Carter Family, The - Why There's A Tear In My Eye Lyrics

I once loved a beautiful maiden
As fair as the blue skies above
And each night as we wandered together
The moon seemed to smile on our love

We vowed to be true to each other
That nothing could cause us to part
But we never once dreamed that the future
Held only a broken heart

Then there came the night when we parted
We quarreled as all sweethearts do
And I learned what it was to be jealous
When they told me her love was untrue

She told me she had always been faithful
She swore that her love could not die
And then when I did not believe her
She kissed me and told me goodbye

Oh-de-lay-ee-oh, de-lay-ee, yo-de-lay-ee

I found I had falsely accused her
And went back to make her my bride
And there in the door stood her mother
She told me my sweetheart had died

I went in and knelt down beside her
And there in the hush of that room
I prayed that my maker would take me
And send my soul down to its doom

So now I have told you the reason
There's always a tear in my eye
Through long weary years I've repented
But I'm longing to lay down and die

And I wonder if I'll be forgiven
When I face the master someday
And I wonder if I'll see my sweetheart
On that beautiful shore far away

Oh-de-lay-ee-oh, de-lay-ee, yo-de-lay-ee

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Carter Family, The Why There's A Tear In My Eye Comments
  1. Joe Palooka

    Wow. It's so great that you have to really listen to it to understand why. These two people had such gifts that they defy description and understanding. They're the foundation stones of everything that came after them.


    Great song by The Father of Country Music, strummed & picked by The Mother of Country guitar, Maybelle Carter, with her sister-in-law AND cousin Sara harmonizing with Jimmie.

  3. Tan YikWah

    Timeless tune, just awesome, thanks!

  4. Ahdriam

    I love jimmy, but I preferred A.P. version of this song


    Not to be picky, but it's spelled Jimmie. ☺

    The PinCushionMan

    I usually prefer Maybelle over all others, but sometimes Hank.

  5. preservationhall01

    Recorded for Victor Records in Louisville Kentucky June 10, 1931. Composer: Alvin Pleasant Carter, Jimmie Rodgers: Tenor, Sara Carter:Alto, Maybelle Carter:Guitar. The session supervisor was Ralph Peer of Victor Talking Machine Co. who had discovered all of them in Bristol Virginia in 1927. Wonderful old mountain music~thanks for the upload.

  6. Noah M

    She kissed me and told me goodbye