Carter, Grace - Heal Me Lyrics

Same eyes, complexion
No love or affection
Same time, same place
But you don't recognise my face
I'm mad, you're crazy
Treat me like your baby
No change, no change at all

Yeah, I've been through some phases and they've only tainted my view
We got similar faces but I don't feel nothing like you

I'm not waiting for you to cure, you to heal me
I'm not waiting for, for your love
You can keep it
I'm not waiting for you to come back
For you to let me down like that
I'm not waiting for you to cure
I don't need it

Grew harder, found laughter
Found peace in all the cracks, oh
Disaster, I happened
I matter

No, no, you couldn't manage
You saw me as baggage, as deadweight
Now the tables are turning
Our bridges are burning
It's too late
Though the tears are still coming out, I found the courage
There's no hate

I'm not waiting for you to cure, you to heal me
I'm not waiting for, for your love
You can keep it
I'm not waiting for you to come back
For you to let me down like that
I'm not waiting for you to cure
I don't need it

Taking me back to the way we were
'Cause of you, I know what I deserve
Always the cause when I lost my nerve
No more

I'm not waiting for you to cure, you to heal me
I'm not waiting for, for your love
You can keep it
I'm not waiting for you to cure, you to heal me
I'm not waiting for, for your love
You can keep it
I'm not waiting for you to come back
For you to let me down like that
I'm not waiting for you to cure
I don't need it

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Carter, Grace Heal Me Comments
  1. Kelly Bravo

    This song 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Baby Yoda

    Why does this remind me of Kylo Ren so much?

  3. Zarah


  4. Jamil Altaf

    Heard in hollyoaks awesome track

  5. T- vine

    Omgood very nice legendary music

  6. kayla procter

    Hollyoaks brought me here nice song love hollyoaks

  7. kayla procter

    Hollyoaks any one

  8. Marti Pedro

    Hollyoaks brought me her too😭 omg this song is amazing💕😍

  9. Natalie Howell

    Hollyoaks brought me here

  10. Charity Rich

    Hollyoaks brought me here😭😭😭😭😭😭 Beautiful song❤😍

  11. Hey It's Hannah

    Her from Hollyoaks, actually brought me to tears 😭🙌💔

  12. Callum Robson

    R.i.P stuart hollyoaks

  13. Sister spirit

    I thought I was the only one who’s here from hollyoaks lol

    Reeceyy W

    Same here!

  14. Libby Arberry

    We have all gave up in some way 🔪💊🚬⚰️💔

  15. RihannaToday2010

    Here from Hollyoaks!
    (Episode 15/11/19 on E4)

    Reeceyy W

    And me :)

    PinkDonut Unicorn

    WTF is Hollyoaks?

    Tahsin Ali

    @PinkDonut Unicorn its a tv show

  16. Amy Chamberlain

    Who's here from hollyoaks??

    Tahsin Ali

    Lol meeeeeeeeee

    xz ar

    Me haha

    Amy Chamberlain

    I know what a brilliant episode!!! Was so brave of sid to save Ste!!!


    Me 😊😊😊

  17. Double G to the G

    Hollyoaks anyone?

    Double G to the G

    Tanmi fantastic ending wasn’t it?

  18. soph louisex

    Hollyoaks brought me here


    Saaaame omds 😂😂

    Callum Robson

    R.i.P stuart

    Liviu Ionescu

    There is a app called Shazam will find you any song name!


    What a song and what a talent

  20. veronica randers

    Someone please visit my channel

  21. Jade Rawlings

    This song made me realise that if there are people in my life that don't care about me, I don't need them to be in my life at all. And that goes for everyone else. If people don't care about you, they're not good enough for you. Even if it seems like nobody cares, there will be someone, somewhere who will. How do I know that? Because I care. Stay strong <3

  22. veronica randers

    Someone watch my cover

  23. Syeda Gilani

    Gemma Collins brought me here

  24. Anathi Mpenzana

    How could someone unlike this?People are bored...

  25. cecii

    she's so talented wth

  26. Steph mapp

    heal me

  27. Akira Zaki

    We got similar faces but I don't feel nothing like you.That hit me hard because it's the reality we don't feel the pain of others we can only understand it because we have been 💔 through it like they have .But the way we feel about such incidents is / will always be different ..The same way we deal differently to heal the pain

  28. 70 • 7

    Bullshit. You come I’m kissin you. Don’t want that don’t come.i won’t try to cure you. But I will love you.

  29. Klochko Vov

    Drum'n'bass remix by Rene LaVice is amazing

  30. Marvel Edits

    I love this song.when I first heard it I thought it was Jess glynne or sia

  31. Bevey Dillon

    Grace can sing. Love it

  32. BUK Strannik


  33. Mallikarjunaih Y

    The Crazy Classical songs, and heal our ever cells of PRECIOUS Physical body, lead to exuberant energy within in ourselves,Thanks,.

  34. Mallikarjunaih Y

    Thanks and 🎩 🎩 off to the Good Melodies, Amazing voices touches the core of Consciousness, Thanks,.

  35. kotchakon rodthong

    Damn Disaster for me 🖤

  36. Abby Morgan

    This song is amazing makes me feel free

  37. Anime Angel

    🗡️ wounds never heal
    ⏳ Even time cant fix
    💔 Whats broken cant be whole anymore

    lance james

    Not true

    Grace Lester

    That's not true boo you can heal and you will. Time may not fix the past but it shapes the future and makes it brighter. What's broken can be whole once more it just takes time. Stay positive and things will get better ❤

    emma emma

    I agree but there is still hope

    Syeda Gilani

    Dude, that's cynical.

    Dos Pac

    Feel better and get better. Prayers with you

  38. Milena Bianco

    Please make a Karaoke Version !!!!

  39. Arslan Amaan Khan

    Her voice is like sia

  40. Virali S

    Love Island brought me here❤️

    Maddie Scriven

    Virali S same😂

  41. jonscoupe

    Just heard this on Love Island. Fab song.

    Angharad Roberts

    jonscoupe absolutely love this song since !

  42. fatima adreeta

    This song makes me think of my dad

    Dani Marie158

    fatima adreeta that’s what the singer wrote about. Her dad left her when she was younger

  43. Scarlett Land x

    Love this so much

  44. Anna Cecilia Van der Merwe

    At first I was like...... Wait is that Sia?

  45. zin

    My parents are alive...
    But it feels like they were never here...

    Dos Pac

    zin it’ll be okay

  46. Hiếu Hứa

    tôi yêu bài hát này

  47. noel amutabi

    Beautiful voice. Beautiful song 😍

  48. Azazel Mø


  49. Ruta J

    So beautiful 😍

  50. Mrs. Skippy

    Reminds me of my ex sorry I hurt you bb, but we were both hurt 😢

  51. Linn Veronica Hauge

    Absolute love all the music you put out ❤️🙏🏼

  52. Nasty Shit

    Some of us feel the lyrics

  53. Katie Louise Glover

    They said that to him last time, he's give up

    Remember 1D

    That was so painful to read

    Katie Louise Glover

    @Remember 1D
    It was equally as painful to remember too

  54. yuning tiaz


  55. J.C Gohan

    someone plz heal me.. I'm still hurt.. broke up with ma boyfriend cuz he cheated, lied and played me 😭 and would've eventually left me anyway cuz a girl gave him money to leave me and move to her.. 😔 I miss this guy.. but it's for the best

    Laura Frei

    You are more worth than that. He couldn't bring to you what you deserved. Soon he will recognise what he lost because money will end once and love is not about the money

    Pinky Winky

    Screw him, he is not good enough for you. You deserve a man not a kid who plays with your heart. You deserve a man that treats you like the queen you are, that sees your worth. I promise you there is a man out there who would kill to have you by his side and will strive to make you happy. If he could replace you with something so material as pieces of green paper, I am glad you realized earlier how unhuman and insensitive he is, and how you won't waste more time with someone so stupid. Now it can only go upwards sweety! Look up and see it, start living, this is not an end, but the start of a bright future. You are worth it.

    Kaziah Adams

    The best advice I can give you, heal yourself, do stuff for yourself. Don't ever rely on anyone because you will always be there for yourself, people will come and go.

    A Minnie

    He bullet you because ..deep in side he nows your are good loving caring person with love ..and you life your life by your heart ..dont cry dont let hem steal your fiture ..let go !!find your way by keeping your head up and let karma do the work ...beliefe my at the end will be fine and he will face what love is on the hard way....when he come too piont ..he need love !! He will not have it . Love is great gift and you got it.🤗.its gift from univers your are blessed by nature .so dont be sad you self ..dont let him control your mind heart your the bossa not he ..good Lucky time will.. see the beauty in your broke heart..

    Wiki Reder

    You’re worth more! You deserve way better! He was just a gold digger, and the fact that you left him just proves how strong you actually are, some people don’t have the Courage to even agree with the fact that they need to end a relationship. So don’t be upset, I completely understand that you’re broken but honestly I’m sure you’ll find someone way better and someone who can treat you like you deserve to be treated. 🥺💓

  56. Pio Gonzales

    Thank you for sharing this! I badly need songs like this to lift me up.

  57. PHOEB

    This is no copyright ? So I would be able to put this over a video right? With out getting copy righted 😊

  58. Zuza M

    this is gold😍

  59. BTS._. JIMIN._.

    Damn that hit me OUCH..

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    Sound somewhat like sia....

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    This song is amazing and it helps me 💓💓

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    In love with this . I relate so much and it helps me 💛

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    Great great Song 💞💞💞💞💞

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    The good melodies give me life

  69. Donna

    Love grace carter she's absolutely amazing ❤❤❤❤maybe should ask to appear In one of her videos xx she's amazing 😍😍😍

  70. Elahf

    I love Grace Carter so much!

  71. Sophie Jones

    Luv this song

  72. Aisha Shrif

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    i am speechless,this song is great

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    We definitely need the 8D version of this song

  76. Rose

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  77. Nataša Dobrovoljski

    The singer has a bit of like Sia's voice. Great song.

    Ashlynn Lillywhite

    That's exactly what I thought!

    Samuel Pereira

    And you can sing Sia's song " Alive " on this song!

    Sheeps sleep while you stare

    Not at all

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  79. Rehan Malik

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    From RSO,

    Too Tupac I fuckng hate you.


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    The Good Melodies -TGM

    Thanks for your support ❤

  83. The Good Melodies -TGM

    H E A L M E 💔

    Aisha Shrif

    Iam not waiting for you to come back, for you to let me down like that. Heal me

    Aisha Shrif

    Looove this song 🎶🎶🎶🎶all day

    Ang Engel

    I can’t heal you but music can

    Danny Meyer

    You have such a great channel. Healing is inside you. Love and music is your medicine.