Cartelli, Brynn - Last Night's Mascara Lyrics

That dude I was kissing, nah, he didn't love me
He was on every varsity team
I need a little attention just to forget you
Even though tomorrow no one will remember a thing

But now, now
I still don't understand how

I've got last night's mascara still on my face
I kinda knew that there'd be trouble
But I did it anyway
I swear I used to be innocent
You went to my head
I don't remember how I got here
I don't remember what I said
But I've got last night's mascara
Last night's mascara
Yeah, I still got last night's mascara on somehow

I was talking too loud and dancing low
Showing off the curves in summertime skin
I let him touch me like the keys of a piano
Here to help that you're watching, whoa

But now, now
I still don't understand how

I've got last night's mascara still on my face
I kinda knew that there'd be trouble
But I did it anyway
I swear I used to be innocent
You went to my head
I don't remember how I got here
I don't remember what I said
But I've got last night's mascara
Last night's mascara

I was falling in love with a feeling
But I was falling down, I didn't feel it
What I did last night, I don't remember
Who caused these tears in my slumber, babe
I woke up with a ringing in my head
I woke up in someone else's bed
They told me it was a night I won't forget, but I forgot it all
I've got proof lying under my eyes

I've got last night's mascara still on my face
I kinda knew that there'd be trouble
But I did it anyway
I swear I used to be innocent
You went to my head
I don't remember how I got here
I don't remember what I said
But I've got last night's mascara
Last night's mascara

Yeah, I still got last night's mascara on
Yeah, I still got last night's mascara on
Yeah, I still got last night's mascara on somehow

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Cartelli, Brynn Last Night's Mascara Comments
  1. dj jonny D

    What a boring song :(

  2. Kena DeLeigh

    i thought this was her concert for a few seconds

  3. Russell Collins

    I will never forget when she sung it in concert

  4. anapmusic

    I still dont understand how she can be so talented at such a young age. Great lyrics, great voice, great personality and great beauty.

  5. Doaa Gamal

    She've controlled the whole thing

  6. Afrianda Shagwee

    Great Job Brynn

  7. Sheri Mead

    Cannot get enough of this song. Love it!

  8. Dope Guy

    Watching her facial expression is 🔥

  9. Mia Bella

    is this an original?


    Mia Bella yes

  10. NIK KI


  11. Atlegang Monaheng

    Wow she back go girl

  12. Chapin Grubbs

    i love you brynn cartelli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jerry S

    Gonna be a MEGASTAR. Unfreaking believable....She's got the whole package

  14. Peyton Lee

    My favorite song ever! Brynn you are my idle ! I look up to you and want to be you!

  15. Taylor Davis

    I love her energy♥️

  16. naomi doyle

    i lover this song and i love her even more

  17. Louvenia

    She’s so damn talented. Can’t believe she’s only 15. Her voice is beautiful and she plays guitar. I seem them bar chords. So awesome.

  18. uoflcardinalfan

    Saw her live for the first time( a few days ago). She was amazing! And she even played the piano in two or three songs😀.

  19. Madie B

    She’s so good and I love her but it’s weird how she’s only 15 and singing about getting wasted and having a random hookup


    This fits 14 to 16 perfectly. If she can write it let her sing it. The story she is telling most often  happens about her age...It's a sad truth....


    She wrote it about someone she knows. Not about her.

  20. yoongicowboy

    The blend with her backup singers is just hearteyeshearteyeshearteyes

  21. Debbie Burke

    Everybody is freaking out about the lyrics and the fact she's only 15. A. It reminds me of my misspent youth. B. When people sing, they are PERFORMING. Like the movies kids. If the character dies, remarkably, the actor comes out alive! It's a great little song.

  22. Stephanie Liew

    She's too cool for her age this is illegal

  23. Chris Struble

    This chick is the definition of perfection

  24. Mylife AsRoRo

    Same the same as audio maybe even a little better

  25. Haunah King

    Still on repeat. Totally love this girl. Can’t wait for another great single. This and walk my way is it’s own playlist.

  26. Rocket Cache

    I love her. No gimmicks, just raw talent. She's a breath of fresh air.

  27. Ryker Percival

    She’s currently touring with Kelly and I have to say I was really impressed with how poised she was tonight at their concert in ICT. She has the same kinda personality that Kelly has but she owns it. She also played some unreleased songs acoustically and I hope she goes that route as opposed to this overproduced style. Her voice is where she really shines.

  28. Lila Jacoby

    I have met her twice
    Not kidding

  29. Erin Trisler

    She gets so hype when she sings the “used” part of the song😂💕

  30. Shala Rachel

    Don’t know which one to fall in love with more: how pretty Brynn is, this song, or the way Kelly looked at her... ❤️

  31. Lana Wong

    Kelly's so proud!

  32. Manya Sachdev

    She's the same age as JoJo siwa....

  33. Josephson Ognita

    Now that's awesome. If Seth Rollins the WWE Architect saw this performance of Brynn Cartelli performing on The Voice before she was Season 14 voice champion, Brynn Cartelli definitely Burned It Down!

    Josephson Ognita

    If Finn Balor saw this amazing performance, his hashtag to Brynn Cartelli “Too sweet."

  34. Lana Wong

    I love that she got to sing a song that she wrote, I think with Kelly, on the voice!

  35. FaultyByDefault

    She reminds me a lot of Kelly Clarson

  36. Poro Tron

    OMFG if this girl wont be a #1 SINGER then im going to kill myself thisssss is impossibleeeeeeeee what a voice jesus christ for god sake what a talent + she has the behavior for stage and she is amazingly beautiful. Brynn I wish you all the best and I will pray if I have to because I want you to succeed you are the best!

  37. Bella Blondon

    This is really catchy!

  38. Aidan Davidson

    Her voice sounds very similar to Catie Turner from American Idol, both are very talented!

  39. Poro Tron

    this is called " A STAR"

  40. Nilvan Lopes


  41. Sesan Tesfazion

    Kelly is so happy. she picked the right person to be her coach

  42. Johnny. 987

    Love how happy and proud Kelly looks 👍🏼

  43. Darth Revan

    She is Beatiful, I love Brynn, I Liked You baby

  44. Aaron Lucus

    She’s actually a great singer’s sad that she only has 300 thousand views...even though she change her label to Kelly Clarkson label the winner of the voice never seems to be heard on main stream radio...I hope she breaks the curse of the voice....actually Holly Henry has 733k subscriber and Melanie Martinez 6.9 million so non winner of the voice is actually doing much better than the winner...I called that the curse...good luck to brynn


    In fairness "views" are nearly meaningless with the artist getting pennies for a thousand views. Both Brynn and Melanie are signed by and promoted by the same record label (Atlantic records) only time will tell but Melanie has been active sense 2012 and they have had much longer to develop Melanie. Brynn has yet to do a real concert and has yet to do a radio tour give her time and we will see what Atlantic can do for Brynn she may fade away like so  many from all the singing contests or she may be another success story. Idol produced three super stars (two being winners). Nashville Star produced two super stars in country music Chris Young (a winner) And Miranda Lambert (she finished third. The last big superstar from a singing competition was Carrie Underwood ten years ago. Radio is not friendly to reality show winners and its almost impossible to get played on air. I love Brynn, for me she is the whole package but I think her chances for stardom lies not in her talent in song choices and a lot of luck, Radio and TV could make her a star over night but chances are they will ignore her and her talents.


    She hasn’t released an album, so still has a TON of room to grow as an artist in terms of artistry and success.

    Aaron Lucus

    I agree with both comments yes of course it has to do with a lot of luck but I think with her talent she should have try out for X factor in my opinion they have a lot of winners on main stream radio ....good luck brynn

  45. Mikaylson rocha

    I just love kelly's face, she is so proud of her

  46. Tracey Lalli

    Get rid of that ponytail...ugh

  47. Michael Urvan

    Better than Ariana? Ariana is great at immitating I think, whereas Brynn is more natural, relaxed singing with her own sound and vocals - and she can play guitar..

  48. Anguiv96

    She is probably my favorite voice winner (of course chevy is also a favorite) but I mean its not often we get a non country winner I like country but its a nice switch up and she's only 15 I just like that there really isn't a genre for her music

  49. likesmusic11

    The way she steps away from the mic and return after the chorus is too cute... hope she has major success with this one and become The Voice first big success.

  50. Tainopisno1

    I wonder if brynn is half latina cause her mom looks latina or dark skin Italian cause her father has blonde hair but her mom has dark hair and dark skin.

  51. Luca Dol

    Support her all the way, I love her.

  52. Fam 1245

    Great performance! I’ve actually been working on my singing voice quite a bit lately. I found this amazing online singing course and it’s helping so much, my singing voice is getting better each day. Maybe one day I’ll be on the big stage. If anyone’s interested check out the course here it’s completely worth it!

  53. Tiara Schwallie

    Her voice !😍 she is so pretty

  54. Camryn Smith

    No surprise that she won!

  55. Justine Motion

    I just bought this song

  56. samwasfound

    I wish there was a “love” button

  57. B Bennett

    I love Brynn ❤️ 🦄🦄👩🏼

  58. Andy Cardona

    She can sing!! but wow! she cant remember!!! WHY?

  59. s k

    Ariana grande is quaking at 1:43

  60. Mary Morgan

    First Superstar from the voice!!

  61. RBS Austin

    2:28 starts perfect execution

  62. André Ariel

    Essa é a Carol Biazin dos EUA

  63. Makko Lanwi

    I FINALLY got who she reminds me of. Denise Richards.

  64. Zach Bowling

    This great

  65. Rinneea Jepma


  66. Krystal Curley Films

    Looove this song!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  67. Christopher Adam

    Walk my way was a bop but *Last👏 Night's 👏Mascara👏 is 👏A👏 B👏O👏P👏*

  68. Bitch Y

    No hate love that song, but are we gonna ignore that she’s 15 and is singing about sex?idk how I feel about that


    Mom..... the story is about making mistakes Brynn said so and she is the song writer. If you think you know someone 15 that don't know about sex you are most likely wrong. I don't think it's our place to monitor an artists sex life, nor censor their creativity. We either like something or we don't we can choose to listen or not, buy or not. In this case the girl has a very successful management team that helps her decide what to record. We have to admit  they have a lot of us talking about this video.

  69. Adha Mahfudz

    and i swear i uuuUUUSED

  70. Dhee Kitt

    shes so very talented... so beautifullll....

  71. Abbas Karimi

    I think these lyrics are too much for 15 year old girl...but she is very talented

  72. Fateme Arefi

    She's so talented

  73. Peaches Peaches

    love it! her voice and performance ability has matured so much! so happy for her

  74. Rodrigo Pereira

    I've a feeling she'll fly so high. Then, Chevel will shine. That's how Kelly operates. That's team Kelly! 💙

  75. Whidy Rena

    This is the 4th times i watch this. And made me more like it. Cant wait for another banger song from her.

  76. Luiza Rodrigues

    Canta muito

  77. actuallysan

    In the song some of Michael Jackson's song... 10 seconds of music copy

  78. Thisula Jay

    How did she win? She's awful

    Thisula Jay

    @easy1ization which is code for: the producers thought they could make the most money of her because she's hot.


    BS it was just all about votes and ITunes download count. I assure you NBC don't need the little bit of change Brynn will generate while under contract to them. Get real. NBC is a 32 Billion dollar corp.

    Thisula Jay

    @easy1ization what I mean is she's young so middle aged women and little girls automatically like


    @Thisula Jay
    She's not awful. She's good. Especially for her age.

    Thisula Jay

    @momusicx there is nothing special about her voice,
    Rayshun lamarr should have won that season

  79. jefferson betances

    This song, SLAPS 👌

  80. Leah Kagan

    0:39 cracked me up. I love you Brynn!!

  81. 陳欣薇Ariel

    She’s super amazing 🥰 the fact that she’s younger than me really surprised me 😂💛💛 what am I doing ahhh

  82. sams weightloss journey

    She's good. But she shouldn't be singing this song. Sounds very dirty. Shes only 14 🙈


    She is 15 and will be 16 in April and honey that's just the age that young girls make the kind of mistakes she is talking about. If you don't think this is relevant for girls her age you are sadly mistaken. A song writer doesn't have to experience an issue to write about it and who don't know someone who has done something they regretted later.

    sams weightloss journey

    @easy1ization I'm just saying 😊.

  83. Xiomara Cruz

    Excelente canción me encanta súper linda y excelente cantante le deseo muchos éxitos

  84. Laiqa HAWA

    Love u Brynn cartelli

  85. Isla Ballard773

    Kelly, we are so happy for you. 😁 You are her music mama and should be proud of it. She’s really awesome. 👏👏

  86. German Cortes Hernandez

    I mean. She's giving me some KC Independent Tour vibes!!

  87. Meera Naresh

    It’s so cool that she is back.

  88. Michael Khoury

    Yeah Longmeadow

  89. MAOS Turek

    At "now, now" did anyone else fill in the blanks with "tell'em that it's human nature"? 😂😂 all I heard was Michael Jackson after that entered my head.

    Brian Jonson

    YES every time


    You got that on point, twas my observation too! But I like it anyway!

    Debbie Burke

    Oh thank you for that ear worm!

  90. Trainer Dan


  91. Jordon Winn

    I want her to win again!

  92. Randomness

    Love It!!! 🙂💕⛄️

  93. Alyssa Julaton

    I looked up her age because i thought “surely she’s not 15 with that voice”...
    Nope. she’s 15. she’s amazing.

  94. Shikhar Saxena

    I can't get this song out of my head y'all..... Love 😍😘 from India

  95. Sierra Peak

    She's so good!! Love this!

  96. anusha vinta

    a bop:)

  97. Ligia Caceros

    Whole package winner!!! Love this song

  98. ava nikac

    brynn is my favorite artist ever omg this song goes HARD

  99. Vena Duncan

    Great performance Brynn!