the others season..Damon was..So, its Damon turn now to be happy! Go Damon!

  99. MrsEloiseCullen

    Damon Got the Girl..........THANK YOU LORD! ALELUYA!!!!!!!!! DAMON FINALLY GOT THE GIRL!