Cary Brothers - Cool City Lyrics

I left my car parked
In a safe spot
I see the smokers
On the sidewalk
And all the people
And they're just drinking
They're talking some shit
But I'm just thinking

It's a cool city, cool city

It's getting late now
Don't wanna stop it
I stole the lighter
In my pocket
But what's the big deal,
'Bout having some fun?
I won't remember
I left my problems

In the cool city, cool city
In the cool city, cool city

At least I know that I am alive
Dancing wild, jukebox saves
At least I know that I am alive
One more shot, perfect game
Just another sacrifice
From the night
To the day

I'm sorta hazy
About the getting home part
I left my credit card
At one of those bars
I got her number
She was so smart
I'm feeling stupid
At least it's a start

In the cool city, cool city
In the cool city, cool city

At least I know that I am alive
Daylight shines, listen to the rain
At least I know that I can survive
Make last call, do it again
And just another sacrifice
From the night to the day
Just another sacrifice to the cool city

Oh, oh
Oh, oh

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Cary Brothers Cool City Comments
  1. 썅크

    There's a something i can't tell it.just so cold city

  2. Bubbanoob Noah

    You need to do more of music videos where you're in the camera actually moving it's actually really cool.

  3. Rachel x

    Really love your songs Cary brothers! One the only singer that I love almost every songs you have.

  4. Tim O

    Best new song I have heard in 2018. Addictive.

  5. G D

    Beautiful as always !

  6. Leon Shaner

    Sounding GREAT as ever, Cary! Looking fantastic too — like you might be cycling in your spare time. ;-) #ride =D

  7. Eric Foster

    Didn't you recently get married, Cary? And still chasing after mysterious women on bridges. Tsk tsk. :-)

  8. Le Batmale

    The singer looks so much like Ian Hecox, it's troubling

  9. Vinnie Daniels


  10. Crystal Freeman

    Love this song, Cary. Looking forward to the full album.

  11. David Duncan

    Zach Braff has excellent taste in music 👍🏻

  12. Emily Mollinedo

    Yes! Love him! Looking forward to the new album. ❤️👌🏼.

  13. ruba jamal


  14. Borzoni9

    Such a great artist. Can’t wait for the new album