Cary Brothers - O Holy Night Lyrics

O holy night
The stars are brightly shining
The night of our dear saviour's birth

Long lay the world in sin and error pining
'Til he appeared and the soul felt its worth

The thrill of hope
The weary world rejoices
Yonder breaks a new and glorious morn

Fall on your knees
Oh, hear the angel voices
Oh, night divine
Oh, night the Christ was born

Oh, night divine
Oh, night, night divine

Fall on your knees
Oh, hear the angel voices
Oh, night divine
Oh, night the Christ was born

Oh, night divine
Oh, night, night divine

O holy night
The stars are brightly shining

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Cary Brothers O Holy Night Comments
  1. Tanya Parenteau

    Here in 2019 missing my Klaus 😞 best tv villain ever!! And that episode...OmG!! He sure was a bad ass!! Legacies is just not as good as TVD or The Originals was. Well imo anyways.

  2. Nanna Mary Bernabas


  3. Rochelle Navarro

    I still love this version! Bravo! 😍🤗

  4. Shivansh Srivastava

    Meet you maker- Neeeeeeeklaus

  5. Kevin Lemos

    Finally!!!!! Found this !!!!

  6. Sabine Engelhardt

    Klaus :)

  7. Kehaulani Calizo

    This song is perfect for memories of when your parents u know n your grandma n grandpa u know

  8. Kehaulani Calizo

    This makes me sad about john kenet n emerson

  9. Ronaldo A

    2018? TVD FTW!

  10. Jessie Yales

    This makes me think of the hi light of the show in my opinion when the michaelsons were there

  11. Estarossa

    Algum BR aqui?

  12. 哈乐Romeo

    Always and forever , love KLAUS.

  13. jay rice

    Haley: "If you run now you might make it out alive" *Tyler flees, look of shock and fear in his eyes*

  14. Cássia Carolayne

    Klaus ❤

    Riven A Exitada

    Achei que fosse só eu que escutasse essa musica ainda

  15. XLucifer MorningstarX

    It sounds like he's saying "Klaus was born"....epic...💕🔥👏🏾

  16. Fazntic 05

    Ever Since I Heard This Song During Klaus Killing The 12 Hybrids, I've Been Thinking This Was A Dying Song. Weird, But Thanks! XD

  17. Christe Lee

    Ahh this is my favorite song to lisen to as I slaughter Highbrids to 🙂

  18. Meida Ardina

    I'm not a Christian nor Catholic but I love this song. Thanks to Niklaus ❤

  19. JAN3 JAN33Y

    This episode still made me cry😥 like a little baby 👶

    JAN3 JAN33Y

    Bryan Alarcon vampire diaries when Klaus killed the 12 hybrids
    It was a sad scene

  20. lauraxmna

    This songs reminds me that scene when Klaus is killing 12 much memories about TVD...

    Nanama Owusu

    this song is from that scene

  21. Britt Marinus

    Klaus sexy❤️

  22. spookyjuledun

    Always brings Klaus in my mind... Hell it was great episode!

  23. ysraelc1

    This is the best version I have heard of this song —15 ppl who disliked this version obviously have their ears inside their asses.

    Lacy Armstrong

    I agree with u but its 29 people now

  24. chewbecca giggles

    This is my favourite version of this song


    totally agree

    Lacy Armstrong

    Mine too lol

    Bernadette Leonhardt

    just love it

  25. cinta pahissa

    La mejor versión de esta canción. Fabulosa.

  26. Taylor Moon

    Every time I hear this song I think of Klaus killing the 12 hybrids. and I admit I loved that scene cause I love Klaus and he was such a badass in that scene.

    Sexually Transmitted Disease.

    Except the scene when he kills the ex-mayor of the town. Yes, he is a bad guy bad guys do bad things so makes sence... I guess.

    Pamela Keys

    +GamerGirl Me too, mad chemistry!

    Lacy Armstrong

    I agree to team klaus for me always and forever lmao

    Awuondo L.

    You could feel his blood lust


    Facts I felt that definitely that scene 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Dustin Pease

    Klaus was at his best in this episode.

    Lacy Armstrong

    I love the original siblings but if i had to choose it would be klaus bc he was the first one that i liked until his siblings came later on in the seasons and they all became my favorite.

  28. 8Rincewind

    I'm watching this episode and imagining Cartman from South Park singing this (he sang it in one of the early episodes).

  29. badxboujee

    Bastille Oblivion

  30. Aslıhan Erdan

    i remember Klaus' scene !!

  31. Fredy Malpartida

    Klaus forever!!!!!

  32. Hailey Ayre

    Love the show vampire diaries

  33. Trish23

    LOVE THIS!!!

  34. marisV92

    One of the best versions! :)

  35. Jennifer Johansson

    Love this!

  36. Selaaa92

    ohh night when Klaus was born...

  37. Corrinne Maldonado

    I love this song and Klaus made it better for some sick reason!!

    Pamela Keys

    +Corrinne Maldonado i know right!

  38. prettyshon10

    Thank you, Klaus, this song is ruined for me.


    LOL. This song isn't ruined for me at all, it never could be. But this particular VERSION of the song definitely is! Can't listen to it peacefully without thinking of Klaus ripping the hybrid's hearts out.

  39. Muttalip Kaplan

    fall on your knees oh hear the angel voices <3

  40. Krisxx

    I remember I was at a Christmas carol candlelit service; the church was dark bar from the flickering light from all the candles and the choir sang this song and all I could think of was Klaus, bloodiness and murder lol eerie... the best scene on VD ever!!!

  41. Julia Kruk

    And with Santa Klaus. ;)

  42. Julia Kruk

    I'm in luuuv with this song... *-*

  43. Jennifer Griffithe

    So fitting, for a non human scene. As Klaus said, "beautiful symmetry".

  44. Rimi Costa

    if i hear this during christmas i will think of that scene. christmas will never be the same.

  45. Alyssa L.

    ikr! but i read spoilers and people were saying it might be caroline, elena, hayley, or kat and i was like wtf!! it wouldnt b kat or hayley and DEFANETLY (srry 4 spelling) not elena!!!!!!!! so it would only be caroline

  46. Logan Richard

    It would only by Katherine in a freaky alternate reality, those two hate each other

  47. Alyssa L.

    Damn cant wait till Thursday. Klaus gets his first sex scene. Hoping for Caroline. I hope its not Katherine.

  48. Lê Thái Hiển

    fucking awesome movies ! it's getting better every episode !

  49. Lê Thái Hiển

    Best scene so far on TVD. Full of emotion.

  50. avigayiltf

    glee :)

  51. Elliebet

    These VD producers know how to pick amazing music for every scene!!!:) Definite Kudos for this one!

  52. naRutoxxxhiNata303

    And Elena

  53. More fool, I

    klaus will always be hear because if he dies then so does damon and stefan

  54. KAREN Rodríguez

    Sounds like the voice of Beto Cuevas :) beautiful song

  55. Katie Shepherd

    I love Klaus. He is the best villain. You see two sides to him, this ruthless killer that shows no mercy but then you get glimpses of his more vulnerable sides, like during this scene. He's used to being betrayed and what he said to Stefan about being alone made me love him more. Long live Klaus! The show would lose a lot if they killed Klaus off.

    Racheal Boyd

    Skip 6years later dead 😭😭😭😭

  56. D A

    Like honestly what Stefan said was true what makes them any better than Klaus??

  57. TVDPlaylist

    TVD will never end! Never!

  58. B Erika

    This scene was so sad... I hate that everybody is against Klaus...Tyler and the others should suck it up and let Klaus be! I really hope that he will be in the series until the end of TVD!!!

  59. Jude Halaseh

    because he considered his hybrids as his family ...

  60. Lisabella

    exactly and i thought the music was so absolutley perfect!

  61. Mudenda Katele

    i love so hurt he was betrayed.

  62. Meagan B

    I just love how the producers of this show can pair the music to the scenes so accurately. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOW THEY JUST WORK THEIR MAGIC! <3 VAMPIRE DIARES FOREVER <3

  63. jazminedsc

    Such a powerful scene

  64. Igor Matic

    Klaus - best character ever :)

  65. MajorGarru

    Kluas and dis sound track made S04E09 last scene the most incredible of all its episodes

  66. Bojan Bojovic

    Ok. I-(

  67. Gen Hen

    Poor Guy He's Been Hurt So Much

  68. Angie Kay

    Say another word, and I'll tear out your liver. :)

  69. Krisxx

    Most Epic scene EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was at a Carol Service tonight and when this was played by the Choir all I could see in my head was Klaus killing Carol!!! God I love him!

  70. Justanotherhumanbeing

    Because of you, that's what I hear now too . :3 <3

  71. Delena AlwaysSurvive

    This should be a happy song but then I remember Klaus killing his hybrids and feeling so unloved Nobody loves and trusts him T_________T
    I love you Klaus Mikaelson

  72. Lola Oluwakemi

    Tyler's mom dies to "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by the Digital Daggers

  73. Laura Kaos

    Oh, ok. Thanks :)

  74. clol159

    This scene made me feel sorry for klaus for some reason... He just looked so betrayed and haunted... Incredible scene, and I love Cary brothers! I'm glad Chris mollere featured him :)

  75. BumbleBee8323


  76. TVDPlaylist

    It's already been uploaded. It's called Oblivion

  77. Laura Kaos

    Do you have the song when April finds Rebekah in the coffin? It was really beautiful.

  78. Laura Kaos

    Yours too? I loved it. The music went so well with the scene.

  79. TheBeastEditor13

    yes i hope so! :)

  80. Mac T

    Klaus is a psychopath. He's pure evil. I didn't want the hybrids nor tylers mother to be killed

  81. TheBeastEditor13

    I can just picture klaus killing the hybrids, my favourite scene from the episode :D (Gives me the chills).

  82. venda koagow

    oh my god...
    that amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Felipe Andrade


  84. Ana Crystal Acuna

    Klaus was nothing but amazing! He literally gave me the chills. Oh klaus, you hybrid you. <3

  85. Sofia Cuestas

    Just amazing, little cry over here

  86. Bojan Bojovic

    Nice try.

  87. Bojan Bojovic

    I hope he will kill you. BITCH!

  88. littlestrawberry00

    Surprise! Hayley lied to you, Klaus murdered all of the 12 friend of yours and.. oh I forgot.. your mother is lying drowned in a fountain. Merry Christmas Tyler!:*

  89. Gemma Rose Foo

    I laughed when Klaus did his thing. This song made it more light-hearted. Who agrees? :)

  90. HotChocol4te

    look that watch?v=P0K5oD-5S2o

  91. Aleš Tichava

    Hi, this song plays at 31:25(04x09 part).

  92. Angie Kay

    - where is Tyler Lockwood ?.... WHERE IS HE ??
    - I don't know..
    - Wrong answer.
    This man may kill as much people as he wants, still going to be my baby, Still going to love him. NO. MATTER. WHAT.
    #TRAMKLAUS. :3

  93. karenbee1996

    0:58-1:15 MY FAVORITE PART, It sounds so "KLAUS"

  94. Fheny Kidra

    hmm... Tyler disliked the song... :D

  95. noya aflalo

    This song made the scene so amazing.

  96. Erdal Ak

    i think it is - SDj8ZGBixfE

  97. Katherine Pierce Petrova

    hey ! i want the song when april finds rebekah ! do you have it it ? please reply :)