Cartelli, Brynn - Do You Even Love Me Anymore? Lyrics

Do you even love me anymore?
Need to come to terms with this
To come to terms with you, oh na na na
Do you even want me anymore?
You still say that you love me
But we ain't as fresh as morning dew

I'm sorry I can't read all the signs
Still learning to drive, no, no, baby
If I had a car you know it would be parked in your heart
Yeah, love songs are hard and baby

Do you even love me anymore?
Need to know before I lay out in the night with you, oh na na na
Are you wishing for me on a shooting star?
Hoping I can stay right here like the gum that's on your shoe, baby
I know I haven't done what you've done but babe, I ain't here to judge, no
The way you look at me ain't the same at how you whisper my name
Well, tell me who's to blame?

Do you even, do, do, do you even, even
Do you even love me anymore, anymore?
Do you even, do, do, do you even, even
Do you even love me anymore, baby?
Do you even, do, do, do you even, even
Yeah, yeah
Do you even, do, do, do you even, even
Do you even love me anymore?

When I go and grab your hand, do you blow away?
Do you love me anymore or do you wanna stay?
Tell me is this something else for you
'Cause when darks are creeping in
This love feels too good to be true

Do you even, do, do, do you even, even
Do you even love me anymore?
Do you even, do, do, do you even
Do you even love me anymore, baby?
Do you even, do, do, do you even, even
Yeah, yeah
Do you even, do, do, do you even, even
Do you even love me anymore?

Do you even love me anymore?
Need to come to terms with this
To come terms with you, oh na na na
Do you even want me anymore?
You still say that you love me
But we ain't as fresh as morning dew, babe

Do you even, do you even
Do you even love me anymore, anymore?
Do you even, do you even, do you even, even love me anymore?
Do you even love me anymore?

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Cartelli, Brynn Do You Even Love Me Anymore? Comments
  1. dhr 3137

    she kinda sounds like olivia rodrigo

  2. Klab

    He's the most succesful with young women.
    sounds about right.

  3. Gabriel Damatov

    Blake: Kelly has absolutely no experience on this show whatsoever

    American Idol: Am I a joke to you?

  4. Z Crimson

    Why is no one talking about Kelly's comment "I feel like mom and dad are fighting " that was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Venus-Morgan De Paulo

    She’s so pretty , beautiful unique voice 😍😍

  6. Muji Bunong

    So beautiful Weldon girl

  7. Tettii Illchayz

    I can’t believe she won!! Kyla is so much better LMFAO

  8. ajc bng

    You know what, she's like the siren legend. ❤️❤️Could definitely coax simpletons to the to the rocks...

  9. Max Max

    this was so long ago now, i forgot she barely got 2 chairs......shocking

  10. Hannah Brigham

    i ship blake and adam their chemistry is something else

  11. ITMac Pro

    Daniel Shaw sings this better than her.

  12. CHIGGA

    wish i had eyes like a guy btw

  13. Mckenzie Sourdiffe

    My grandfather and great-grandfather built houses for their family. I told him about her and he said "oh I remember that family, very nice."

  14. Muji Bunong

    So sweet and beautiful dear Weldon

  15. Gary Abbott

    Ella Henderson sang the same, and both are brilliant!!

  16. Juliette Tr

    Shes gorgeous

  17. Jamajalama

    girl, that hairstyle will cause a receding hairline in the long run!

  18. Violet loves roblox


  19. Oliver Clarke

    0:27 that line though

  20. April Owens

    Like that she's not 14 going on 45 should not overloaded with fake nails fake eyelashes and tons and tons of makeup beautiful young lady

  21. Prince Ladia

    she wins with kelly. then the next season kelly wins again with chevel

  22. Nass kc

    I love the voice but it just a cringe moment for me whenever Blake waving his wins to other coaches? Its fine and funny for me but not to just not doesn't sit right for ME. I know kelly wouldn't care coz she is the nicest human being but i apparently care 😅 but now kelly won back to back since...take that Blake. Hahaha

  23. Nass kc

    Its funny when Blake always pointed out he won a lot on the voice but tried to wave that wins to kelly?!! Hahaha seriously?!! He was lucky kelly didn't actually said w/out her AI win & doing so well there would not be the voice of any other talent shows...but Adam & alicia didn't forget that so thank you. I'm not mad at all. just saying...

  24. manuel fernández

    14 AÑOS? KE jaja la voz kids es en otro canal xD

  25. Amanda Paree

    Where her journey all began... 👏🏼👏🏼💕

  26. Peyton Stoker

    2 people only turned but she goes on to win the whole thing wow

  27. Alexander Hikmala on earth Master Adam did not turn his chair on this one ???

  28. Hector Urbina

    Daamn her dad's arms tho! 😻

  29. Amirul Hakim

    she is my just kidding

  30. rhadid 777

    when Kelly said, "I can win this with you.." and yes, she won the competition.

  31. bumibulan!

    kelly is such a mood at 4:08 HONESTLY AAHHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣

  32. Añora MinMin

    Did Kelly really say "I can with you" cuz Damn. ....

  33. Kyle DC

    The fact that Kelly had a 14 on her shirt too

  34. oni chan Kawaii boo

    I love Adam. Now m crushing on him 😍😍😍 he is so cute like a kid. 😍

  35. Marcel H

    Wait a old was she? Wtf😂

  36. Tago

    Kelly know what she's saying

  37. Jenny Stanley

    I’m from Massachusetts too! And with her representing my state and winning the voice means so much to me! Like she makes me want to make all my dreams come true like it did for her

  38. Zandrix Funesto

    Fact: Actually Blake Shelton did not turn his chair to all winners of the Voice, remember the winner in season 12, a guy named Chris Blue, only Alicia Keys turn her chair :)
    God Bless You.

    Kim Dahyun

    Zandrix Funesto because everyones team was full except for alicia

  39. Sonam C

    she's just incredible

  40. fathi gaming

    wtf thiss 14 whtf they eating

  41. IglooAnimations

    Blake: it doesn’t matter where it starts, it matters where it ends
    Me: welp sorry Blake but Kelly and brynn went to the end and won

  42. IglooAnimations

    Does anyone realize how many times it’s a two chair turn with Kelly and Blake in Season 14?

  43. Ava Stomsky

    She’s amazing

  44. Cha Taw

    😂👏🏻 3:39 “ Don’t you dare put this on me!”- Adam. At 4:00 , it was awesome.

  45. Jonsey 1905

    When I first heard her sing,I told my mom that she would win, she said maybe, and then she diiiidddd!!!!!!!

  46. MaliK Ksff

    Her voice is so nice. like Katy Perry

  47. Muji Bunong

    Weldon dear

  48. Afri Anca

    OMG his voice is too good

  49. Dennis Cooper

    she 14? get me outta here before i get arrested 👌👈🏼 )))

  50. Alexandcat xx

    “I had enough experience that he had me mentor his team on the second season. I’m just saying he had to phone a friend!”

    I love kelly😂

  51. eve

    wow she is gorgeous

  52. Cecilie

    Hearing and watching this audition, I am thinking, "ok she has a very beautiful voice." 😊
    Then she says, she is 14..!!??? 😮
    And reading the comments...what she won??? Wauw 😮👍❤️

  53. Sable Jai

    Kelly: *”WHAT!”*
    Blake: *”YOU’RE DANG RIGHT!”*

    Cracks me up every time 😂

  54. YT- TamaGo

    What a beautiful gods creature

  55. SopHazeee

    I’m gonna miss the Adam and Blake bickering 😆

  56. Liz Clavell

    Adam and Blake literally sound like boyfriends fighting😂❤️

  57. Leto2ndAtreides

    She's cute, and her singing is moving.

  58. My Haunted Life & Others

    Her voice has so much range and power she really deserved to win and that was awesome Kelly 1sf turn turned into Kelly’s 1st win ayyyy love 💕 Brynn & Kelly

  59. Kortney Ross

    I'm getting strong Betty cooper and Billie Eilish vibes from this girl!

  60. Kariana Leija

    He phoned a friend!

  61. Sherlina Aurel

    is it just me or does she look nor sound 14? i mean that in the best way!

  62. alwine mendes

    Are the other judges deaf or what ?!?!

  63. Scott's Week In Sports

    She was so much better then a 2 chair turn she should have been at least a three chair turn

  64. Maria Kosse

    I know I'm late but who cares right shes soooo amazing and both Blake and Kelly both poked there heads out more when she said she was 14

  65. Fire4ev

    Nina sang it a lot better and won with this song as well

  66. Gachaspace 425

    " Kelly I can With You"
    and she just did

  67. Elite Sirait

    2019 anyone?

  68. Liliana Jaramillo

    To me is one of the most weak winners

  69. Baruni Naik

    I'm a lil jealous

    A lot jealous

  70. peppa toot

    Can we just give a moment and appreciate Alicia Keys makeup no makeup look 😍😍 so natural yet slaying 💥

  71. Miriam Rivero [Zyden Art]

    Just seeing this performance, maybe it's a sign Kelly with number 14 and Brynn 14 years old.

  72. Harry Styles and memes


  73. charlotte scott


  74. LiwiaGoszynska

    Her face looks 14, why are her parents making her look so much older by making her wearing all the make up and high heels

  75. deinernst123

    Can we just talk about her eyes for a moment? those are the most beautiful eyes ive seen in my life

  76. Melissa Haley

    I honestly didn't like this one, I enjoyed her as a performer but I don't think this was song was meant for her voice.

  77. Fiona Wu

    She's like a young Rhianna.

  78. deinernst123

    Its kinda insane, i dont know if it exists in the US too but in germany there is the voice kids alongside the voice of germany. She teared apart the competetion in the ,,adult" version, imagine her in the voice kids. That would just be unfair

  79. Isabella Reis


  80. Laurie Mathers

    So amazing that she didn’t get 4 chairs...

  81. charlotte scott

    this makes me emotionallll. SO proud of how far she's come. ill forever love my bb

  82. Meera Naresh

    That beautiful tone and vibrato tho

  83. ConorConnect

    She looks like scarlet Johansson..

  84. Farrel Akhtar

    It would be much more epic if she won as a person who only got a 1 chair turn

  85. Simply Sis’

    The dislikes are from Britton and those who lost against her and from Adam, Alicia and Blake🤣🤣😂😂

    [no offense just for fun]

  86. Azri Yakob

    no one realized that kelly's dress says 14 and she's 14. what a coincidence

  87. jan

    idk why she annoys me

  88. Giselle Joel

    Did anyone else realize that jelly also had her shirt with a number 14 the age brynn started it was meant to be

  89. Tavia1666 &

    “He had to phone a friend” 😂

  90. ali cam

    Is it just me or does she look like Briar Nolet

  91. Lubna Jahan Joty

    Kelly knows a lotttt about choosing singers

  92. Librairie Tasnim

  93. Lasly Bihole

    14 and looks like 25

  94. 2ME 4U

    Outfit like couple with adam levin

  95. Robin Bolt

    This is Brynn Cartelli's TWIN

  96. Mimi 7

    I can't believe Blake actually turns his chair for all the voice winners.

    Linda Harbison

    Kelly turned her chair for all of the top four this season. She was blocked with two of them, Katie and Rose.

    Vitoria Rodrigues

    The man is a legend


    Zandrix Funesto stfu

    Addie Wasvick

    not anymore, he didn’t turn for jake hoot

    Julia Mercer

    And for Jake hoot, season 17, he thought Kelly blocked him

  97. Skorpio

    she is beautifull in every possible way god damn it!! beauty face beauty voice beauty soul, super nice girl is my top 3 of best winner ever.... after jordan smith and sawyer fredericks... her voice is amazing!

  98. gg454lune

    These "me" in the chorus were like the milk of my lattes. And I love lattes.