Cartel - Only You Lyrics

I hear you calling out my name
All of the elements will fade
Never before has love looked safe
Never again will it look the same
But then we fall back now to this empty house
There the wars will rage
And if you leave me now in this empty house
Baby it's okay
Oh and its only you yeah its only you
Its only you and me
Oh and its only you yeah its only you
It's only you and me yeah
And I feel you crawling out my veins
Leaving the walls inside with flames
Burning the emptiness I've saved
Until lonely you remain
But then my lungs collapse and you pull me out
Forever I've been changed
Honey you can take me now til it all runs out
Baby it's okay
Oh but theres only you yeah its only you
It's only you i see
Girl if its only you yeah its only you
Its only you and me yeah
Can you feel it now
I've weighed it all out
Here and now my world turns inside out
And I swear I
I hear you calling
I hear you calling out my name
Only you yeah its only you
It's only you I see
Girl if its only you yeah its only you
It's only you and me yeah
It's only you yeah its only you
It's only you and me

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Cartel Only You Comments
  1. JoulsDel

    2018 still here, so much memories

  2. ilike2likevideos

    Damn I miss real music.

  3. Mine Otron

    Why are they not more popular they are amazing!!!!

  4. Justin Foote

    Unfortunately Cartel just never made it big on the Billboards :-/

  5. gcotdftw

    This song is one of my favorite songs of all time. This song means so much to me, in many different ways. I'm glad theres a bunch of amazing people out there who feel the same way about this song!

  6. Michael Criswell

    i dont really understand how the cycles album didn't do better market wise. there are so many good songs on it.

  7. EminentKnight

    I have so many favourite Cartel songs..but this song is definitely near the top.

  8. Jimmy Foster

    they werent terrible though! i loved them since they started :P

  9. Jimmy Foster

    listened to this like 200 times today since i lost my ipod. :S
    defiantly my fave band!
    and the person below can suck one off by saying they were terrible.

  10. TimeForTuesday

    I saw them live before I knew of them, and I rememeber them being TERRIBLE.
    Then somewhere I heard a song and I bought Cycles..
    And man..

  11. AMandrillCalledRafiki

    @TripleDareProduction I disagree. The best artists are those that don't lose touch of their roots even when they get big. How will you truly know what type of band Cartel is until they face the struggles of corporate "games." Lupe Fiasco and Asher Roth have had some down songs, but those two still have the same sound.

  12. AMandrillCalledRafiki

    After playing the album Cycles, this song and It Still Remains are the two best. I can't get either of them out of my head.

  13. Damian Wilk

    I <3 This Song !!!!!!!

  14. 13msmachette

    @K3LS3YKRUNKD00D Is that a good thing or a bad thing? xD

  15. lindsay yerkey

    why ar ethey co headlining with hey monday?! they should be fucking headling it! i know more people like cartel over hey monday :D

  16. Kay Finch

    2 people missed the "Like" button! :O

  17. StarCrossedPimp

    @urFAMguy123 yeah true but indie rock bands are usually a lot better than mainstream anyway people just gotta look for them

  18. Sliver Stone

    @krisseyb Its William Pugh.

  19. Kristin Bainbridge

    @msoccerlvr19 His name is William... i dont know his last name,... yet!! :P <3

  20. TheOneWhoEndures

    Talented guys!!

  21. danielle sanderson

    yeah i defff agree. they need more advertisement cause they are soo talented! if they end up breaking up it would be such a loss because they have so much potential!

  22. ChrisDZE

    yeah cartel is amazing...end of story

  23. Zypakoi

    yeah i also though they were done with making music which wudda sucked. i like this song and "let's go" they are my favorite band, evn if it took em 5 yrs to make an album! hey does anyone know why theyre unheard of in michigan? ive nit met one person who knows my favorite band!

  24. Natasha Nunes

    cartel=awesomeness! first to comment haha