Cartel - Lose It Lyrics

Well it's that time
It's that time again
Well it's all coming back around
There she sees me
Oh my god, this is who I've been
And I'm branding each day

Go on and lose it
Go on and lose it all
Go on and lose it
Go on and lose it all
(Go, go)
Go on and lose it
Go on and lose it all
Go on and lose it
Go on and lose it all

Immediately we find out then
That I can be blamed for this
Well then you just figured out today
And you're so sweet, you say..
Go now and get your own life and live it your way
And I hear you say..

Go on and lose it
Go on and lose it all
Go on and lose it
Go on and lose it all
(Go, go)
Go on and lose it
Go on and lose it all
Go on and lose it
Go on and lose it all

Hey hey
Hey, hey, hey
Well and if we find another then
We will get ours
And if we find another then
We will get ours

She's picking up her clothes
She's off and she's running
She says to me
'Go on and lose it'
I think she means well but
Man I can't tell as she says to me
'Go on and lose it all'
Go on and lose it all
Go on and lose it all
Go on and lose it all
Go on and lose it all

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Cartel Lose It Comments
  1. Adam R

    Are you an engineer yet?

  2. xxmop123xx

    RIP to the girl in the video

  3. Andrea Faulkner

    This whole album ♡

  4. Doggie Treats

    2019. Still my #1 band.

  5. F4OST

    Come watch my video. I’ll pour ya a slice of lime ;)

  6. Jason Gómez

    The singer is handsome..!👅👅👅

  7. Derrick Childers

    That look at 1:32 has worked for years. Trust me

  8. Rolo CUH!

    Ayy still jamming out to this song #2018


    rolando agundiz sammme

  9. Louis G92

    Fuckin loved this song back in the day...and that girl 🔥🔥..isnt it awesome when u randomly recall old songs outta nowhere and jam to em all in them nostalgic feels ? 🤓

    Eric Reid

    Louis G92 too bad that girl got brutally murdered

    Louis G92

    Death Flame that's actually sad. I would never be able to guess why 😮

    Eric Reid

    Louis G92 look for some documentaries

  10. Stacey Saville

    Miss this band

  11. Jessica Myslinski

    I Love you Cartel Lose it awesome song

  12. David Lejenkins

    monetizing a Cartel song makes me sad ._.

  13. Flat Feelings

    the original "gone wrong"

  14. Ivan Moreno

    ahhhh the olden days :)

  15. Habba Fabba

    Still listening to this <3

  16. Owner5000G

    Terrible video man but much respecr

  17. John Eger

    I think she means well but man I can't tell.. awesome

  18. GioFan4414

    I remember loving Chroma but thinking this song was dumb lol. I was dumb back then haha

  19. BP Perez

    I don't get the video

    Kifli P.

    but that's an awesome video :D

    Anthony Stefani

    its in reverse

  20. Kottie3

    lose... what ?!

  21. Logic l 2099

    What Happen to This Guy? :(

    Shelby King

    +Phantom Clan he's still alive haha have you got spotify? their latest album was in 2013

  22. * Madelificent *

    His wink, though... He is hot.

  23. Pamela Leyva

    I love this song and these guys:) I hope there still a band..


    +Pamela Leyva They are. Pretty sure they're touring too right now. That or they just finished touring. 'Cause of the ten year anniversary of Chroma. (:

    Sarah Brinker

    +Pamela Leyva i saw them on tour with new found glory (great band, you should check them out if you don't know them) in 2013 i believe. last i heard they are in the process of making a new album :)

  24. CatTickles

    Agron! Is that you? I didn't know you could sing too!! 

  25. No One

    Hey! It's the hotel from the movie "Grease 2"! =P

  26. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    These ppl call themselves.... Cartel?

  27. MrBakerskate1

    What happened to cartel


    they died.

    My Friends Call Me Lou

    Chroma 10 year anniversary tour

  28. RedSlushieLushie

    Juliana, god she was gorgeous... Poor girl :(


    what happened to her?


    she was murdered

    Reggie Smoker

    @TheMischiefTV Murdered :/ like a year after the video, the lady who got charged with the crime was found not guilty like 2 months ago, although it's nearly 100% evident she did it, I hope she gets justice

    My Friends Call Me Lou

    @Jen Disney The girl in the video?

    Kevin Kerr

    @MrJalisco1906 Yes. After I saw this comment I did a bunch of research and the whole situation is pretty shockingly sad. There's a 48 hours mystery on it if I am not mistaken. He name was Juliana Redding.

  29. foreverxbrkn

    still one of my favs by them

  30. Iris Nova

    She's thirstyyy(x

  31. Leo Kelbel

    who is this girl


    Leo Kelbel Juliana Redding. She was murdered...😔

  32. Leo Kelbel

    who is this girl

  33. emobanana22

    I see Cartel in october! ohio show!

  34. ChickenButtFTW

    Hell yeah.

  35. Tweeds

    honestly, i'm happy pamaj got me into these guys. they're so goddamn good.

  36. Sarah McWilliams

    I can't believe it took me so long to listen to these guys.

  37. M C

    Jasper.. Clearly.. You are an ass

  38. Jasper Benedict

    okay then why announce it

  39. dmx685illt

    The gorgeous model in this video, Juliana Redding, was brutally strangled to death several years ago. Today the woman on trial for her murder was found not guilty of first degree murder.

  40. yermom1699

    but you've got to admit, man...
    Will is pretty cute.

  41. Matai le Krunq

    Woah heavy! Here's the story of the girls death (Juliana Redding). Killed by a Femme Fatale mob enforcer after her dad backed out of a business deal. (wont let me post url: Search 'Julian Redding dailymail'

  42. CinematicMaj

    please check out

  43. Lyndon Gardner

    a little bit of shame, you didn't have to proclaim you were straight. it's shameful you'd imply that only gays like this music.

  44. Emma Laughery

    That bellhop is my uncle he's the best uncle ever and if u don't believe me I don't care because he is my uncle


    Was that really your uncle? Did you get to meet Cartel?

  45. Ansar K

    The guy with the black hair looks like he's part of a drug Cartel, Honestly.

  46. Alex Hopf

    Black guy checking in. No homo

  47. Aspensworld

    ahh when i was 17 good times lol

  48. stabby_

    Julianna Redding, sadly she was murdered ~4 years ago.

  49. GPXgirl

    Obviously, if they hired butt ugly chicks no guys would watch the music videos. Or be jealous of the band.

  50. youtube is confusing

    They're on tour now.

  51. Sam Garwood

    That girl is so beautiful.

    Eric Reid

    Honey Howl was *

  52. kaynewpher

    that wink at 1:36.. unffff, 3

  53. Kylie Dawn

    I miss them. Sigh.

  54. Mike Warren

    of course will is cute. I'm also a straight dude. I ain't even ashamed.

  55. Giampiero Nencini

    We all here bro.

  56. Christian Surma

    great song

  57. David Solis

    Pubes on his chin? Still love Cartel though

  58. Nathan Frazer

    Yeah im a guy

  59. Nathan Frazer

    Admit it he is The only singer in the world where you see him and think "Yeah thats exactly what i thought he would look like"

  60. Cat Laugh

    my uncle is the bellhop in this video….if u dont believe me then dont, im not going to argue with u when i know tht im right.

  61. killburn25

    Shes dead.

  62. Daniel Hansen

    Straight guy here, and I'm happy that a lot of girls listen to these guys. Makes it more likely I'll run into a hot chick who likes cartel.

  63. Charlie Spleen

    my boyfriend likes cartel. and all of his friends =)

  64. Steph Santi

    Whats her name??

  65. silver2therescue1

    you guys are nervous about liking Cartel? Honestly I'm a guy and I always thought that Cartel was one of those bands that appealed to more guys then girls, This is new information to me.

  66. xSandman16x

    Its not like theyre fucking Liza Minelli, not that odd to be a straight guy and like them.

  67. LessthanRyan92

    Being a straight man and liking Cartel just makes you more badass, especially if you already have a beard.

  68. bostonrs22

    came for Cartel, stayed for the girl ;)

  69. Bobby P

    who is the girl in this video... she is amazing.

  70. z2the2ndpower

    Will <3

  71. Gabe Waddup

    you are lame

  72. Heather

    I don't get the point of you.

  73. Charlie Spleen


  74. slb711isScott

    lol these guys lived in my neighborhood

  75. Riss

    The song itself doesn't really make sense, but it's fun! :)

  76. Nicolas Cummins

    here to support!

  77. Nicolas Cummins

    1:38. I think he's suggesting something with that wink.

  78. Sarah C

    best summer song ever.

  79. EminentKnight

    "Oh my God, this is who I've been."

  80. Ulluroo

    You aren't alone RIPGeorgeCarl1n

  81. Bajaprod01

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n Love the name, btw

  82. Bajaprod01

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n You're not alone. I found these guys when I worked at a convenient store a few years back--big fan.

  83. engproud93

    The girl in this vid also got gunned down thanks to her father's mob ties.

  84. Alex Immel

    @IdontBlink123 theres a point to music videos?

  85. Trivyum

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n Pick me. :D

  86. xXEnkilXx

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n I'm sure there are, but they'd also comment on how cute Will is. ;p

  87. Tate Brown

    Cartel Has sick songs... and the girls in the vids are fracken hot!

  88. Tony Zhen

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n I love cartel and but i also think that the chick in the vid is bomb af

  89. Gavin Layman

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n Hoorah.

  90. Gavin Layman

    I'm a guy. I really like them. You're not alone @RIPGeorgeCarl1n

  91. predatorman2

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n yes i like cartel your not the only one lol

  92. Yvette K.

    goddamnit i love cartel so much

  93. Austin Fields

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n I feel you bro! one of my ex-girlfriends showed me Cartel and since then i've loved them.

  94. Drielle Smith

    1:26 1:30 and 1:37 = HOTT!!! <3 haha

  95. NiftyTan

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n IM a straight guy and i like cartel

  96. Nick

    the moment her panties dropped...

  97. crofud

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n I got your back bro lol. Yeah, I usually get a lot of weird looks when I tell people I like cartel hehe.

  98. Isaac Lampner

    @RIPGeorgeCarl1n i do