Cartel - The Fortunate Lyrics

Hey Hey don't pay no mind,
We are the second, you're minutes behind
So you say, "yeah I'm alright"
You are the fortunate all the time
Yeah, you are the fortunate...

I've been looking for a way out
Something that isn't so cruel
Well I'm a little tired, you see
Complacent and miserable

I think you're missing out
I think you're dumbing it down
You're past the point of owning up to your words,
There's no getting it by us now
So if it's OK by you...

Hey Hey don't pay no mind,
We are the second, you're minutes behind
So you say, "Yeah I'm alright"
You are the fortunate all the time

So full of misadventure
and feelings insecure
It's so easy push the pin, fake the tense
And give us nothing more
And if it's OK by you,

Hey Hey don't pay no mind,
We are the second, you're minutes behind
So you say, "Yeah I'm alright"
You are the fortunate all the time

And if it's the one thing
That I've been sure of,
Well it's OK, I know you've got the time...
If it's all one and the same thing
Then I've been waiting for the fallout, we're history
But it's gone on for so long, for so long
That I don't think you'll ever be the same

Hey Hey don't pay no mind,
We are the second, you're minutes behind
So you say, "Yeah I'm alright"
You are the fortunate all the time

Hey Hey don't pay no mind,
We are the second, you're minutes behind
So you say, "Yeah I'm alright"
You are the fortunate all the time

Hey Hey (don't pay no mind)
Heyo heyyy (we are the second, you're minutes behind)
Heyo heyo heyyyo (So you say, "Yeah I'm alright")
Heyo Heyoooo Heyooo (You are the fortunate all the time)

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Cartel The Fortunate Comments
  1. Evan Williams

    this is still my shit, go onto 2020 rocking with the fortunate!

  2. Lena Grace

    Ah the nostalgia

  3. Katherine Pulliam

    Sometimes, this comes on in my head. It was so nice to be able to listen to it again.

  4. Mike G

    Knew cartel since they began, great band, its a good song but i believe they have better ones

  5. Daniel Gibeault

    Boys like girls radio

  6. Ansari Randi


  7. Clairzy 101

    All Time Low radio Pandora

  8. kecISme

    what the freak happened to them?

  9. Jon Dials

    I actually found this song because of a fanfiction lol

  10. Mars J

    Bowling for soup radio all the way

  11. Broken Asylum

    i love this song >.<

  12. Chris Garcia

    Alternative radio. :/

  13. Sandra Bennett

    Always my favorite song :)

  14. Bailey Martin

    Always in my head

  15. M1903DonuT

    /TLHG/ represent

  16. Dillian Wiecks

    :/ its weird This Is a Actual Song That Describes My Life

  17. BigBang VIP

    You have no Idea how much I love this song

  18. amber leann

    2010 had the coolest music!

  19. Zack Patterson

    I like how pandora took so long to put them on their other stations I started listening to them when MTV had a show about a band being in a big bubble and they are the band and it was awesome.

  20. Schneidropov

    Marianas Trench Radio :3

  21. Nate

    All Time Low radio

  22. Allison The Awesome

    A day to remember radio

    amber leann

    Lmao same

  23. Gia Barsimantov

    I find most good songs on Pandora xD

  24. My Friends Call Me Lou

    Feels perfect listening to this song right now at the beach

  25. Sarah

    The Killers radio on pandora

  26. Elizabeth

    Fall out boy radio Pandora

    Vanilla Sweets

    Me too! :D


    @Elizabeth Forbes Hallelujah!


    Fountains of Wayne Radio, ftw

  27. Sara Gray

    oh my god this sounds SO famillur to another soong I just cant think of what song

    intheflowers s

    To me it sounds like you give love a bad name

    Reginald Skarr

    +Hana Steingraber Wow, harsh.

    Brook Edwards

    +Reginald Skarr idk if you're joking or not, but that's the name of the song. 😂

    Reginald Skarr

    @Brook Edwards
    The name of the song is 'The Fortunate'?



  28. Laira Iris

    I listened to them when I was six years old in 2005 still like them.


    Nobody cares


    +StopBS dick

  29. Emma Jones

    Panic at the disco radio

  30. Matt McConaha

    Can someone please tell me what other song the chorus reminds me of? It sounds so familiar to something else and I can't put my finger on it.

    Matt McConaha

    Figured it out, I was thinking of The Apartment Song by Tom Petty. Obviously different genres, and overall the songs are totally different, but there was almost definitely some inspiration on the chorus, there.

    Javier Trincado

    Actually this sounds very similar to you give love a bad name

  31. Madi Vidales

    New found glory radio on I heart radio 😍

    Cole Aufdenkamp

    Madi Vidales NFG!!!

  32. Michael McCarthy

    Discovered when I was in sixth grade in 2005.

  33. Alexis Murphy

    Fall Out Boy/ Panic! At The Disco radio

    Brook Edwards

    YASSSS QUEEN (from 1 year ago)

  34. Sperr Bear

    the wonder years radio

  35. Miguel Guzman

    Pierce the veil radio

  36. Syeclops Performance

    Emo radio

  37. Jake Cordes

    your guardian angel by red jumpsuit apparatus radio 

  38. Ale Quintana

    You Me At Six Radio <3

  39. Patience Martin

    Emo raidio

  40. AvengedKitten

    Pop-Punk Radio

  41. KiwiPi

    One Republic radio

  42. William Porter

    Fall Out Boy/ Panic! At the Disco Radio

  43. JustKeepBreathing

    We The Kings radio <3

  44. Jacquelyn Ryleigh Cameron

    Over and Over and Over I listen to this. It makes me feel good about life.

  45. Zack

    Bowling for soup radio

  46. Sophia Iqbal

    I'm in love with this song

  47. Braxes Lentinis

    Yes sit and stare at how beautiful the blue color is very smart

  48. Emily Reed

    Cartel radio. Hahhaa

  49. CantBeCensored

    letlive. radio

  50. hihihi0963

    Wow, what an awesome song.  How did it take this long to get played on the radio?

  51. V2K

    I dont care radio...... :3

  52. suzanne inglis


  53. Courtney Anderson

    ICP Radio and 2000s Hip Hop Radio.

  54. cpswim14

    5 seconds of summer radio! :)

  55. Isabel Horror

    Breathe Carolina Radio!

  56. Ethan Walker

    Heard on every radio at the same time.

  57. TheGlobfather

    Pandora Radio :)

  58. hubba3692

    new found glory radio on pandora

  59. That Dan Guy

    Better for people write a comment over where they heard it than to argue about something totally pointless, right?

  60. That Dan Guy

    Mae Radio.

  61. SarahAnnRose23

    Mayday Parade Radio 

  62. Tommy Tesla

    I heard thos on a7x radio. New favorite song right here.

  63. Ms5coloursinmyhair

    All Time Low radio <3

  64. Rissa Sebring

    Always loved this song <3

  65. Stupidtotheboss

    SleepingwithSirens Radio

  66. Condor4543

    I got here from the suggested bar, so...ya...

  67. Robert Tate

    Fall Out Boy radio

  68. Giraffes R. Kool

    @TheCandygirl115 same!!

  69. Anonymous asdfg

    Pierce the Veil Radio :)

  70. Gleni Garnett

    the summer set radio

  71. thomas14277

    Sum41 Radio :)

  72. TheAnchorOfBeauty

    Panic at the disco radio!

  73. Bill Lott

    If we didn't know who it was by or what it was called how did we get here?

  74. theroombaking

    does it really

  75. Marie K

    Yesh you are XD

  76. Maddie Ingram

    Pierce the veil radio

  77. pengirl532

    5 seconds of summer radio

  78. Yesenia Hidalgo

    Pierce the veil radio

  79. Angela Marble

    everybody has heard this song before but never knew who it was by or what is was called

  80. Paloma Silva

    Get Scared radio

  81. Jason Mark Mayor

    Anarbor Radio!

  82. Brynlee McKague

    Relient K Radio, wow.

  83. TyrantUCanTrust

    Fall Out Boy radio

  84. Eatmy Nook

    Atlas Genius radio!

  85. Zaynaab ✌

    all the radios

  86. Marie K

    Marianas Trench radio~

  87. CrimsonFox22

    Anberlin radio

  88. shinikobra

    no radio, just a legend.

  89. marisaf37

    I Used To Listen To This Song When It Came Out, So Here I Am Listening To It Again RADIO

  90. kayn gamer

    Never Shout Never and PTV Radio c:

  91. Abby Davenport

    currently raping the replay button

  92. Abby Davenport

    why is everyone posting the pandora radio station they found this song on?

  93. Abby Davenport

    all time low radio :3

  94. Maddie Nemmers

    Cobra starship radio

  95. figuresk83108

    My friends CD... radio? :)

  96. Walnut

    Cartel radio...

  97. Dan N

    Relient K radio!

  98. thisisdorothy554

    The Cab Radio :3

  99. Nick Lovelace

    A Day To Remember radio!!!

  100. Farah Lee

    hahaha so many radios