Cary Brothers - Kick The Can Lyrics

you faked plans
to make rights
choose your end
lose your lies

with a heavy heart
that wants to mend
with a thousand tries
you'll understand…
and kick the can

fools waste time
as moons chased light

with a heavy heart
you know what's next
with steady hands
in our defense
alibis in words you've penned
remember not the fortunes read…
just kick the can

you will turn into the fire and stand
you will realize you can't pretend

wouldn't you like to love
wouldn't you like to love
wouldn't you like to love
wouldn't you like to love

one more time into the fire again

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Cary Brothers Kick The Can Comments
  1. Callum

    Massively underrated song and artist.

  2. Warley Gandra

    One of the most amazing songs of this planet!

  3. Johnny Outterbridge

    Glad I found this song. not on Spotify:(

  4. Nu Nattawut

    love this

  5. Kent fan

    Can't understand the meaning of song

  6. June ribaldi

    This is APROPS   it feels alike a New Year  Muhammad Ali  meant so much to me growing up  and I've been on Memory lane now for a week  straight    This is a New song to me  I  <3  the sounds  and ENERGY   Searching for Lyrics now  Thank you Dear Brother's <3's

  7. Ruthie Rapsody

    Here because of The Night Shift, this is a great song

    Yeah whatever

    I'm here for the same reason. Do you hate Chavez as much as I do? He's pretentiously humble if that makes any sense


    Same here! Finally found it, love the Cary Brothers, too :)

    Ruthie Rapsody

    I like Adam Rodriguez but yes I agree about Chavez

    Christopher Racz

    Does anyone happen to know the outro to the show? or is this it?

    Nazish Iftiaz

    hey hey what a coincidence! So am I :) You know, I'm very happy to know this is the very 1st comment. I saw episode 15 of Season 2 today (I've already seen it, but just love to watch it over & over again), and I have never cried as much as I did today for other scenes or specifically this one (though I've seen it already).

  8. Cine Clips

    bella cancion 

  9. Adam Withers

    Possibly my favourite Cary Brothers song to date. 'If You Were Here' and 'Belong' are close competition!

  10. Tatiana Pires

    Just perfect !:)

  11. Tammy Davis

    WOW, Loving it on Repeat! Always & Forever loving Cary Brothers!

  12. Nicole Morris

    Amazing song!

  13. ashleyd1879

    LOVE this! The change toward the end after the last chorus is great. I needed some new Cary Brothers in my life!

    Nicole Morris

    I love it!


    Thought you'd like it.

  14. jbabs10

    An amazing song, once again! Love your music!

  15. sunshinexbabie

    this is really beautiful. I think it might be one of my favourites from you yet. Thanks for sharing :)