Carter Family, The - Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd Lyrics

One beautiful night when the moon was full
And the air was crisp and clear
A cowboy lay on the starlit plain
And thought of his home so dear

He thought of his mother he loved so well
And the slumber of sleep was blurred
Not a sound to be heard but those of the night
As he sang a wild song to his herd

The cattle are lying so quiet and still
On the carpet that mantles the west
While the golden links from the sky at night
Sings peace to the cowboy's stress

Still he thinks of his mother in a faraway land
And his thoughts by memory was stirred
And he sees himself to the old home again
As he sings a wild song to his herd

He's far from the din of the city noise
Where the links of folly do shine
He's far from the brawls of the dives of sin
And the flow of the sparkling wine

He's in the great west with its mantle of green
Where his neighbors say never a word
A land of marriages, mountains and plains
Where the cowboy sings low to his herd

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