Carter Family, The - Worried Man Blues Lyrics

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long

I went across the river I lay down to sleep
I went across the river I lay down to sleep
When I woke up, put the shackles on my feet

29 links of chain around my leg
29 links of chain around my leg
And on each link an initial of my name

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long

I asked the judge, what might be my fine
I asked the judge, what might be my fine
21 years on the R. C. Mountain Line

The train arrived, 16 coaches long
The train arrived, 16 coaches long
The girl I love is on that train and gone

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long

If anyone ask you who composed this song
If anyone ask you who composed this song
Tell 'em 'twas I, and I sing it all day long

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long

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Carter Family, The Worried Man Blues Comments
  1. Izella McQueen

    My grandson playes and sing all of caryter songs. He is 26. I love this music.

  2. erik aleksos

    I wan't be worried long! Dan 2:44.

  3. atheodora lastname

    My mother used to sing this, it helped soothe her own worries. For years i knew nothing about the song except I liked how she sang it.

  4. David Jackson Jackson

    I just love maybelle on guitar, a lot of kids think this music old fashioned, but I think this is timeless, it will sound good forever.


    She gets more attractive as I get older. You can't have her she's mine!

  5. Thepaolo98

    My music book bough me here

  6. William Hutcheson

    The Real Stuff.

  7. Joy Mayo

    Blue grass showcase in nashville 1st fri in November at T.T.T.

  8. AlexanderClam Bell

    such a good composition

  9. MarkOnline

    There have been so many versions of this song, but this is my favorite, next to Woody Guthrie. It has got the original Maybelle Carter Scratch. Worried man Blues is a historic song that will emerge again as hit for somebody that re-does it right.

  10. Jamireen1

    Some good ol texan music (or is it not texan)


    Western Virginia


    thanks for telling me

  11. Charlie W

    Country's first family

  12. cricketbat09

    This is authentic roots music. It oozes passion.

    The PinCushionMan

    You ain't kiddin

  13. Doug Layton

    My dad is in his 90’s and he used to sing the Carter Family Songs. ❤️❤️❤️

    The PinCushionMan

    He must be a good man.

  14. williamanesbitt

    What a beauty! Old time music at its best.

  15. BoomBoomActual

    Who ever dislikes this should be killed.


    Bit harsh. But fair.

    The PinCushionMan

    They must be jews

  16. barefoot and independent

    super. just super!

  17. Henning Andersen

    Und da glaubt ein Werber mit rap, dass man mehr als 3 Sekunden das aushaelt!

  18. Kellie Everts 48-28-38 conducts Night Train

    Listening to Sara, Maybelle and AP is so relaxing. Their music is perfect, peaceful, harmonious, beautiful, everything good. Truly Anointed.

  19. Mark Remer

    awesome song

  20. nmsan2008

    a sad and beautiful song.

  21. Gerald West

    Salute, and thank God for the Carter family!

  22. Herman Labuschagne

    I was young and ambitious and our corporate ship sailed into an iceberg one day. I walked to my car that night, wondering whether this was going to be the end of the world for all of us. Suddenly this song jumped into my mind, and I had to sing myself a line: "I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long..." As I switched the ignition on and drove away, I began to laugh. I slowly learned that the end of the world doesn't come so easily. We survive life's battles, most of them. And we tend to worry about things that will never happen. If I could talk to myself today as I was then, that's what I would tell myself. I'd tell myself to relax. And then I'll buy myself a beer.


    I'm sorry for your loss.

    John Lane

    How are you doing now Herman?

    Herman Labuschagne

    How strange. Out of millions of perfect strangers, one is interested to know how another perfect stranger is doing. That's rare... I'm doing well thanks. Life is good. We can safely, "keep on the sunny side of life," to quote another Carter family song. Even the dark side of the moon isn't really dark. We just think it is because we can't see when the sun is shining there. Hope all goes well in your world too John. Thanks for caring about strangers. That's what makes the world worth living in. Respect.

    Bryan Van Fossen

    Thank you for sharing Herman

    The PinCushionMan

    @Queenie if they ask who composed this song tell em it was i and i sang it all day long.

  23. Andrzej Antczak

    Siódme Niebo.Co można więcej posłuchać na tym świecie? Danke for distribution.

  24. 63DW89A

    Have heard many excellent versions of "Worried Man Blues". This Carter Family version sits at the top of my list though, because there is something so haunting and mesmerizing about the way Sara and Maybelle perform this, that this is the version that sticks in my mind above all others.

  25. Giulio Voce

    Ciao bella canzone! mi piace! anche io compongo musica se ti va passa ad ascoltare il mio nuovo video Il volto della maga recentemente pubblicato sul mio account GiulioVoceVevo mi farebbe molto piacere!! a presto!

  26. coyotesong

    I don't recall who sung this when I was a youngster, 50+ years ago. Kingston Trio perhaps. In any event, this version is again Carter Family beautiful, a new category of appreciation I just came up with. 

    Lars Andreasson

    If you hear this record once, it stays with you forever.

  27. Thomascow Mc Mullan

    Great video great sound, all round.*****Thumbs up

    gloria boyd

    Oh Yes , Love this Family , Thanks for sharing

  28. Macoumba Mbodji

    would you be surprised if an african loves this song?II love it even if by this side of the planet,country music is presented as racist music.but i dont is universal

    alan Allen

    @Robert Neal why don't you come talk to me and see what happens tuff guy. I guarantee(FACT) you won't be kicking me in no mouth...O, by the way, He/she is a man .

    Robert Neal

    alan Allen where ya at? I will show ya. I’m in Knoxville tn

    alan Allen

    @Robert Neal North East of you chump. NEW YORK

    Jerry D'Arezzo

    You love it because YOU composed it. It is yours, in the living care of cousins.

    Paul Schuster

    Macoumba Mbodji ...The blues is as much a part of this mountain music as fiddle tunes from Europe are. Such beauty.

  29. 2ndMounier

    It is one guitar and an autoharp.

    The PinCushionMan

    And some angels.

  30. Purchased Love

    I'm glad no one has dignified the comment below with a response. Love this song...
    If any one ask you, who composed this song
    tell 'em it was I, and I sing it all day long!

    Jody Whelan

    What would be my crime ?

  31. mittROMNEY666

    this is total shit the worst song ever written 


    Dale Earnhardt Sr. was the worst driver in the world. What.

    xhelan sylve

    Before I get upset about your ignorant comment, I need to take a deep breath. First off this song is timeless, tells a story, AND sounds great. The music you listen to is probably bovine excrement--another way of saying bull shit--so before you knock down historical music, and for you to bash it is rude and quite disrespectful. I want to see you write a song with such elegance and thought...righttttt you can't, so don't throw stones at glass houses.


    you are saying this just to get a rise out of people. Very sad, the carter family can piss a song better than you're capable of dreaming.


    What would you like to argue about today Mitt? Aw go on, think of something.

    Robert Jango

    +mittROMNEY666 lol

  32. sidDkid87

    Timeless classic.

  33. bazthehandyman

    Only guitar there....brill sound.

  34. Dale Day-Hudson

    It's a guitar and autoharp for sure. :)

  35. Romamb

    Is it possible this was to stretch out the song somewhat, as some later versions tended to be played faster? Then folks simply kept the alteration. As for the melodic change; I have no idea!

  36. habibanola

    The later versions of this tune (including Johnny Cash and the Carters) has the 1st line repeated 3 times instead of two (and a slight melodic variation). Does any one know when this change happened, and why?


    It probably was changed during the "folk scare" of the early 1960s. Even Maybelle was playing it the "new" way by the time she appeared on Johnny Cash's show with her daughters.

    The PinCushionMan

    You'll find 100 different versions of each song. It is what it is and that all it is.

  37. edejan

    Words can't describe how excellent this song is! The performance is so bold, the harmonies classic folk, the instrumentation simple and driving. The sound on this clip is really clear too! Thanks for this upload. I never get tired of the Carters.

  38. 1039sflem

    You can hear the history of our Country in this music. This is who were are and I am so glad to hear it.

  39. Randy Francis

    This is one of the Carter Family's best in my opinion. How did two instrumentalists get such a rhythmic, driving sound...can't tell if it's two guitars or a guitar and autoharp. the singing and harmony are authentic and wonderful...wouldn't change a thing about this performance!

  40. mutterschied

    @50sJohnny Man, oh, man! Thanks, by Our Lord! Thanks a trainload!

  41. corinnabambina

    I just love this song, I just do :)

  42. chinnmusic

    american folk heros

  43. L.D. Wood

    I remember A.P. Mother Baybelle and Sara when I was a young boy during the 1930s, My folks loved listening to them when they were on the Opry Radio Show. Wonderful memories.

    Colin Haines

    Wow, I never knew the Original Family was on the Opry. Very cool!

  44. ILOveOldies

    i agree with u 100% history man ! :)

  45. historyman1183

    For a song recorded in 1930, it has surely withstood the test of time! One of my all time definite favorites! I like how the intro of the song sounds like a train!

  46. MrPEIcanada

    great song, thanks