Carter Family, The - 'Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia Lyrics

'Mid the green fields of Virginny in the vale of Shenandoah
There's an ivy covered homestead that I love
With its white old fashioned chimney and its simple homelike airs
'Tis the home of my dear parents now above

There's a peaceful cottage there, a happy home so dear
My heart is longing for them day by day
Where I spent life's golden hours in the vale of Shenandoah
'Mid the green fields of Virginny far away

'Mid the green fields of Virginny stands an old mill by the stream
I would wander to that spot to sing and play
And how often I would throw a stone into the babbling brook
I would dream some day it'll carry me away

There's a peaceful cottage there, a happy home so dear
My heart is longing for them day by day
Where I spent life's golden hours in the vale of Shenandoah
'Mid the green fields of Virginny far away

There's a peaceful cottage there, a happy home so dear
My heart is longing for them day by day
Where I spent life's golden hours in the vale of Shenandoah
'Mid the green fields of Virginny far away

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Carter Family, The 'Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia Comments
  1. Rob

    People from "The Berkeley's" of Gloucestershire, England settled in Virginia before the Pilgrim Fathers landed in Boston! Happily there is still a link between us all, especially as I love listening to The Carter Family.Such good music.Good morning America how are yah?!Rob. Farming in The Vale of Berkeley, Gloucestershire.

  2. Idelia412

    Definitely acquired taste.

    The PinCushionMan

    Taste it more than once and you start to realize this is more like a fine wine that can't be topped or even replicated. Just dam good honest music.

  3. Ray Unseitig

    nice one there.

  4. aron maron

    very nice !!!!

  5. Henning Andersen

    Bad teeth? Never a smile on the photos.

    Frederick Wise

    At the time they were recording, this country was in a severe depression!! .There wasnt much to smile about. And yes, maybe because of the lack of money they couldnt afford a dentist.Not many in the 30's thru the 40's could.

    Gabriel McDonald

    a lot of the photos taken are during trouble in the couple's marriage. you can certainly see that

    The PinCushionMan

    All the Carters had healthy teeth. Later recordings during better times you'll see all the smiles you could want to see.

  6. Alan Rogers

    If you like this try Beverly Smith and John Grimm. Wonderful music in this tradition. Also Willa Mamet, who does covers, but also has that pure old timey voice.

  7. Andrzej Antczak

    Mama i cała reszta do pochwały w niebiosach! Wspaniałe wykonanie. Sława IM. Wieczysta. Nieporównywalne!

  8. 63DW89A

    I "discovered" the original Carter Family about 3 years ago. At first the Carter sound was a bit strange to me. After listening for a time, I began to realize I was hearing pure music, exactly as recorded exactly the way the Carters really sounded, with no artificial enhancements. Returning to modern recordings, my ear was then able to detect the artificial enhancement and manipulation clearly evident. I now find myself returning more and more to original Carter Family recordings to enjoy the pure, sweet, simple, peerless musicianship of the Carters. A superb, totally unique style that is absolutely timeless.

    Mish M

    The digital effects in a lot of modern music just sounds silly huh? I think vocals are the one thing that should rarely have lots of effects unless it's overdone for a specific style, but you could only get away with it so often. If you like the Carter Family you might like The Roches which is a modern version of them imo

    Frederick Wise

    63DW89A and Dewey, And if you ever have the pleasure of listening to music (by any one) coming out of a good old TUBE type amplifier, you will detect even more of the damage modern solid state technology has done to and detracted from the GOOD sounds of yesterday!!!

    The PinCushionMan

    Yes sir! Nothing like it!

    Roger Propes

    It is only their plain country voices that keep this genre of music from the general appreciation it deserves.

  9. Don Bond

    I taught myself this style of guitar picking when I was twelve years of age and its still my favorite out if all the other I have learned over the last 45 year .

    Kara Pannell

    Im sure your legendary, me being a 19 year old guitarist i think i speak for many when i say we thank you for keeping guitar music alive.

  10. Eli Jackson

    +TheSteamtramman Oh we ain't all changed...
    Now I'm 21, but I'm convinced I will never dumb down my ways and become a foreigner to my own land
    Seems like the closer you get to the major centers, and especially the NYC/California media the further you get from the real America and the real Americans.
    I guess it's always been that way, but we're still about, at least a few generations more
    but then, the world ain't gonna be here in a few more generations so we'll die with it
    God bless

  11. TheSteamtramman

    Apart from the singing it is the genuine 'country' accent that so appeals to this UK citizen, who once could recognize a 'come from' here by the accent, but modern education or maybe TV have destroyed this into a slovenly soup of obscenities alas.
    Super track, thank you.

  12. TonySkyRush

    Another Gem!! Just love hearing these old songs,the harmony gives me goosebumbs!

  13. gregorygcgregory

    I LOVE MY FAMILY..........

  14. Lloyd Barthelette

    thank you. if you like fiddle music,try metis fiddle.

  15. ELVIS4221


  16. ELVIS4221


  17. Lloyd Barthelette

    nice to hear from you.yes i am also a railroader.great place to work.i have a 5 cd set of the carter family put out by bmg 1927-1934.100 songs all good.i play in a band and play some of their music.i play fiddle and guitar and do the vocals.lots of bluegrass too. the st.vital sunshine band. take care.

  18. RickGibbonsOfficial

    AP always looks like he doesn't know what to do with his hands in those old band photos.

  19. Jamie Bambie

    I too, like this piece of music as I guess you too worked on the railway , I too am 66 and your name with c.n. seems to say you were on the Canadien Railways ,,,, as I was on our British Railways Hard work But happy days . Maybe we will meet one day and talk some Steam !!.

  20. Jamie Bambie

    Timeless Classic of happy days , most enjoyable.

  21. lausace may

    hear hear

  22. Charles Rice

    what the hell is with this SME ???? Why are they blocking two carter family songs ??? is there a genuine first class moose twit moron in the SME ????? If they are going to block out two songs then they might as well block them all out . whats with those dumb shits ????

  23. CowboyOld

    Virgin-yee indeed! How I love these old songs by the Carter Family. Some of my earlist memories of more than 70 years ago are of the Carter Family singing on the radio.

  24. Lloyd Barthelette


  25. TheShafenator1

    The greatest Bluegrass group ever.

  26. Pickinbuddy

    This is a national treasure...

  27. nigsvon

    Please keep posting. My 15 year old son is learning to play his favorites; this music will endure!

  28. fordtruxdad

    I love the way they say "Virgin-yee". When I was growing up here in N.C. all the old-timers talked like that (Georgie, Floridie, Alabamie, etc.). It's nice to hear some of the old time speech preserved.

  29. Meade Music

    They are legends. I'm so proud to be a Virginian. We can claim The Carter Family, Patsy Cline, and the birthplace of good 'ol Country Music !



  31. MoJoPiano

    Thanks for all your efforts in putting these out here for us to enjoy. I'll watch every one that you post! Mike

  32. MoJoPiano

    Thanks for a great post! Classic Carter sound if I've ever heard it. Sara's distinctive lead singing, Maybelle's alto, along with A.P.'s bass coming in on the chorus. And the crowning jewel, Maybelle's wonderful "scratch" guitar work. Put it all together and you have one of the sweetest sounds this side of Heaven. I never tire of listening to their music. FIVE STARS!