Carter Family, The - Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family Lyrics

Far away on a hill, thou a sunny mountain side
Many years ago we parted, my little Ruth and I
From the sunny mountain side

Hey girls, stop that noise!
Yonder comes a strange car up our road
Lord, it may be the revenue-officer
It has a Texas license
Oh, that's Jimmie Rodgers!
Hey - hey, howdy Folks, dee - yodel - ay - hee - hee
Ha - ha, so this is Virginia?
Yes Sir, mighty glad to see you, Jimmie!
Get out and come right in!
You are the first cowboy we've seen in a long time
He - he, is that so?
Boy it's a long way from here to Texas
Man - Man, I didn't know it's such a drive from Texas to Virginia
Well, I'm here anyhow
Gee! I've been wanting to see you, Folks, for a long time
How about a little drink, Jimmie?
Ha - ha, Boy that sounds good to me, dee - yodel - ay - hee - hee
Man - Man, come and go get the old boy a little squirt, will you?
Girls, you all play him a little tune
Make him feel like he's at home while he's at Maces Springs

My little darling, oh how I love you
How I love you, none can tell
In your heart you love another
Little darling, pal of mine

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